The trick to attract your soulmate to your life

We all dream of that magical moment when our soul mate crosses our path, just as the movies have taught us! While we can leave everything to fate and allow things to just happen in due course, there are things we can do to attract the love of our lives. You can find ways to find your soulmate.


The trick? Your! If you are one of those who believe in the Law of Attraction, then you will know that you attract what you are and what you think. Your vibes attract similar ones, that is, if you have positive energy, you will attract people with that same essence; otherwise, if you vibrate negatively, you will be surrounded by people with bad energy!

So the advice for your soulmate to arrive earlier than you thought in your life are the following:


See everything around you in a positive way; look for problems in learning, a new opportunity at the doors that close and see each obstacle as a way to overcome. Watch love signs!

Be happy

Laugh, and laugh a lot! Feeling good about yourself and radiating joy in your environment is one of the most effective ways to attract positive people with your same vibrations. Be exactly the kind of person you would like to meet.

Love yourself and value yourself

If to begin with yourself you do not respect yourself or accept yourself as you are, nobody will be able to do it! If your heart is broken, heal it and give it a new opportunity to find love. Reflect on your bad decisions and then leave them once and for all in the past!


Open your mind, your heart, and leave negativity aside! When you least expect it, you\’ll be next to love and maybe your marriage.

But who is the soulmate?

A soulmate is a person who generates a feeling of pure and/or natural affinity. This can be related to similarity, love, romance, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust. And what many do not know is how to recognize having found their soulmate, which according to certain information It could be reduced by 5 criteria detailed below:

1.- Connection, from the first moment they met they were captivated by their way of being or speaking, it was impressive to know him and they felt an inexplicable trust, they feel connected without needing to know him for a long time. For no apparent reason, they manage to understand each other.

2.- The words are not necessary since they can communicate with only looks if when you are talking with him or her they finish the sentences of the other, they are called by phone at the precise moment of wanting to talk and also knows how to respond to your signals emotional (hugs at the right time or simply caresses)

3.- Complementary personalities. Without doubting all human beings we are different, we act and think in different ways, in some cases this can bring us conflicts but when we find our soulmate we complement each other to the point that with only looks we can decipher what we want.

4.-Both feel safe when being together, the relationships between soulmates are usually more intense in a good or bad sense, even in difficult moments of the relationship they seek to solve the problems that may exist to improve and the relationship is not affected by misunderstandings

5.- It is not necessary to force or exercise any type of control over the other; on the contrary, it is free because of the confidence shown by both, it is genuine they do not pretend to pretend or conceal errors, they are shown as they are, they are based on trust making the relationship more solid and lasting.

Sometimes, a ritual can help. Here are what you need to know before doing a ritual:

– Rituals do not work instantly. We have to wait a while for our wishes to materialize.
– You must be an active part of any ritual. If, for example, you want your soulmate to come into your life, you cannot expect that to happen if you do not interact with people or if you are not willing to meet new people.
– Obviously, you have to have faith in them.


There are various rituals to attract soul mates but what we will show below is a simple ritual that can be done by anyone. What is needed is confidence and great love. You can do this ritual wherever you want but it is certainly advisable to do it in a quiet room.

Light a candle (white, red or pink), light an incense (love, sensuality, rose and honey, cinnamon). Pass it over the water, while stirring it with the essence of rose and cinnamon and asking for your wishes.

Save a little of that water and place it in a spray so you can use it daily as a splash or perfume. With the rest of the water make baths without rinsing, always asking for what you want to attract from love and partner.

You can use this bathroom as many times as you want, to keep love and sensuality active. Here is a prayer, which you can do every time you take a bath or put on the splash:

Powerful invocation to attract the Soulmate

Oh God, I know that there is in this world a person that you are reserving for me and that is the Other Half of my Soul. At the bottom of my Soul, I know that person is somewhere at this time. Wherever she is, the Magnetic Force of God\’s Love makes us come irresistibly, infallibly, powerfully and then, there is a harmonious, happy, perfect, divine, successful and blessed union for all. Thank you very much because the Half of my Soul is already in my Life, which harmonizes perfectly in the spiritual, mental and physical. Now I declare that my soulmate possesses the following qualities and attributes: It is spiritual, loving, perfect, happy, tender, prosperous, healthy, handsome, complete, loyal, sweet, playful, romantic, intelligent, successful, strong, confident, creative, powerful, wonderful friend, husband, accomplice and fabulous lover, my ideal companion …

We attract each other irresistibly, love comes into my life and forever.

Say it out loud when you get up and go to bed, with a lot of faith and feeling because that prayer is going to be perceived and felt by the Soul of our Beloved (wherever), they can add whatever they want. It is important that in your spaces you also attract the energies of love.

Light incenses of honey, love, and always remember to make statements that you can read and repeat. I attract love to my life. I love and love me as I am. Love is beautiful and perfect in my life. My partner and I are happy and we love each other. From today I am a loved one. Thank God because I have the perfect partner for me.

Eventually, finding a soulmate is a combination of love, hard work, sacrifice, and luck. You can\’t find your soulmate if you don\’t have one of them.


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