How to choose the Best Helmet for a Bicycle

You need to think about your safety as soon as you buy a bike. We provide detailed information on how to choose a cycling helmet, what to wear when choosing, how to wear a helmet and what type of helmet.

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Why do you need a Bicycle Helmet?

Helmet, one of the most important parts of a rider that ensures the safety of the rider\’s head. Because your head is the most important thing to keep in mind if you fall from the bicycle.

According to a study, most of the deaths were caused by head injuries. This shows the importance of helmets. Statistics show that a bicycle helmet reduces injury severity by 50% and 33% by reducing the risk of front and neck injuries.

Which is the correct bicycle helmet that fits your head?

  • Wear a cycling helmet no more than 1 inch above your head. Attach the strap so that it does not come off when you press from the front of the helmet.
  • Sidewalks should be comfortable. Try to push the left and right sides of the helmet and if it drops it means that the belt is weak or not suitable for the size of the helmet.
  • Check again how the helmet fits your head. Pull your back forward if it breaks again, tight the rope and try to stretch again.
  • To make sure the strap is secure, open your mouth, you should feel pressure on the crown. But it is very important that the rope doesn\’t hit you too hard at the same time. A balance must be found between security installations.

To make sure you have the right size for your helmet, you will need to check your head as shown in this photo.

how to choose the right helmet

S (52-58cm)

L (56-62cm)

L (60-66cm)

It should be remembered that each product has its own dimension. This means that it is always important and necessary to know the size, otherwise, there is a risk that you will buy a helmet and get the wrong size. It is best to choose a helmet that is as comfortable as possible and take care to protect the rider\’s head.

Choosing the correct helmet

When choosing a helmet, many people are confused and don\’t know what a helmet should look like, how it should be worn, and what exactly they should choose. For example, when buying a bicycle and a helmet, do you have to think about where to ride? You need a sports helmet for cycling. If you walk in the city, the helmet will be different and if you walk on the highway, the helmet will be different.

Best color of Bicycle Helmet

When choosing the color of the bicycle helmet, you should keep in mind where you are going on the bike, where some kind of bicycle is.

For road bike

The color of helmets for bicycles should be bright, as these helmets are visible from distance on road such as red, green, yellow, white, blue, or orange.

For Mountain

Mountain bike helmets have a back and sides. The color of this helmet can vary, it can be mixed with the color of the image or the color of the wheel frame. Most of these helmets are painted in bright colors or have a nice monochromatic color. Choose the color of your mountain bike helmet, you can feel good.

For BMX bike

BMX helmets are similar in color and are usually darker in color: black, gray, or blue. If you want to stand out from other riders, you can choose a bright color for your helmet.


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