Long Distance Poems

When one is not here, it becomes a bit rough to go on alone, as the days pass by, it becomes clearer and you understand what needs to be done. A long-distance relationship is not the easiest, especially the working out part. One has to be adamant about what they want and vocal about their needs.

Understanding is the key to keeping the relationship alive. But when it comes to making the long-distance relationship alive, it mainly depends on how much you invest in it, mentally and spiritually.

Many engage in various activities to keep themselves hooked like face timing each other, playing various games over the phone or simply just gossip but for those who have different timing zone, it is different and difficult too. In this case poetry about long-distance love. It is cheesy and classy and keeps it flaming.

How to spice up the romance:


Spicing up the romance when it is a long-distance relationship can be tough and difficult but can be accomplished. This is very easy – just tell your partner what you feel through various methods, it can be through poetry, through letters, through messages, through cards and snippets.

In this article, we will talk about being expressive through poetry. Poetry is extensively the great and only method that expresses love like nothing else. Throughout the ages, many bards have expressed their feelings through poetry and sonnets.

 Many have dedicated a bunch of sonnets to their lovers like Shakespeare, Edmund Spencer, Keats, Browning etcetera. Their sonnets are so expressive and full of love that it is still relevant to this time. You can draw inspiration in reading these sonnets or poems or merely dedicate one of them to your lover. It will surely win them over.

How to compose a poem:


Composing a long-distance relationship poem for her is the best kind of gift one can give. It is not only intimate but also very personal. When you compose a poem for your loved ones, the rhythm, meter doesn\’t matter.

What matters is the words that should resonate with your feelings. Your words and the fluidity of your language and the structuration of the poem should mirror your feelings for your loved one. If it is freestyle, be it. If it is in the blank verse, be it.

 It should convey what you want to express through words and that is why poetry has won so many hearts. Poetry is very intimate and it is so because of the reflection of the closeness that you share with your partner.

You can dedicate these poems too:

Here are some famous love poems which you can dedicate to your partners too. These poems will surely win your lover\’s heart:

  • Shakespeare\’s shall I compare thee to a summer\’s day: This poem is read over and over again and it will never get old. This poem captures the utmost feeling one possesses. You can simply dedicate this poem to your lover or you can write a poem just like this by comparing your lover to something that reminds you of your lover. Just write down what you feel and how that particular object keeps you reminded about your lover in spite of the distance.
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning\’s how do I love thee?: This particular is a love poem for him in a long-distance relationship. This poem speaks of the ways in which she wants to love her lover by imposing that there is no limitation to do so. You can similarly draw inspiration by this particular poem and write one like this, mentioning the ways you want to profess your love for your lover or you can directly dedicate this poem too.
  • Robert Browning \’s meeting at night: this particular poetry speaks of the endeavor one takes to see his lover. A long-distance relationship is tough but if you read this particular poem, it will arouse in you such feelings that will make you realize that every hurdle that you face is worth it.

Other ways to profess your love:

However, there are other ways too in which you can profess your love for your partner which is enough to let him or her know that you have been thinking about him/her.

You can either form certain \’I miss you poems\’ for him from your heart but if you cannot, trust me, a four-lined poem will work wonder too.

 Keep it short, keep it intact, keep it lucid but keep it flowing with feelings and that will be enough to impress your lover. Again, it doesn\’t have to rhyme but it should arrest each and every feeling of yours.


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