5 Best places for a honeymoon

After walking a loved down the aisle, it is always that time a man and woman in love explored the world. The question is, how would you want to do it and in which places? Often, the immediate activity after a wedding is taking off to a honeymoon destination, together. And with so many breathtaking places in the world where two lovebirds can create long-lasting and wonderful memories, most people get spoilt for choices.

Summer is only a few months away but even with winter entering the home stretch, you can still embark on a honeymoon getaway in style. If you asked us about top destinations, we won’t hesitate to recommend booking a ticket to a place like Portugal given its many beautiful destinations. Maybe you would want to consider a package from the Algarve golf holidays, especially if you love to tee but let’s leave that topic for another day.  Well, we did some homework and sampled the following top places for a honeymoon getaway:

1.     The Algarve

Golf resorts have never disappointed when it comes to providing great vacation packages to honeymooners. In our quest for the best-golfing destinations, we find the Algarve as a top destination in Portugal. In this place, you will not only experience the magic of Mother Nature along the sea but also play golf in one of the most luxurious establishments.

2.     Bali, Indonesia

Bali Indonesia remains a top pick destination for honeymooners. It is always on the radar of would-be bride and bridegrooms looking to spend their nuptials together in a land far away from home. The place is known for its tropical climate, rich culture/art, great music, a rice delicacy, and the best nature has to offer two lovebirds who have just wedded. If you want to have a close shave experience with nature’s best provisions, spending time at any of Bali’s honeymoon villas will not disappoint.

3.     The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is another place that cuts for a great honeymoon destination. From clubs, dining joints, luxurious hotels, and villas, Virgin Islands remains a marvel if you are looking for a breathtaking getaway. New exciting places are set to open in the British Virgin Islands, offering honeymooners a new experience in the coveted Caribbean islands.

4.     Cape Town, South Africa

The African continent has plenty to offer honeymooners looking to create new memories in breathtaking places. After comparing cities and towns in the continent, Cape Town in South Africa caught our attention. You do not need a lot of money to have the best honeymoon in Cape Town, especially when the dollar is still strong against the South African Rand. All you need is booking some of the best resorts and hotels in Cape Town. The good thing about Cape Town is that as you while away your honeymoon days here, you will always wake up to beautiful mornings and picturesque sunsets. The wildlife, mountain peaks, and a wonderful coastline will leave you yearning for more.

5.     The Cyclades in Greece

In the Greek Island of Cyclades, more await honeymooners looking to strengthen their love bond. There are great innings on this island with a good example being the popular Santorini. And if both of you would love to explore nature together, historical ruins in this part of the world will jest up your stay. Luxury Yachts cruises make honeymoons in the Cyclades worth remembering for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

There are many more honeymoon destinations in the world but we tried to sample the best ones for you in this post. Other places like Iceland, Guatemala and the Island of Madagascar also have plenty to offer honeymooners.


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