Some Good Songs To Prank People Like Jim Halpert

We have come to a place where we have stopped laughing genuinely about anything. Memes have become a general source of that happiness that you had been striving for a long time. But the fun that gets after pranking someone is the pure form of fun that never fades away that easily. It gets etched in the memory of both people who are on a different side. 

One form of pranking someone is using a lyric of the song because if you are going to prank someone in Jim Halpert\’s style then it would cost some money. No matter how badly the person should be pranked like Dwight was, you need not worry, by using a song and its lyrics you can prank your friend easily and it will not cost a thing. 

Why songs? 


Songs are something that is easy to come by. Many listen to a song that is not that catchy and forget it but if you use it to scare them it will be a good sight to laugh on. You don\’t have to worry too much about authentication. You can use the best lyric prank songs and it will work wonderfully. 

In this article, we will provide you with different songs that you can use to prank your friend, family member, your girlfriend or boyfriend or even your crush. Here are some of the reasons why songs are best for pranking.

  • All these songs are effective and at the heat of the moment, it would not register in their mind that it is a song. 
  • It has a touch to it. 
  • Lyrics have a way of hypnotizing people and that is why poetry is so popular. 
  • It won\’t take much of your money. It will take only a bit of your time and a bit of your effort. 
  • All you have to do is type it up in your text or read the lyrics over a call in a serious tone and voila, you will have them made a fool. 

Good Songs For The Lyric Prank: 

Here are some of the good songs that you can use to prank anyone in general. The lyrics are very good and can be used on anybody as it has a bit of universality in it. 

Just dance by lady gaga: 

This song is very much peppy in number and one can dance to it but the lyrics are super fun and very catchy. One can easily make a fool out of someone using this. 

\”I\’ve had a little bit too much, much (oh, oh, oh)
All of the people start to rush (start to rush by)
A dizzy twister dance, can\’t find my drink or man
Where are my keys? I lost my phone, phone\”

Just look at the lyrics, just look. This particular lyric is enough to make anyone go crazy and think you are in danger as you have drunk too much. As soon as they reply back. Reply to them with further lyrics of the song. 

\”What\’s goin\’ on the floor?
I love this record, baby, but I can\’t see straight anymore\”.

This is another link that will prompt them to ask you where you are so that they can pick you up. That\’s when you should hit them up with

\”Keep it cool, what\’s the name of this club?
I can\’t remember but it\’s alright, a-alright\”

That\’s it. This is enough to make anyone trust you that you are drunk and rush to your rescue. This song is one of the good songs to prank people with. 

All-star by smash mouth: 

Despite having a touching lyric which will bring a sense of nostalgia in you, the Kurtis, if manipulated can have a great result. 

\”Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me
I ain\’t the sharpest tool in the shed
She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb\”

Seems worried right? It seems as if someone spilled the beans on them as if someone told you about a secret that they have been holding on for so long. This song, of course, would frustrate them but if they had been going behind you at your back, talking bad things then there is a fat chance they would really tell you about it. Or if not, frustrated them more. Why not? 

\”It\’s a cool place and they say it gets colder
You\’re bundled up now, wait…\” 

End your conversation with this warning which will have them jumping and think it through. Funny right? Thrilling right? 

Disturbia by Rihanna: 

Rihanna, as usual, surprised us with this song. The song is very mysterious and has a cool tone to it and that is why one can easily use it to prank people because of its seriousness. 

\”No more gas in the rig
Can\’t even get it started
Nothing heard, nothing said\”

If you send it to someone who is very much close to you, maybe your work buddy or your parents, anyone who is close to you would surely jump in, scared thinking you are stranded somewhere. Just when they reply asking \’where are you\’ hit them with

\”It\’s a thief in the night
To come and grab you\” 

If you think that this is too much then you can generally pull the plug and let them know but if you want the fun to continue, then reply \”It can control you\” and pull the plug. It is one of the best text prank songs. 

Songs To Prank Your Crush With: 

Well, you can start cheesy and then lead the way to your crush\’s heart and hope that she melts away by this hotness. These are some of the songs you can text to your crush and prank her/him. 

