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 Most people spend a lot of time shipping for t-shirts, shirts, cute dresses and all those other things people go ga ga over but most people, at least in a conservative country like India, do not really feel comfortable shopping for lingerie. It is only healthy that every year or two you throw out your set of old lingerie and shop for a set of new ones.

So, this entire ordeal is quite uncomfortable if you\’re shy or lazy. So, with the era of the internet, most people now buy lingerie online. It is much more convenient to shop at home for anything anyway and also it gives you a lot of varieties in one place. It saves you from all the store hopping. Also, the great thing about online shopping is you can put filters.

Like if you want to look for lingerie that has any specific design or you want to look at lingerie that is in your price range and size you can just put a filter for the following specifics and search for the particular style. This way your heart doesn\’t get broken to not get your favorite design in your particular size. There is also a wide range of sizes when it comes to online stores.

A little information about what lingerie i

Think about the first thing you put on after a nice warm shower. After you drop that towel you slide on your lingerie to start getting ready for office. The first thing that you wear in the morning really helps you set the tone of the day. Lingerie should make you feel good after wearing it. It should hold your curved in a position where everything is comfortable, relaxed, and supported. You want your body to feel good for you to look good. Lingerie literally sets your mood for any occasion, be it a date, a formal meeting or a special night. The right pair will boost your confidence and make you feel like you deserve to feel. 

Types of lingerie that you may come across online

  1. Lingerie set- lingerie online shopping will bring you across lace and all the fancy beauty. It is amazing to have one of these matching sets of brassiere and underwear in your closet. You can wear them as a pair for your special occasion or just for yourself to feel amazing or you can mix and match them with others to make it interesting. 
  2. Lingerie costume- this is a little bit fancier than a lingerie set. Usually, they go the best together but if your adventurous there are no restrictions on a mix and match. These are kind of a fare night specials menu and it might make you blush as your partner\’s jaw drops seeing you in them. 
  3. Chemises and babydolls- these are in the sexy nightgown category. They both are pretty similar except their fit. Chemises are snuggly on your body and they fit on you and end around mid-thigh. Babydolls are shorter and have a looser fit around your body. Both of them bring attention to your waist and hips. Babydolls also have extra chest support. These can spice up the lingerie that you already own when you wear it over them.
  4. Bodysuits and teddies- bodysuits and pretty much an alternative to bra and panties. It is one solid piece of cloth from top to bottom that covers all the necessary portions with adequate support and shaping. They can be used as a top over pants and you don\’t have to suffer them coming out of the clean tuck ever. Teddies are a little different usually with plunging necklines and made of materials like lace which is quite restrained to only the bedroom. 

Sum it up 

There are plenty of options and varieties when it comes to lingerie and a lot to play around with. 


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