Can a Sapphire Spice up Your Fortune This Love Season?

Sapphire is one of the four most precious stones besides rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous colors available in sapphires.

The characteristic color is due to aluminum oxide or corundum. Blue is the most popular color and famous worldwide. However, the gemstone is also available in other colors like pink, green, white, black, and purple.

If you want to gift a sapphire earring this love season, you can take a look at Leibish\’s earrings catalog. Numerous earring designs can help express your love for your partner better. Apart from the love and bond that sapphires are famous for, what else can they offer?

Origin Story

Where and how the discovery of sapphires took place is not yet known. However, you will find their presence across various parts of the world. The use of the word sapphire was also different earlier. The ancient Greeks termed this blue-colored gemstone ‘Sapheiros’.

‘Sappir’ in Hebrew means the most beautiful thing. This term was in use for a long time in the ancient days. A school of linguists also believes that the word \’Sapphire\’ came from Sanskrit. The Sanskrit word ‘Santi Priya’ is from where it originates, and it means ‘dear to Saturn’. According to popular belief, this precious gemstone represents planet Saturn.

The Myths

Sapphire is one of the most beautiful stones that one can find. However, there are a lot of myths that surround this gemstone. Some of them, listed below, can help better understand this gemstone.

Only Blue

As stated above, blue sapphires are popular and famous gemstones available. Popular belief also suggests that blue is the only color available. However, the color variations are due to the micro impurities. The traces of titanium and iron are what give the characteristic blue color. Vanadium makes it purple, iron turns them yellow, and the green color is possible due to varying densities.

Fortune Reversal

In ancient times, people had a belief that sapphires would give them protection against fraud and treason. It will also help treat the common diseases relating to skin or fever and plague or get rid of them. Some people still believe that sapphires bring bad luck.

Naturally Blue

Heating the gemstones that are extremely pale or colorless blue to a high temperature gives them an intense blue color. The process also helps to remove any minute impurities in the stone.


Contrary to popular belief, sapphires are one of the most durable gemstones. Sapphires score a 9/10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, second to diamonds. You can put a scratch on sapphire with a diamond only. The durability of the sapphires makes them an apt choice for everyday jewelry and engagement rings.

Bad Luck

In some cultures, sapphire represents Saturn. Ancient people believed it brought bad luck if the stone does not suit the person wearing it. However, many celebrities, including royalty like Kate Middleton, wear it proudly. Medieval kings wore sapphires as a tool to protect themselves from their enemies.

Relevance Over Time

From as early as 800 BC, sapphires are a prized gemstone to keep. The erstwhile Persians believed the color of the sky was blue due to blue sapphire. According to them, our world was sitting on a gigantic sapphire.

It is a symbol of aristocracy and royalty, particularly in Europe. It is because of the Capetian dynasty ruling France in the early 10th century. The blue sapphires were extremely hard to find and expensive to produce during that period. Thus, making it a symbol of nobility and prosperity, with kings and queens having all the bragging rights.

Some Asian countries, particularly the Buddhist disciples, kept the stone for their deities. They had a strong belief that the rock gave them the desire to meditate and pray.

Today, sapphire refers to eternal love and bonding, integrity, and fidelity. It became popular due to Prince Charles when he put a sapphire ring on Princess Diana’s fingers.

Sapphires have a lot of industrial use due to their durability and hardness. Apple features a lab-created sapphire glass screen for its watches that can change color to purple from blue in low light conditions.

Therefore, as you can see, sapphire has a long history that is beyond its characteristic blue color. If you are looking to give something that has value and helps express your feelings, you should go for this gemstone. You can share a thing of beauty that has relevance beyond just love. Who knows, maybe this gemstone can help initiate a new chapter in your life.


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