Finding Love: The Top Online Dating Sites of Asia Reviewed


February may be over but love is still definitely in the air. Love shouldn’t have a day in the first place. We don’t have to celebrate it on the 14th of February; we don’t need to express it through flowers and chocolates either. We can give, show, and spread love however way we want and whenever we want! No law says anything against loving people each and every day. In fact, that’s what we should all be doing. We should be showing the world love in the most amazing ways we can.

“Huh. Easy for you to say” is probably what you’re thinking right now.

Well, hold your horses, my dear friend. I apologize for assuming that you’ve found the love of your life already. Even if you haven’t, that’s no reason to be such a Grinch too, you know. Love may not be crawling to your doorstep right now but trust me; it will come knocking soon. If it doesn’t, then maybe you should take the initiative to do the knocking instead! There’s definitely nothing wrong with that. If you want to know what’s stopping you from experiencing love, give this article a quick read later.

Finding Love Is Not Desperation


Yes, you heard that right. I just wanted to make this crystal clear because some people can’t seem to appreciate the idea behind “finding love.”

First of all, finding love is not being desperate. Actively seeking it should not be seen as pathetic or pitiful, or anything like that. It’s bravery. Some people refuse to seek love actively because they’re too afraid to face the consequences of losing it. That’s what real “pathetic” looks like. But for people who actively seek love even after getting hurt so many times, that’s real courage right there. It means that they know how to love right. They accept love as it comes, cry as it goes, and gets back on their own two feet soon after because they know that life doesn’t stop there.

Secondly, finding love is not just about “rushing things.” People will want to find love always – it doesn’t matter if they’re 10, 20 or 50 years old. Someone could be 90-long-years old and still fall madly, deeply, and intensely in love. This is because love knows no age. It defies time and reason. Seeking love is part of human nature so it’s really not about rushing or anything like that. It’s about wanting to connect with someone so that you can become the best person you can be with and without them. It’s about taking care of your heart. And nobody – I repeat, nobody – can ever teach you how to do that.

Lastly, finding love is not about being needy. It’s not about wanting to satisfy your physical desires or fulfil your sexual fantasies. It’s about finding that person you can finally connect with – finding that person you feel your soul become one with. If that comes off as “being needy” to other people, then you have absolutely no reason to explain yourself. Just do what makes your heart feel easy. You don’t need validation from other people to do that.

Now, if you’ve rid yourself of all those baseless hesitations, then it may be time to start finding that perfectly imperfect love. And if you don’t mind me meddling, here are two of the most popular Online Dating Sites largely used in Asia that may just have the person you’re looking for!


I know there’s negative stigma surrounding online dating but some do actually find true love in the online world.  So first off is Tinder. I mean nowadays, who doesn’t know this dating app? There are even so many memes about it. Tinder is an online dating mobile application that is practically used all over the world. It helps you meet people that you can also readily meet in real life! This is thanks to its match-making function wherein it finds suitable partners for you just within your area. You don’t get matched with any random bachelor too; you get matched with someone of your own choice. Tinder shows you a guy or gal’s (or both) simple profile and when you like what you see, you swipe right. If not, then you swipe left. If you swipe right and the person on the other end of the line happens to swipe right upon seeing your profile then you’re instantly matched on Tinder. This gives you the opportunity to chat, call, and exchange information with this newfound (love) interest. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

Asian Dating

\"\"/ is another awesome dating website that specifically caters Asian men and women. Don’t worry; you can still have full access to the website’s features even if you live in the Western part of the world. After all, one can’t deny the charm Asian women and men give off. Not to mention, most of them are very sweet and darling people. Asian Dating has a mobile application as well but you can meet people on their desktop site if that is your preference. There are many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on this website so why don’t you go ahead and check them out? For all you know, forever is waiting for you on-screen.

If these websites don’t feel like your thing, don’t worry. There are still many others. You just have to know how to find the right ones. If you haven’t got a clue where to get started, dating review websites (like the one I linked to just now) can help you find just what you’re looking for.

The online dating scene is pretty big right now and almost everyone is doing it. If you want to join the bandwagon, just make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Sure, some who engage in online dating do it to pass the time and just have fun. However, there are many others who take it very seriously. Mingle around but don’t break any hearts – capeesh?  


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