Good April Fools Jokes for your Boyfriend

Best & Funny April Fools Pranks for Boyfriend – Prank Your BF

Are you thinking the same question just like many adorable, wonderful and yet naughty and mischievous GF out there in the open world. Yeah, then stick with us girls because you are gonna like it!

But, first let me tell you What is April Fools Day actually and how it is grew to became a world wide phenomenon? No need to think much as unfortunately and fortunately answer to this question is untraceable. But as dearly we celebrate and hold the tradition of making fools out of someone we care and love with those crazy practical jokes, hoax and gags.
Back to the story where I left I know your boyfriend is smart, handsome, logical knowledgeable all through the year and he loves you, care about you and you too care about him and all the remaining 364 days except this one day 1st April.


Out of the blue you can become frisky and do something crazy funny to him by simply playing April Fools Pranks for your Boyfriend. You know what you can play pranks on your boyfriend.

As stupid as a door nob or as logical as a chess game anything, Sky is the limit I mean literally. Even after all that you can get away easily just by sayings “April Fool” with your adorable smile to compliment the gesture.

April Fools Pranks for your Boyfriend can be unlimited and is proven to make any relationship strong, Just remember don’t over or under do it like stretching a prank to awful limits can irritate or annoy him.

Just play a Prank on Your Boyfriend to get him confused or perplexed in the moment!

Here are Some Crazy April Fools Pranks for Your Boyfriend You Can Try :

1. Loosen the tops on the salt and pepper shakers, or anything else that you\’re going to use.

2. Put clear plastic wrap in between the toilet bowl and the seat.

3. Poke holes in all the straws

4. Find really simple riddles that seem hard but are actually really easy, and tell them to all of you
family. (if they don\’t get it then they\’ll feel very stupid, and i know, this one isn\’t very good)

5. Tape down the phone button on the mark\’s phone. When they pick up the receiver it will keep ringing. Call in the middle of the night and pound on the door yelling \”Answer the phone!\” Use this along with hidden alarm clocks and coordinate the time, such as 2:30 am and pound on the front door, back door and have the phone ringing as well as the hidden alarm clocks.

6. Here\’s a simple prank that is always good for some cheap laughs. Place an object on the floor where you know someone will bend over to pick it up. This object could be a book, an important looking envelope, a purse, etc. Position yourself nearby with some scraps of cloth that tear easily with a noisy rip. You can also use a strip of Velcro to create the tearing sound. The prank is simple. Just wait until the mark bends over to pick up the object. As with many pranks, the timing is critical. At the precise moment that the mark bends over, rip the cloth. You\’ll be surprised at how many people reach around immediately checking for rips.

7. Fill some disposable cups about halfway with confetti (or paper, or whatever.) Turn off the ceiling fan. Gently lay the cups (on their sides) on top of each of the fan blades. Tape or rubber-band them in place. Wait for someone to turn on the fan!

8. This is an old trick, but it always works. Glue a quarter to the ground at the mall or on a busy sidewalk. Epoxy works the best, but takes some time to set up. Cover the coin with a traffic cone, plant, or other object while the glue cures. Once it\’s ready position yourself to enjoy the spectacle of suckers trying to pick up the money. You will notice different styles, i.e. the cool and casual pick-up, the frantic and deliberate attempt, the half-hearted try, etc.

9. This is a trick you can pull with the sprayers that are on sinks on pull-out hoses. Put a rubber band or piece of tape around the lever so that it\’s locked the \”on\” position. Aim it towards where you\’re standing, to where you want it to hit the victim. The next person to turn the water on will get sprayed.

10. This is an oldie but is still always good for a laugh. Un-tuck the bed sheet at the foot of the bed. Pull it up about a third of the way towards the head of the bed and tuck it back in. When the mark slides into bed he won\’t be able to stretch his legs out, sort of like he jumped into a baby\’s bed.

11. Here\’s an obnoxious little prank known as \”the sneeze\”. It\’s always good for a cheap laugh and it\’s harmless. Cup some water in your hand. Now sneak up behind your victim and sneeze loudly. At the same instant splash water on the victim\’s neck. They will be disgusted to think that you slobbered all over them in such an uncouth manner.

