How to Entertain your guests at the Mehendi ceremony?

wedding is just not a ceremony but it is a great pomp and show in Indian culture. Wedding is said not only  to unite two bodies but it is said to combine two souls and their families in bond of love and respect that is immense. As it is  a great function so it involves various traditions and customs each having its own significance and chastity and faith. A wedding function is accomplished by going through various rituals and one such ritual is a Mehendi ceremony.Yes! you heard it right a mehendi day or a peaceful day indeed. the use of mehendi in a pre-wedding is not only due to cosmetic reasons but it encloses itself with scientific reasons as well.

Mehendi ceremony is basically a private affair organised by the family of bride that takes place in between friends, family and relatives but the scale of the function depends from person to person. As you are the host of the ceremony so it becomes essential for you to entertain your guests with great pomp it may include certain games some dances and song playing and various other activities that makes the ceremony memorable for years and years to come. Food is always not a solution to delight your guests so you need to have a proper planning for it. As involving of guests, the ceremony becomes a huge one so make your plans accordingly. Try to find out new mehendi ceremony ideas that will always pay you off. So here are some trendy ideas:-

  1. Find the initials- as it is always seen that the initials of the name of the groom are hidden in the mehendi designs of the bride which are to be found by the groom. So why not reach the groom during the ceremony by the video calling and insist the groom to find his initials on the hand of her partner.
  2. Fun with karaoke- No wedding or its ceremonies are complete without singing or dancing so why not adopt the new trend to make the last evening of the bride in her home a long lasting one. So karaoke could be one of the reason of it. It gives chance to all the guests to show case their love for the bride by there singing with the help of karaoke.
  3. Offer the pani-puri- Lady\’s first love is said to be pani-puri. So lets arrange there first love of life by the help of there partners. Selecting up of few couples and making their husbands offer them pani-puri with there hands.The one eating the most wins up the game.
  4. Hide the bride- Why should boys have all the fun right? So here is another game where the bride can enjoy her childhood days by hiding herself to different places multiple times and ask her guest to find her out. This will memorise her best days and will bring along all the relatives together.
  5. Balance your love-As a scissor is useless without the existence of two blades similarly a successful marriage is incomplete without a perfect balance between the couple . So test the balance of the guests\’ love by giving them a number of balloons to be taken by them from one place to another without making the use of hands. That os the couples are supposed to keep the balloons between them and take them to another corner the one who takes the more wins the love test.Read More : Top 10 Ways To Entertain Your Guests During Mehandi Ceremony
  6. Rewind your moments- Mehendi is said to be the last night of the bride so making her rewind every moment that she has spend from her childhood days to her present day would be a welcoming gift to the family members,relatives and well as the bride. So prepare a video capturing all the photos,all the moments alons with the songs that touches the heart and soul of the people.
  7. Award your guests- Awarding the guests with various titles like\’the best dancer\’, \’the best singer\’,\’the best entertainer\’,or the one with the best clicks will always be fruitful as it will involve all the guests in the ceremony with full heart. Nominating the people and awarding according to the majority will lead to fair award ceremony.As it is said that all that starts well ends well so ending the ceremony by giving a token of love to all the guests could make there day a good one. It is not necessary that you give huge gifts or costly ornaments instead you can offer clutches,printed dupattas  ,hand made jewellery to the ladies and to men you can offer turbans or chains that can be useful as well as long lasting to them.


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