Signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on.

Strangers to friends to love birds to friends and finally strangers this cycle has now been commonly witnessed in today\’s relationships. People casually meet on social media or in peer friends get together or in regular college days and fell in love slowly and gradually. Every relationship requires trust, faith, time and little space. If you continuously keep  a check over your partner that could be annoying at times. Every relationship had different temperment and so r dealing with it in the way required is very essential. The case or situation may vary from one person to other person. There often comes a time when people in relationship feel unwanted or dissatisfied with all the stuff they must be dealing with.


Do you feel jealous, pissed off, irritated , unwanted, obsessed, alone, ignored even when you broke up with your partner than there may be some things that are making you unconscious about your surroundings. Every relationship is moulded in the way we require from the understanding between the two but when a relationship ends that understanding steps back to some zenith and the love birds think they were not made for each other. We often see that the love birds may part but anyone bird or both of them still hope to unite. But circumstances or situations may be such that either one or both of them may give up over each other completely. We become so depressed that we fail to discover what we should and we keep on thinking over the things that are no more essential. Trust once broken could be the toughest thing to regain because relationship requires trust.

Sometimes the broken relationships can be mended but it requires the same zeal from both the sides and it is not necessary that the other person may be trying as well to fix up the things as you are desiring.

It is often noticed that a guy tries to fix up the relationship but a girl after being very much hurt gives up and so tries to move ahead with a dilemma that everything will get sorted sooner or later. So some signs that will illustrate you that your ex has moved on are-

  1. Ten digits changed- changing up the mobile number could be the major sign that your ex girlfriend is moving on without letting you know about it and so for this she would change her number and will not contact you any longer with that number and so by this the gap between you two will gradually expand.
  2. She assures to be your friend forever- friendships are the grass root of every new relationship  and they could also be sometimes the last level of a continuing disrupted relationship. So sometimes it happens that your ex after being pissed off by the everyday up and down hurdles of the relationship after breaking just satisfies you by committing to stay friends and thus gives you a clear signal that there is no further scope for relationship and that you should stop convincing her that you need her.
  3. Decreased communication- the replies over text which used to be in numbers may now be decreased to one to two per day and the text that had lovely greetings may now be converted to a single word reply containing words like \”hmmn\” or \”okay\” or \”yeah\” which directly or indirectly tend to end the talk between you two. If you contact your ex through a message and she does not reply you back with enthusiasm than it could be one of her way to let you know that she is no more into you and she is now moving ahead in her life.
  4. Posting pictures with you being cropped-Hahaha! Cropping people out from the clicks has now become a new trend so of you find your ex cropping you up from your and her pictures than it might be an indication that she is giving you that she does not want now to relate herself with you and so wanna tell people that she is a free bird now.
  5. Tag others in memes- we often say that if a person tags you in any meme than it is true that you are the one who run in their mind constantly and so if you find her tagging someone else in those memes instead of you than she is showing you off that thought of you has been vanished from her mind and that space is been covered by someone else who is now more closer to her.
  6. Removed from social accounts- social accounts like facebook, instagram, whats app messenger, snapchat, hike etc could be a medium by which you can figure it out that what is going on in your ex\’s life and so if you find that she has removed you from these accounts than it clearly depicts that she now wishes to keep her things private and so does not want to let you know.

These things could be just an indication for you but things could be much more than that so figure it out in the best way you can of if you think that things are not going to return to the way they were than let it be and let her go to find someone else she thinks is best suited for.


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