12. Take a harboiled egg with you to the supermarket. Then switch that egg with an egg from a carton in the supermarket fridge.

13. Play with your food; to add effect, act like it\’s a special performance for the people at the next table.

14. Call a random number and tell him you are calling from the local video store. Tell him his video rental \”Girls Gone Wild\” is overdue and needs to be returned ASAP!

15. Call a random number or a number of someone you know (works best if it\’s a guy) and say something like this: \”Hi, this is Victoria from Victoria\’s Secret, and we wanted to let you know about our sale, so make sure you bring in all your coupons because if you bring in all of them you get a free bra!\”

16. Gather up a group of friends for this one. One after another you and your friends call the victim and ask him if Ronald is there (or some other creative name). Every time he says, \”No you have the wrong number\” another friend calls back asking for the same name. After the victim gets really annoyed, you then call him and tell him that you are Ronald and ask him if anyone has been calling for you.

17. Take some nail polish and coat a bar of soap with it. Let it dry. Then put it in the bathroom shower. When your victim tries to use it, he or she will go nuts trying to get it to lather up.

18. Heated Butter?: For a great joke, you\’ll need some butter, a plate, some salt! Tell your poor victim that you saw on the Discovery Channel that butter gets hot when you put salt on it. Put some butter on a plate and put salt on it. Put your hand over the butter and pretend you feel the heat. Tell them to put their hand over it, and ask them if they can feel the heat. Then… SLAM!!! Swiftly, slam your hand on top of their\’s so their hand gets squished in the butter and salt. The satisfaction is seeing the look of horror on their face as they\’re looking at their hand!

19. Car Troubles: Put a balloon on the tail pipe of an car (make sure the car isn\’t started), when the person starts the car, they will hear a POP and assume the tire had blown out.

20. Soda Surprise: OK this one is simple – get two cans of soda out of the refrigerator, shake one up and hand that one to your friend. You take the non-shooken up one and drink some so it doesn\’t seem suspicious. When your friend opens their\’s, it will splatter all over them if you shake it up enough!

21. Lemon Surprise: Put lemon juice in someone\’s water and when they take a drink of it, it will taste very sour and nasty!!!

22. Pee in a water gun and squirt everyone in your way for fun

23. Take melted chocolate with nuts and tell someone that you are going to use the bathroom in your home or theirs. Okay so take the chocolates with nuts in them and pretend that you are struggling to poop in the bathroom. Smother the toilet seat and the handle of the toilet with nutty chocolate. & put some chocolate in the toilet to make it look like poop. Don\’t FLUSH the toilet. Come out of the bathroom and tell your friend that you had Explosive Diarrhoea. She/he will freak out haha

24. Replace deodorant with cream cheese haha I did that to my brother.

25. Put salt in someone\’s toothpaste. Yumm! haha gross!

Make their Oreos taste minty fresh (make sure the toothpaste is edible*)


* The fluoride in toothpaste is toxic, so please use your discretion when using this prank. Consider using mayonnaise as a safe alternative!

Attach an airhorn to their seat


Create an infinite loop of shopping carts around their car



Sometimes a simple Question is suffice and may prove to be a great tool of April Fools Pranks. There are physical gags to be played on your boyfriend like If he is a gadget freak, you can change some keys of his laptop or PC and you can play a prank by simply taping his cellphone and saying I Broke it.

 Some More Silly April Fools Jokes for Boyfriend Listed Below :

1. Cut holes on someone\’s straw, so when they go to drink their beverage the drink won\’t go up the straw and it will squirt everywhere.

2. My parents are coming to stay with us for a month!

3. Creating a crying, screaming scene in front of his friends after accusing him of thinking you\’re fat.

4. Get his boss to pretend to fire him. Remedy this one quickly.

5. Put a picture of one of those age projection simulations on his bathroom mirror in the morning.

April Fools Pranks for Boyfriend are also reversible, I mean you are not the only one playing this game. Others are also pranking!

Your Boyfriend is also one of the player who is looking to turn someone ‘dear’ into a ‘donkey’.
My last suggest keep your eyes peeled all through the impending April Fools Day.


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