Step Guide To Improve Your Communication Skills Before You Ask Women Out

Most men assume that they have to act dominant in front of a girl to tell her that they are confident and assertive. However, women look far beyond a man’s appearance, bank account, or suave pickup lines.

If you want to find potential dates online, you have to groom yourself to be Mr. Right first to ensure more of success with women. For one, you have to be confident and show it right when you talk, when you move, and when you dress. Learn how to feel and look confident, so women would know that they are talking to a real man right when you open your mouth to start a conversation.

There is no need to be a show off. What you really need is to make her interested in you. And in all these things, confidence is important.

What women really want is a confident and self-assured man, someone who is capable of showing it all through his speech, looks, and movement. They only regard your income, hobbies, and other achievements as secondary factors in assessing you. But how can you let your inner confidence show to get the woman of your dreams?


These practical tips should help you convince women that you’re the confident Mr. Right that they are looking for.

Establish Eye Contact and Be Sincere

Look into her eyes. Do it all throughout your conversation. By maintaining eye contact, you can show her that you are sincere, trustworthy, and dependable. It’s easier done though if you are confident and comfortable talking to her. But if you’re nervous, you would spend most of your time looking away to scan the room instead. Be as calm as you can be and don’t look away from her when you talk or listen to her talk, except maybe when your conversation comes to a pause.

Speak Confidently

Show your confidence by speaking clearly. But don’t ever butt in when someone is talking or do most of the talking. You have to enunciate every word to avoid confusing your date.

Conduct your conversation as smoothly as possible. Avoid annoying filler words like “uh”, “um,” and “you know.” Compose your thoughts and be direct when you talk.

Dress Sharply

The way you dress matters because but it can boost or bring your confidence level down. Just think of how you react when you see fashionable men and women get other people’s attention.

If you choose the right outfit, you can project confidence easily. Upgrade your wardrobe. Go for quality clothing that compliments your look. It would be better if you get help from a woman when you go shopping.

Groom Yourself Properly

Once you meet a woman online that you would like to date in person, pay more attention to how you are going to prepare yourself. You have to be well groomed before you meet her and this should be your number one priority. Nothing messes your confidence more than the fact that you have body odor or look disheveled.

Before your date, find the perfect body spray, body wash, and antiperspirant for you. Some studies show that men who smell great are more appealing to the opposite sex.

Flirt Casually

One of the best ways to show off your confidence is your ability to flirt with her. Make your move. It could be as subtle as playfully touching her arm or putting your hand on her back to assist her while walking or going into the car.

While talking, try holding her hand. But gauge her reactions to your moves to avoid making her feel uncomfortable around you.

Compliment Her

Genuine confidence is not about getting everyone’s attention to focus on you and you alone. To show that you have such confidence, compliment your date. This will not only tell her that you are in a position to assess her, but it will also make her feel special. Giving her a compliment is also one of the traits of a gentleman.

Listen to Her

Among the most common mistakes of people going on a date is to monopolize the conversation. Avoid this if you want to create a good first impression. Being a good listener is a valued trait among men. It is not polite to talk as though you know it all. Instead of showing confidence, it shows insecurity.

Try to steer some portions of the conversation to your date. You don’t really have to comment on everything that she says. Instead, ask her questions to show her that you are paying attention and listening to her.


There is no better sign of confidence than smiling. Most women open up to men who are warm, friendly, and approachable, and you can be all these things with a simple smile. Being too proper or serious might scare women away. Even those who you meet online might sense that too.

When you meet her, don’t forget to give her a glimpse of your pearly whites. That way, she will feel at ease with you. Your first date might be followed by a second date right away if you give her the impression that you are a great and comfortable person to be with.

The Bottom Line

Stop being the arrogant, tough, and cold guy to look cool to women. That usually doesn’t work on most women. Stop thinking about signing up for an adult dating site that reels people in with the idea of quick hookups.

Online dating sites that have failed to deliver their promises of helping their users meet women have recently received bad press for their scam. If you want to meet real women, make sure to use only legitimate sites. Don’t be fooled by sites that are making promises that are too good to be true and one way to avoid that is to avoid being desperate in looking for a date.

Starting now, consider the tips that were mentioned above about how to show women that you can be their Mr. Right too. Boost your confidence and unleash your full potential as the perfect date before deciding to look for your dream girl online.


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