Hey, Jude by the Beatles. 

One of the most romantic songs of all time. This song will touch your soul along with Paul McCartney \’s voice. Even the lyrics are promising enough to brew something between you and your crush. 

This particular song is a classic and it never gets old. Suppose you have messed things up with this person then use this song to make things up with him and what do you know? You may end up together. Start by

\”Hey Jude, don\’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better\”

And when she replies you can further advance by texting her the next part which will surely melt her/his heart and probably play in your part perfectly. 

\”Don\’t carry the world upon your shoulders\” 
Let her know that you are there for her. And further text 

\”Hey Jude, don\’t let me down
You have found her, now go and get her 
Remember to let her into your heart\”

This song is a classic for a reason. 
Another song that you can use to prank your crush is stated below.

Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley. 

This song is another example of how love should be. It should be dedicated and honest. If you use this lyric, you can surely make your crush\’s heart skip a beat.

Start this way using the second refrain

\”I just wanna tell you how I\’m feeling
Gotta make you understand\” 

Of course, she/he will think maybe you are ill so your crush will probably ask you with a follow-up text that goes like this \”what happened?\” 

That is when you should text back

\”A full commitment\’s what I\’m thinking of

You wouldn\’t get this from any other guy

Choose Some Good Songs To Prank People Like Jim Halpert

Smooth right? 

Lay it down slowly by bringing up the part which speaks more. She will probably think that you are planning your crush but you can either play the act \’yes I am, gotcha\’ or be brave and text back

\”Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you\”

When she replies, reply back

\”Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you\” 

Let her know how precious she is to you.

Songs to prank your friends with:

Here you will find lyric prank songs for friends. Friends are someone if the relationship develops, will be there for life. Here are some of the pranks that you can play on them so that you can create a memory to cherish forever. 

Into you by Ariana Grande:

This song is very intense and captivating. The lyrics are hypnotizing and enough to let anyone know that yeah, you mean game. You can use this to prank anyone.

Of course, your friends may have asked you to hook you up with someone you know. This is the time to play a good prank on them. How do you ask? Using this particular song you can make a fool out of themselves. 

First, you have to tell your friend that one of your friends thought you were cute and wanted your number so you gave your friend his number. Then text from an unknown number this particular funny lyric prank songs. 

\”So name a game to play, and I\’ll roll the dice, hey

Show your friend that it is getting hot in here and when you receive another reply. Text back with this.

Choose Some Good Songs To Prank People Like Jim Halpert

\”Oh baby, look what you started

The temperature\’s rising in here

Is this gonna happen?

Hype this text and make that person beg. Fun? Not enough? Well wait for the reply and then text back.

\”Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move
Before I make a move
So baby, come light me up and baby I\’ll let you on it\”

I know right? In the end, just break the news that you were the one flirting with him.

Photograph by Nickelback

Another song that will take you back to the time when you used to have fun with your buddy but some of the lyrics are so good that will bring out the embarrassing yet funny parts of your friendship too. So use it.

This particular song, if used right, can create memories you will never forget. Text your friend

\” I have the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor\” 

And let your friend wonder what you are talking about. When your friend asks \”what are you talking about?\” Answer bac

\”Look at this photograph

Every time I do it makes me laugh\” 

And watch back. Surely people have many embarrassing memories that they want to erase but can\’t if it is photographed. Your friend will surely be shocked. This is a funny text you should surely do.

Good songs to prank your best friend with:

Good friends are those who become very close and stay with you for life. Here are some songs which you can use and Frank them with.

History by One Direction:

A song that will never get old because it has \’history\’ in it. It will be a timeless piece because of its universality. You can definitely use this song.

This particular song is very catchy and it sure can help you prank your buddy. Text your friend this first line.

