What is the marriage compatibility test and how you can do a test?

Marriage is the bond for a lifetime. You get to spend the entire life with the person you love and also wish to meet again in the next births. Compatibility is thus a must-have in a marriage. In many cases where the partners find to be happy with each other end up getting separated for some reason which gone wrong in their marriage.

Both the partners in the marriage must be comfortable and compatible with each other though there are a lot many factors that work to make a marriage a good one. But like the horoscope match or the way we choose to match the zodiacs, marriage compatibility testing is also popular among the young generation.

There is nothing wrong with knowing something about your both together and how your life is going to be after marriage. Though no one can predict the future and everything is still in your hand, but marriage compatibility tests are fund, and you can try that too.


Many times, I have seen a couple who are already married go for marriage compatibility tests inline, to know what gone wrong between them. That’s funny, isn’t it? But still, that is the truth. Many couples take pre-marriage compatibility tests before their marriage and the tests are done based on various factors

  • Zodiac compatibility test: Your zodiac sign says a lot many things about you, and so does that for your partner. If you and your partner have different zodiac signs then needless to say that you both have a different set of personality traits and even though you and your partner have the same zodiac sign and same personality, still you can be incompatible with each other.

Zodiac sign compatibility tests are done online, where you have put both of your zodiac signs in the checkbox and the test result shows how you both will be as a couple. Knowing yourself individually by your zodiac sign is not enough to get married. you can choose the marriage compatibility test through zodiac sign

  • Marriage compatibility by date of birth and time: Your mom must know the date and time of your birth. It is said that you get specific personality characteristics right from your birth according to the position of the stars in the sky and also the sun and the moon influence that. If that is happening for you, the same must be happening with your partner too.

There is nothing wrong with knowing your partner a little more before marriage.

Though we believe that karma makes a person great but taking the marriage compatibility test can help you to get the glimpses of some real-life issues that you might be going to face in the nearest future. Knowing them before your marriage can help you to start working towards the solution sooner.

Compatibility test through astrology
  • Compatibility test through astrology: According to Vedic marriage compatibility, there are 36 guns and the more the gunas match in the partners, the more the couples are said to be compatible with each other after marriage.

Usually matching 18 gunas out of 36 is considered to be the cut off and as the minimum. The Vedic compatibility tests are generally the part of the Arya or the Hindu rituals and done before marriage.

People who do believe in Vedic astrology and compatibility tests also can go for other types of compatibility testing.

  • Compatibility test by name: Many times, the parents choose to name their children with the name they like the most. But according to Vedas, the children\’s names are also finalized according to the letter that is lucky for them based on the positioning of the stars.

Thus, couples are also seen to go for marriage compatibility tests based on the initials of their names or even by their names.

  • Love compatibility quiz: Quizzes are entertaining and the purpose of the quizzes is to know a person’s perseverance or observation about something. In love compatibility tests the quiz is taken to know if the partners who are going to marry each other know each other enough to be happy.

Sometimes a similar and even a different set of questions are asked to the couple, and the partners have to go for the marriage compatibility quiz individually to know if they know each other and are compatible with each other.


There is no scientific reason behind the compatibility test. Marriages do not adhere to compatibility tests and many times; people can act differently than they are predicted to act according to their zodiac sign or astrology reads. No one can ever tell you that you will behave exactly like something or someone when the problems you read about are being faced in real life.


Marriage compatibility tests are nonspecific and are not anything specialized or exclusive for you. You being belonged to a particular zodiac sign ay meet many more people from the same zodiac. But it doesn’t mean that if you are doing extremely good with your partner, all the people from the same zodiac will have the same outlook with the same partner.

But something is always better than nothing. But one thing that you need to realize is that the compatibility tests generally talk about the majority of people and the results are made keeping on mind the majority criteria and things can still be different in your life. You must not start to judge your living or your partner based on the test result.



Nothing can stop you from the right person. As we discussed earlier, your intention and your acts make you what you are. The zodiac compatibility read or the Vedic marriage compatibility tests talk about all the people who belong from the same zodiac sign. But you are a single entity.

Still, there is something that you can consider and start working upon if needed — being belonged to a particular zodiac sign you can attain the set of characteristics like others. You can relate to some of them to be right in your life while you can also find some of them to be not so perfect for you.

A person’s behavior, love life, career, education, achievements, health, finance are some of the factors that we consider knowing before marriage. We are not asking you to believe in something blindly, but if you think that you still got room to change or improve something in you and so your partner thinks then marriage and compatibility tests are just some little reasons and you must do that for a better life.


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