How to forget someone who broke your heart?

If it ends than it never started in the way it should have, if its not a happy ending than it is not an ending because happy endings are destined and endings are favoured by decisions and decisions are taken under stress,ego,depression,immaturity, agression ,obsession and jealousy.

The single difference between attachment and detachment is that it makes a person either totally strong or completely broken but what essential is that these rejections and denials are just a small part of your life and love story and it will eventually end if it was not meant to be.

A broken heart is an emotion as love is but what distinct these two makes is that the broken heart makes you feel dead and the latter makes you feel alive. A broken heart is a physical as well as mental stress or pain through which people suffer. The reason behind these broken hearts is the social attachments that are created between people which when broken gives immense pain to body and soul of an individual. A broken heart is a major sickness and reason of depression. We get hurt when someone breaks our heart. We get hurt when we believe them more and they leave us barren.

It is sadness that says that my sadness has become my addiction when I am not sad. I get panic in trying to find the way which i had lost and also that leads me to my original me. Moving ahead is not an easy task but surely not an impossible one. If you try to pull up your socks and tie your shoe lace you can win a race so why not gather courage for forgetting the past that is done and which now cannot be undone.


Do you think that going mad just because someone had ditched you or screwed you up worth enough? No,right! So here are some tips to mend your broken heart:-

  1. Do not depend for your happiness on others- It is you who get happy when someone appreciates the good in you and at the same time you get depressed when the same person makes you feel unwanted. Do you realize one thing? No, right the thing is you had become a dancing puppet of your happiness in someone\’s hand so when they leave you the only thing you had to do is gather yourself and be proud that you were once a reason for someone\’s happiness that states that you are an immense joyous person and so can make yourself happy.
  2. Do not feel unwanted or pity- Just because someone broke your pure heart does that mean you should pity on yourself? Do you consider yourself to be dumb or sick that departure of one leaves you being pitied over yourself. That is not right you are not a body to be pitied but a pure heart to be loved.
  3. Learn how to deal with rejections that people bring to you-It is rejection that make you think of the things that lack in you but not about the things that are your strengths. You think that you were dumped or rejected because of these flaws in you but actually you fail to realize that you were always accepted because of your strength and good in you. So accept your flaws and live your strengths and face the rejections with your goodness.
  4. Give time to yourself- You are a treasure lost by your loved one so try to heal your ego your inner you and do things that make him realize sooner or later that he lost the moon while counting the stars. Know your self worth and prove it to yourself that you are precious even with your shortcomings and if he cannot accept the bad in you than he has no right to know the good in you.
  5. Burn up the old memories and old you- Just flush the clicks, eat up the chocolates, throw away the teddies and delete the smooth tracks, stop visiting the places that remind you of him and see a bright change in  you this will not only bring a change in you but will make you forget the rejection and about your broken heart.

Endings, departures, breakups are just a mere part of one\’s life and so they should not be holded up or carried in future walks of life because if you do so than you will not be able to judge the goodness of the people existing around you.


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