\”You gotta help me, I\’m losing my mind\” 

And let him worry about what has happened to you. Your buddy will surely text \”are you in trouble?\” 

Reply to 

\”Now my heart\’s breaking and I don\’t know what to do\” 

And let him think that you are in pain and nursing a heartbreak. Supposedly your best friend will pop up to your house with ways to make you happy. This is a 101 to get your buddy to accompany you to your mischief. It will surely make your best friend laugh. Laugh it out over the beer. 

Do I wanna know by Arctic Monkeys

Such questions should be asked between couples or those who think it\’s done. Using a song that emphasizes your feeling is way better. This song is perfect to prank people.

This particular song will surely make you laugh and surely will get the blood pumping. Text your friends with this. 

\”How many secrets can you keep?\” 

Off course your friend will think you are about to tell him/her a secret, you have to reply with 

Choose Some Good Songs To Prank People Like Jim Halpert

\”So have you got the guts?\” 

Lead him on. This particular line will annoy him but it will be more fun if you annoy the person involved. Your friend will try to pry so reply back with this

\”I don\’t know if you feel the same as I do\” 

This will annoy him more and it will become funnier. 

Good love songs for lyric pranks:

You can prank your girl using these songs which will surely make her laugh.

History by One Direction. 

The elements are very touching and soul-baring. You can use any line and it will touch your soul.

Again? Why not. This song has the potential to make anyone upset. Text your lover 

\”You and I got a whole lot of history (oh oh)
We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen\” 

Of course, your partner will be confused and ask you what is it?  And then reply with 

\”All of the rumors, all of the fights\” 

And let the prank brew. Your partner will think about what is happening but your lover will catch on. Your lover will be tensed and texting you and then reply. 

\”Thought we were going strong
I thought we were holding on
Aren\’t we?\” 

Hint your partner that it is getting serious. When it is getting very hot, pull the plug on the whole plan. We want you alive and well but this lyric prank will sure prove lots of things.

Life in the city by lumineers.

Aren\’t we all disturbed living in one place, living a life that we want to escape? This song is for them. The lines are very catchy and address the nihilism in you. 

Text your partner suddenly 

\”Living life in the city
Oh oh, it will never be pretty\”

And let your partner think that you are thinking of moving out of the ace and shifting to somewhere else. Your partner will surely think that you are joking and follow up with questions. Here is how you can reply. 

\”will never be pretty, we can plan if we make it\”

And show your partner how serious you are about moving away to another place. Let it brew. When it is done text your partner about the severity of the situation. 

\”And if the sun don\’t shine on me today
And if the subways flood and bridges break
Will you just lay down and dig your grave?
Or will you rail against your dying day?\” 

This will surely follow some heated conversation. After this break the ice and let your partner know that you were joking. Funny right?

Some songs to do lyric pranks with:

Here are some of the songs which you can surely use to prank some of your friends.

In your head by Eminem

Pumped up kicks by Foster the People

Imagination by Foster the People

The World Retreats by David O\’Dowda. 

Get Lucky by Daft punks and Pharell Williams. 

I want to break free by Queens

Should I stay or should I go by The Clash? 

Youngblood by 5 seconds of summer. 

Easier by 5 seconds of summer.

All these songs are very much good and have all the elements that are needed to prank your buddy, parents and even your partner.

Some tips you have to remember

There are some tips that you have to follow in order to have that prank part become successful so make sure that you know when to do what.

Choose Some Good Songs To Prank People Like Jim Halpert
  • Make sure you set up the background story right. Having a straight story that will work with the main one will be wonderful. 
  • Plan it out. You have to plan how you are going to play it. 
  • Text in a composed manner. Do not break it too early that you are joking. 
  • Annoy the person more than you intended to because the more you annoy, the more successful your prank will be. 
  • Do not stretch it more than you should. If you can see that the person you are pranking is breaking or getting irritated beyond the level and is ready to make a rude gesture, retreat. Do not engage anymore.  

Make sure that the prank is funny and light. It should be intended to make you feel lighter and happy. If you can see the prank getting out of hand, retreat. Become Jim Halpert to your Dwight Schrute. Use a cheap and easy mode of texting song lyrics to prank people. Stay happy, make happy.


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