9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

In the past, when men saw a lady at a horse racing or a ball, they knew instantly that she was the woman they wanted to be with. There was no need for women to hunt for a list of nine texts to have him chasing them.

It was sufficient for the lady to flutter her eyelids, steal a glance, or chuckle shyly for the male to swoon and lose sleep over the prospect of chasing the woman.

Men have evolved as the times have changed. True love is a notion that few believe in or comprehend. Due to how much the times have changed, we had to compile a list of nine texts to have him chasing you.

Complex abbreviations and emoticons currently govern the world. Long declarations of love have been replaced by the phrase \”Wanna hang out?\” When the entire world is your oyster, it may be challenging to capture the interest of a single shark.

Fortunately, we\’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of surefire messages to make him miss you and lose any sleep over you in the twenty-first century. If you adhere to this list, all the girls in the block will come knocking on your door, asking to know what makes the boys love you more.

How To Turn The Tables And Make Him Chase You?

If you want a man to pursue you, try not to be a whole open book in the beginning. On dates with him, you should avoid divulging too much information.

Do not lie about your life, but you are not required to reveal every detail. You can provide him with random bits of information to maintain his attention.

When you provide information about yourself gradually, he will get increasingly interested in you, which will make him appreciate the pursuit even more.

One of the most crucial laws in relationships is to leave the man wanting more. It is quite OK to be mysterious. It will help him to exercise patience so that you may share with him various elements of your life anytime you like.

9 Texts That Will Make Him Chase You

1) Show Your Flirty Nature

Flirting is the key to making him chase you. A slight sense of mystery makes a lady more desirable than an open book. You should always flirt with him; do it playfully, but never suggest anything over the top.

It is essential to know how to flirt and take it to another level at the perfect time. For example, when you are about to leave for a date with him, you should send him a message, \”I\’m all dressed up and nowhere to go.

  • \”I have missed you so much over the weekend! I can\’t wait to see you again!\”
  • \”Please don\’t go.\”
  • \”I have been thinking of you a lot lately.

He may think that you were too busy during the weekend and didn\’t have time to think about him. You can use this statement to show him that you were thinking about him all the time.

To make him chase you, you need to get him in a state where he is miserable without you. Never talk about yourself or your plans to go on dates or something else. When he imagines the worst, the worse it is for him.

2) Ask Him Questions And Ask About His Day

Men like to have answers to their questions. If you are interested in him, it means that he intrigues you. If you want him to chase you, get to know more about him.

Ask questions at random points during your conversation with him. Explain something and then listen for his response. Do not be negative about the subject and focus on making positive comments about a man for the one you are talking with to think about pursuing her more.


3) Show Him Your Humorous Side

Humor is the best way to make a guy chase you. Although the men may think they can win from the sheer strength of their confidence and masculinity, you must prove that your charms are more than enough.

There is no better method to do so than humor when you want him to chase you.

You can send him a text, \”I\’m laughing my head off right now.\” \”You\’re so funny.\” When he laughs with you and begins to feel pleasant toward your tone, he will begin to think about pursuing you.

  • Can you guess what I dreamed last night?
  • Do you miss me as much as I miss you at this moment?

4) When He Is Distracted

When he is speaking with someone else, do not avoid the topic or ask silly questions to not attract his attention on himself.

If you are in a bar, don\’t try to get his attention by shouting at the top of your lungs. Wait for the conversation he is having with the other people to end.

  • I realize you are now at work, but I wanted to let you know that someone thinks of you.

5) Forgive Him If He Is Late

It may be difficult for you, but you should forgive him instantly and allow him to make up for his lateness when he is late for a date. This will make him feel less concerned about time and more concerned about pursuing her.

  • Simply thinking of you makes my mind run wild.

6) Just Say it

If you want to get what you want, there\’s nothing wrong with being direct with it, but do so nicely.

Tell him what you want. For example, you are going on a date with him and want to make it special so that he can pursue you. If he wants to drive from his place to yours, say it! You can tell him that you don\’t mind taking a cab; however, it would be nice if he drove his car over.

  • I definitely shouldn\’t tell you this, but do you know what it is about you that I find irresistible?

7) Be honest about your feelings

Men like beautiful women who can make them chase them. Tell the guy how much you like him and want to see more of him in your life. These are the messages that will make any man chase any woman anywhere.

  • Has anybody complimented the sexiness of your eyes when you laugh?

8) Give Him A Reason To Chase You

Yes, it\’s that simple. If he cannot give you an exact reason why he wants to see you more, it may be a sign that he either lacks confidence or interest in pursuing you. Tell him how much you love him; if he doesn\’t reciprocate, he might want it more than you do.

  • My autocorrect consistently changes your name to \”hot.\” I believe it is onto something.

9) Make Him Miss You And Love You

No text can make him love you like this text. You can tell him, \”I miss you,\” or \”You\’re the last thing I think about at night and the first thing I want to see when I wake up.\” You must also tell him how much he makes you happy.

Make sure that when he is with you, he cannot think about anything else but you! If he says something that hurts your feelings, don\’t be afraid to talk to him. Most of all, leave the door open for any more communications and a possible relationship in the future.

You can use any of these tips to make a man chase you. In conclusion, it is necessary to remember that everything in moderation is good. Never look too eager to see him or be too eager for the relationship.

Let him think that he has to do all the running. Be mysterious and fun, but not overbearing and demanding at the same time.

  • Tell me three of your wildest dreams, and I\’ll try to make them come true.
  • My mind has been running with filthy, naughty ideas all day long, and it is all your responsibility.


5 texts to make a man fall in love with you

  • You would be such a steal.
  • My buddies dislike me because I have you.
  • \”My coworkers are curious why I grin so much at work…
  • \”You are one in a million.\”
  • I\’ve told my friends about you.

How to make a guy text you every day?

  • Ask him about his day.
  • Pose a few entertaining, open-ended questions.
  • Mention your shared interests.
  • Flatter him with a word.
  • Be a little enigmatic.
  • Send him some images.
  • Make plans to meet up in person.
  • Please have a valid reason to text him.

How do I stay in his mind?

Be a good listener. Wait to hear what he has to offer, and don\’t interrupt. Use the chance to chat as a time for him to tell you further about himself, not as one for your own story. Don\’t divulge too much too quickly for yourself since a feeling of mystery will undoubtedly leave you in his brain, wanting to know more.

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