Questions That Need To Be Answered Regarding Marriage

Marriage is not a joke as it involves two lives which are very important and should be taken seriously. The decision of when to get married along with who to marry should rest on the person involved. Obviously, your family and their support matters but if you have chosen the right person, then all the problems will subside. 

In this article, we will give you ideas as to how to understand if you have chosen the right person with whom you want to share your life and ideas that could lead to a happy marriage. This article is the provider of ideas that you deserve to have your own happy ending. 

How to choose the right person? 

There are among us who think that getting married is a task because they need someone to be with. Society has created an idea where marriage has become an option to reproduce. However, there are many in our society who want to fall in love to seek mental support. Both the times, both parties who think as this falls under a trap that will lead them to choose the wrong person. Some of the tips you should be following in terms of making the right choice. 

  • There is a right time for everything. There is a time for you to sustain your career. Build your life first then think about having a relationship. 
  • You cannot rush falling in love. This is a process that takes time. 
  • You cannot just fall in love with the first person you see. There are factors that are in play. 
  • The thought process should match. Of course, the opposite attracts but that doesn\’t last. 
  • You guys should have something common. The more the merrier. 
  • Learn to love yourself first before falling in love because if you do not love yourself, you will not know if someone else loves you or not. 

How to know if you have chosen the right person? 

Suppose you have chosen a person that you are dating but how to know whether the person that you like is right for you or not, here are some things that you should check before determining whether you can take this relationship to the next level or not. 

  • See if the person genuinely cares about you. The small things that you want should be his priority. 
  • See if the person is dedicated to this relationship or not. If not, then why bother? 
  • See if the person is giving as much effort in the relationship as you are because the one-sided effort will lead to your mental exhaustion. 
  • See if the person is committed to this relationship like you are 
  • Check if he or she is willing to take the risks that are required to sustain this relationship. 
  • See if he takes your advice or not. The small things matter the most. 

How long to date before getting engaged? 

There is no certain answer to this question however one should break the news about the one if that person is ready and has decided that they are ready to make the relationship exclusive. There are many stages. The stages are written below. 

  • Friendship
  • Courtship
  • Making your relation exclusive
  • Letting your closed one\’s knowledge about the relationship. 
  • Proposing the person
  • Engagement
  • Marriage. 

All this stage has its own time which needs to be understood with careful precision. No one knows how long one should date before getting engaged. there is no fixed time. Take as much time to understand whether this person is \’the one\’ because it is about two lives.  

Both of you have to feel the love and care and the passion that you have for each other. Once you understand that there is a connection between you guys which is more intense than anything else, you are ready to take it to another level. 

How long should you wait to get engaged? 


There is no certain time as to how long you should wait before going on with the subject of proposing to your partner. But here are some sensory things which might help you decide if you are ready to propose or even take it to another level. 

  • See if the person cares for you. 
  • See if the person loves you selflessly. 
  • See if he or she is involved in the relationship as much as you are. 
  • See if both of you contribute to the relationship equally. 
  • See if it feels unconditional. 
  • See If there is a mutual understanding between you guys. 
  • As time passes by, the spark gets dimmed but it is up to both of you to keep polishing the spark in order to keep the relationship alive. see if both of you are doing it to keep your relationship alive. 
  • If you are passionate about each other. 
  • If there is a mutual trust between you guys.

The signs may vary depending on what you perceive love is. All these signs are subjective. And to feel all these feelings, it can take a long time. It can take 1year or 2 years. It does not mean that it cannot happen in 3months either. Everything depends on the person you are with. 

How to talk about marriage before proposing?

Start giving out hints. That is the only thing that I am going with. You have to start giving hints to the person that you are in love with. The hint might be veiled behind silly things but it is up to you to understand whether it is a hint or not. The hint might seem like this.


What guys do:  

  • He will start being serious about what you say. 
  • He will become secretive, don\’t think he is having an affair, maybe he is planning something to surprise you with. 
  • He will notice the smallest thing that you like about marriage. 
  • He will hint about you guys being together forever and ever.
What girls do

What girls do: 

  • They will talk about marriage from time to time like her friend is getting married. 
  • She will get emotional about marriages and will give you hints that she is ready
  • Or maybe she will become Monica and approach you. 

All these things are subjective. Your boyfriend may start hinting that he wants to marry you in chandler\’s fashion too but you have to keep your eyes peeled if something like this happens. However, we are sure about one thing. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is ready, the hints will become frequent in number. 

