List of Indian boutique Names list for bridal dressing.

Wedding is the best day as well as the big day fro bride as well as the groom. Wedding is such an occasion that brightens up the whole atmosphere. Wedding not only involves a single function but includes functions which goes on for four to five days starting from some holy ritual to moving ahead with parojan, mehendi, haldi,ladies sangeet,cocktail, and then the final day, wedding day. This day is very auspicious fro everyone be it the couple or the family. Wedding day is such an event that initiates the long term shopping fro both the sides fro bride it is a dream come true. A bride starts preparing fro her wedding ceremony much before the date it is because the shopping requires much of time. Sometimes, the bride may also not find the collection of her choice due to which she might have to go from one place to another or from one city to another. When it comes to shopping it becomes a great deal because dresses are to be selected according to each and every occasion. Every occasion demands for a different and special type of attire which leaves every guest awstruck and wide mouth open.

Bride\’s attire need to be elegant and classy as well so that when she wears it she looks pretty as well as beautiful. Bride needs number of dresses for every occasion and also for homely functions before the wedding as well as after the wedding. Bride and hr family visits every mega store and every place to find out dresses at good rates and a better collection.

Some tips to select a good and variety of dresses are as follows-

  • Dress that suits the occasion-Select the dress that fits the occasion so that your attire does not look clumsy or off the occasion.
  • Choose according to your body shape- Though we always desire to look the prettiest by wearing the dresses of new trend and new fashion but we should be very peculiar while selecting our dresses that suits our body shape so that we feel comfortable while wearing them.
  • Try to go for bright colors-If you want to glitter like stars than try to go for bright colors which will shine when the light falls over you and this will add more beauty to you. You can go for pink, yellow, red, blue, green, orange etc.
  • Try different attires- Nowadays, various dresses are available like lehnga, suit, gown, crop top and long skirts, ghagra choli etc. so do your shopping accordingly so that people do not have to say that your stuff is boring or you could have dressed well.
  • Mixture of colors can make you gorgeous-A blend of colors is always delightful rather than a single color dress so if you wanna make yourself look gorgeous you can have a fusion of colors like grey and black which always look classy, red and gold which always give a feeling of being royal. Nowadays, new colors like sea blue, sea green, off white also make dresses look awesome so be very choosy in making your choice.

Every bride is confused before her wedding regarding her shopping. She is always in a confusion that from where she should shop whiuch can match her desires so here are some designers as well as some local bazars from where you can get variety of choices at cheaper rates and in good quality. It is not necessary that you always have to step towards the expensive malls or have to go for online shopping you can comfort yourself at local stores as well.

Indian boutique Names list

So here are some bazars for you that will help you in your shopping without costing you much-

  1. NEHRU BAZAR, JAIPUR- You might have commonly heard of the culture of the pink city, Jaipur that engulfs itself in providing you a maharani look. Pink city has entirely a different world with masses of collection not only in clothing but as well as in jewels and gems. Bazars provide you from Kundan and meeakari to thewa amd palki and other authentic Rajasthani wear to modern western clothes.
  2. DILLI HAAT, NEW DELHI-Dilli haat awaits for you at lesser costs. This haat located in South Delhi will give you a blend of a rural traditional market offering you products at lesser rates and high quality. This haat covers the clothing from round the country which will often make you confuse as to what to buy to suit your comforts.
  3. SARDAR MARKET, JODHPUR- This bright market is located close to the famous Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This market offers you a huge variety of traditional Bandhej clothes , Mojris, bangles etc.This market will help you in buying each and everything at a single location. But make sure you have good bargaining powers when you enter this market.

Though these markets are for the ones who are good at bargaining as well as who are ready to go round the corner for their shopping but for the ones who are ready to spend huge bucks for them designer clothes are a great deal.So now i am listing you out some of the top bridal boutiques which includes both high end and budget friendly stores-

  1. DESIGNERS CHAMEE AND PALAK- This is a duo of designers from Mumbai offering you pre-wedding dresses or bridal trosseau. There dresses are unique and trustworthy fro your special day.
  2. SHRUTI SETH COUTURE- Shruti is a well known designer who has worked for various actresses. Her creation is very versatile. Her fusion of dazzling golds and soft pastels can make you look stunning.
  3. JADE BOUTIQUE- This store was opened by designers Monica and Karishma. This store has a distinct and refreshing representation of indian craft. Their collection holds an international style as well.

15 Popular Indian Boutique Name List

These were some bazars and some stores to help you out for making your shopping task an easy one but a number of stores can also be added to it. But the most important thing in your shopping is your smartness while buying and so be active and smart enough while buying.


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