10 Ways How Dating A Narcissist Changes You

Did you know the facts behind how dating a narcissist changes you? This content is a clear idea of how shocking it can be. It may so happen that you are currently dating a narcissist, or perhaps you have just broken up with one. 

Have you known that the relationship can damage you completely?

The good news, in this case, is that narcissism is never contagious. And, humans can overcome manifold emotional hurdles with suitable guidance from experts. 

But yes, having a relationship with a narcissist means you are on a roller coaster, and you may likely rare to experience or better escape it without altering the way of your lookout. All you need is to process, react and behave.

If you are dating a narcissist, make sure you are aware of all these things. You might end up torturing yourself being with a narcissist. So, beware!

What Are The Signs You Are Dating A Narcissist?

There are multiple signs that can change your life forever. Many of these can affect you deeply while other changes are for good. Either way, it is best to acknowledge the impacts of a potential partner with a narcissist for any length of time can go a long way in helping you heal.

Here are some primary points that can help you frame a rough sketch of how to figure out the signs you are dating a narcissist-

  • They never pay any heed to their partners & are prone to interrupting
  • There is a lack of empathy in the narcissist
  • No genuine love and affection in the relationship with any narcissist
  • Narcissists may seem that they are super confident & make you feel low

A Narcissistic Personality Disorder Is Characterized By:

If you want to learn about what is a Narcissistic personality disorder, then this content will feed you with enough information. For so many reasons, there can be several counts of personality disorders in a person.

Here are some points for you as a guide to how you can recognize the illness while dating a narcissist man-

  • It is a mental condition where victims feel an inflated sense of own importance
  • It can be a deep need for excessive attention & admiration
  • There can be a lack of empathy for all around him or her
  • There can be a troubled relationship

As an outcome, the lady who remains in a romantic relationship with the narcissist man loses his sense of identity over a period. When a narcissist sees you cry they have no alternation in their attitudes and behavior towards you.

How Being In A Relationship With A Narcissist Changes You?

Being in a relationship with a narcissist man or woman pours in a lot of complied acquiescing. And, it is best to walk away from the situation and stay alone for a wide span to avoid the outcomes becoming heavy on you.

Once you plan to walk away from such a devastating relationship, you stop experiencing extreme conflicts, avoidance, and all other ruining factors that can be ruinous and impede your healthy relationship.


1- You Start To Lose Confidence And Start Doubting

Dating a narcissist is indeed a difficult task. It may create a long-lasting effect and impact on you during the relationship.  The changes that come over you are always adverse. You start doubting yourself and experience a lack of confidence within you.  

2- You Blame Yourself On All Events

You start blaming yourself for everything. It is when they are completely at fault but they will put in all force to make you believe that the root cause of the problem lies in you. To a narcissist, it is like you are unfit for all good things. Slowly you start feeling low and lose confidence to do anything better in life.

3- You Feel Socially Isolated

You start to experience low self-esteem and become socially unhappy and isolated. Through this content, you will be walking through the reasons how being in a relationship with a narcissist changes you.

Meeting a narcissist will sweep you off your feet and you will feel like you have met your prince charming or dream girl. But, the truth is the opposite and that’s why these relationships never have a happy ending.

4- You Feel You Are Trapped In The Wrong Relationship

This is something very pathetic for any relationship.  If you are not happy then it is best to walk off the relationship. You will feel bad and think that why are you still existing on earth.

5- You Will Find Talking About Your Partner Always

Flattery will be the only weapon that you will be looking for when you are stuck in a relationship with a narcissist. You will find yourself always boasting about your partner. Being in any kind of relationship with a narcissist man or woman is likely to change you

6- You Become Your Own Defender

Once you walk out of the relationship with a narcissist, you learn to better cope with problems and defend against abuse. Partnering with a narcissist means you have to experience emotional abuse. They use it for manipulating and controlling your mind.

7- You Learn To Handle Risks To A Greater Extent

Once you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you will experience ample changes coming within you. You learn to take risks and handle them aptly in any tense situation. Sometimes you may overreact with your loved ones unknowingly which is the worst thing.

8- You Learn To Master Emotions Of Any Kind And Filter Them

You learn to master emotions of any type and build boundaries around yourself. You also become a pro in understanding the next narcissist that passes you. It is a super skill that you may develop both socially and professionally.

9- You Experience Temper Tantrums Frequently

You will get to understand all those signs a narcissist is using you in any situation. Rather they act at a lightning speed compared to a normal person in the relationship. They are hungry for praise. If ever they are criticized in front of you, you will have to bear their temper tantrums which makes you lose patience and self.

10- You Will Experience The Unhealthy State Of Competition Always

For a narcissist, everyone around them is a competitor and you also become a part of it. Jealously fuels their personality traits and also their interactions. Thus you also experience less value for them.

How It Changes You For The Worst?

Narcissists present themselves as friendly, innocent and charming. Some tend to recognize their ways of maliciousness in hindsight. If you are in the initial stages of dating, it is common to dismiss strange behavior as cute or protective quirks. Later it affects you profoundly.

  • You loathe yourself & feel helpless
  • You fear conflicts
  • You develop trust issues
  • A paranoid feeling comes to mind

These thwart your sense of safety. They may threaten and ruin your reputation.


How It Changes You For The Better?

Narcissistic relationships are confusing and so it is best to stay away from these kinds of people. They are a massive threat to your career growth and make you feel drained in 95% of the situations.

  • You learn to grow your self-respect
  • You learn how boundaries in relationships matter
  • You learn to fight with grief
  • You can focus on your career and growth freely
  • You heal from within with a new support
  • You will remain alert in any future endeavors


Q1. How to get a narcissist to leave you alone?

Ans1. It is best to go no contact with a narcissist and apply anti-fear law. You can also look for detoxing him or her so that they are forced to leave you alone. It is when you enjoy a shift in your mental state and it is miraculous.

Q2. How does a narcissist react when they can\’t control you?

Ans2. Narcissists gaslight or employ manipulative ways to weaken and destabilize their victims. If a narcissist cannot control you, they feel threatened, react with anger, and they start threatening the other person too.

Q3. Will a narcissist ever regret losing you?

Ans3. There is no apology or remorse after you both depart. If ever they return, be prepared for a double dosage of torture. If you chose to leave one be ready for begging, pleading and even bargaining.

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