Memorable proposal ideas: 

Well, we are not an expert like Ross but I can give ideas that would surpass Ross\’s proposal ideas. Proposing is an important thing in your life and a lot depends on it. So making sure that everything is going according to plan is crucial. Here are some of the proposal ideas that will surely blow your mind. 


A romantic date:

Cliche right? But sometimes this classic idea like proposing on a candlelit dinner never fails. You can just take her to her favorite restaurant, pay the waiter to bring champagne and fill it in the glass which has the ring in it already and it will not fail. It has never failed because proposing in front of a whole lot of people you don\’t know takes courage and gives the message that you are not afraid to show off your queen. 


A private long walk:

A beautiful walk right along a river or a beach or that park or that road which is always desolate but brings peace to both of you is the very place you should be proposing your partner.  The idea of surrounded by only yourselves and the love around you is very romantic.

Many people are private about stuff like this and this method of proposing will not fade away. 


Proposing in your favorite spot:

No, we don\’t mean you have to go all Sheldon cooper about this. Every couple has their own spot where they go to after a long drive. A spot that makes them realize the love they possess for each other, where they seek solace. This is the spot that you should choose in order to make it more special. Take her for a long drive and go to that spot. Talk and have fun and in between the conversation, get down on your knees and propose. 

Fun proposal ideas: 

However, if you are more spontaneous and love having fun then these ideas will surely be amazing. 

  • Choose the activity that your lover likes: There must be something that your partner likes, it could be pottery lessons, or it could be learning to play any instruments, it could be painting, it could be anything so you can use this activity as a chance to reconnect with the person to break the news that you want to marry the person. 
  • Take her out in a fair: Take her out to a fair which will make the whole thing more adventurous. There is a child in us who is waiting to be admonished. Let us recreate our childhood memories and make them more special. 

Outdoor proposal ideas: 

There are some proposal ideas that require you to go outside. Here are some of the plans. 

What are things couples should talk about before marriage
  • Take your partner on a tour: There must be someplace where your partner wants to go. It may be Spain or Paris or even Alaska. Take your partner to the place they have always wanted to visit and propose there. It will obviously make it more intimate. 
  • Take your partner diving: Diving has become the trend that everyone is doing to connect with their partner. You can take her to a diving lesson and with the help of the guide propose underwater. Not only is it fun but it will also add another dimension to the whole thing. 

What are things couples should talk about before marriage? 

Suppose your partner has answered your proposal with a yes and you are on cloud 9 but there are so many things that you have to consider and talk about. The things to discuss before marriage are stated below. 

  • Many couples add a prenuptial contract in their marriage to make things more accordingly. But make sure that both of you are onboard. 
  • You have to decide where you are going to live. Your place or her place. 
  • Whether your partner is okay with having a pet. Many times they don\’t approve and we all know how important our pets are. 
  • Who will handle which expenses are another issue? 
  • How many percents of both of your salary are you going to save is another conversation you should have.  

How to casually talk about marriage in front of your parents and friends? 

Now that you have decided everything, it is just a matter of time when you have to let your parents and friends know that you are serious and ready to get married. Here are some of the ways in which you can break it to your parents and friends. 

  • You can tell them upfront that you have proposed and want to get married. 
  • You can throw a party and take the matter into the hand by announcing your engagement to your partner. 
  • You can take your parents and friends along with your fiance to dinner and tell them that you guys are engaged. 
  • A family gathering, let us say Thanksgiving or a Christmas get together or even a festivity where all of you will be together is another opportunity you can use to let your family know. 

All these are very significant things which should be handled carefully. I hope you succeed. 

How To Choose The Right Person For Marriage Discussion 
How to choose the right person?There are so many ways that we have discussed to find the person. 
How to know if you have chosen the right person?It depends on what you think is perfect. Then decide if that person is right or not. 
How long to date before getting engaged?There is no fixed time. It depends on how long you need to process. 
How to talk about marriage before proposing?You should engage freely and boldly. The methods are discussed in length. 
Memorable proposal ideasIdeas that will make the event more memorable are shared throughout. 
What are the things couples should talk about before marriage? In a gist, You have to talk about your plans with your partner and how you are going to share the future. 
How to casually talk about marriage in front of your parents and friends?You have to let them know upfront without any hesitation. We are sure they will be pleased. 


Marriage is an institution that two people share to make sure that their relationship thrives well. It is one of the most important things that makes a life whole – sharing the time with someone whom you love and cherish and want to spend the rest of your life with. We hope you make the right decision and take the bold step toward happiness. Things will happen eventually and easily. 

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