How to select Best Wedding DJ for your Wedding

\”Six Important Questions To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Wedding DJ!\”

The music and entertainment is an essential part of every wedding reception, and it can be difficult to choose what you want. It can be even more difficult to find the right DJ for your wedding reception if you aren\’t sure what you\’re looking for or what you should expect wedding DJs to provide.


For many couples, less time is spent on choosing the DJ than any other aspect of the reception – this can be a costly and disappointing mistake. In order to choose a wedding DJ that is right for you, keep these simple tips in mind.

1. Know what you really want in terms of music before you begin looking for a wedding DJ.

This is crucial, and is the simplest way to eliminate DJs that aren\’t quite right in the first round. If you and your fiancé are dreaming of classic Big Band sounds, be very up front about this the first time you talk to prospective DJs. A DJ who specializes in rock and pop music may be wonderful, but his play list will be limited when it comes to what you want, and you\’ll be disappointed.

2. Ask for references.

Any DJ who consistently pleases his clients should be willing to give you a list of couples he or she has done receptions for. When you do this, be sure and ask when the reception took place – the references should be recent, not two years old. If he has no recent references, be sure to ask why.

3. Ask about emergency arrangements.

If there is an equipment failure at the reception, will the DJ have back-up equipment available? Although it doesn\’t happen often, equipment can fail, and if it happens the night of your reception and it is the only set your DJ has, you may find yourself faced with a night with no music. Discuss what alternative arrangements will be made in the event the DJ you hire is sick or unavailable on your night. Will he provide a back-up DJ that is suitable for the occasion?

4. Ask about his professional status.

Don\’t be hesitant to ask for credentials. Most reliable DJs who are professionals will be a member of the any Reputed Community. If he says he is, ask for proof of membership to confirm this.

5. Do you perform the emcee duties yourself?

Although this seems obvious, there are some DJs, particularly if you are using someone who does this only as a side-line and not a profession, who simply play the music. Ask for a demo tape if you won\’t have the opportunity to see and hear the DJ live. You want someone who has the right personality and a professional delivery for announcements such as the wedding dance and the introduction of the bridal party. This is a good time to ask about how he or she will dress the day of the event. If your reception is formal, make sure the DJ won\’t show up in jeans.

6. How do you plan the details before the event?

Don\’t make the mistake of choosing the DJ, telling him you want all classic rock, and then forgetting about him until the wedding day. Ask for a consultation several weeks before the reception and go over your preferences with him in detail. A professional will take note of what songs you want to hear as well as what songs you don\’t want to hear. He or she should also be willing to take requests. Ask about this specifically – some DJs will be happy to do so, others will have music pre-programmed, making it difficult to accommodate your guests\’ wishes.

Finally, after choosing your wedding DJ, get everything in writing. Be sure to have any changes you have requested attached to the contract and have a formal, signed contract in hand before you proceed. If you follow these steps, you will have a memorable, musical reception everyone will enjoy.


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