How to Find Real Love In Best Free Latino Dating Websites

I love you” he says. “I will love only you” he adds.

Then Control A, Control C, Control V. He sends it to many.

Oh, what a world we live in today. It’s as if the word trust has been completely phased out and replaced with hook-ups. Nobody seems reals anymore; nobody seems true. Everyone wants instant affection and has grown impatient of working hard for love.

Lately, I stumbled upon a popular video on my newsfeed. In the video, a very peculiar service has been featured: Cuddling Services. They were literally selling people an hour of doing hugs and spoons for $80 (see video). Can you imagine that? Although I understand the rationale behind it, I can’t quite say that I agree to it. I am completely aware that some people aren’t lucky enough to receive affection on a daily basis and lack the comfort of the human touch. However, I simply dislike the fact that people are now starting to downgrade the sanctity of love and intimacy. If you crave human touch, can’t you just ask from friends and family? I bet that they won’t turn you down. Better yet, work hard for it. Make the effort to connect with people. I think the idea that happiness should always be within reach is ruining the concept of being human. Where did the value of sacrifice go? What happened to the idea of true love?

Please, let us not throw the idea of love away for the mere gratification of the flesh. It’s different when you connect with someone on a deeper level. It’s when you lay your souls bare that you really get to feel emotionally fulfilled. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating online or offline. What matters is that what you have is true.

So you’ve found yourself a Latino boyfriend now, haven’t you?

Well, are you sure he’s really into you? Let’s find out.

5 Signs Your Online Latino Guy Only Has Eyes for You


It’s easy to get infatuated – especially when you’re talking to an eye-popping hottie! Of course, you should never mistake physical attraction to real love. Keeping things shallow is okay, if you both aren’t serious. Problems arise when one falls harder for the other and starts to take everything seriously. So, if you’re this someone, how sure are you that you and your online partner are still on the same page? Do you think he feels as strongly for you as you do for him?

I tell you, it’s going to hurt so darn hard if it turns out that all you have is one-sided affection. It’s better to kill unrequited feelings early before they linger too hard. Always remember that not everyone on dating websites seek genuine love; some (if not most) of them is just there to have a little bit of fun. If your guy exhibits most of these behaviors, then there’s a pretty good chance that the feeling is mutual. If not, well, there’s nothing you can do than to keep yourself from getting cut too deep. Here we go:

1. He Messages/Calls You First – He isn’t afraid or embarrassed to start conversations with you. If anything, it’s something he looks forward to everyday. Men aren’t that hard to read. In fact, even if they don’t generally have a way with words, they’re very transparent when it comes to actions. If he likes you on a romantic level, he’ll show it. If you’re the one who logs in first and searches his name on the homepage, always initiating contact with him, and he never or seldom gives back the favor, then he’s probably not sharing his time just with you.

2. He’s A Fan of Deep Conversations – Men who think that talking about things that actually matter is cheesy or boring is most likely just there to have fun. When you’re talking with someone, you’re 100% sure about and in-love with, no topic is too boring. You connect at a deeper level and enjoy sharing or exchanging your beliefs with one another.   

3. He’s Not All About the Kinky Stuff – Time for some real talk. Romantic affairs will always involve passion. And when you’re dating online, passionate desires are hard to meet. Most couples rely on video correspondence or well, some other things. This is completely natural – human, even. However, if your partner seems to be into these things a little too much than he should then you should really raise your doubts. Doing “things” online is very risky. Information could leak anytime and before you know it, your pride as a woman is put on the line. Someone who truly loves you understands this risk and feels alarmed by it. He won’t have you do things that would potentially damage you publicly.

4. He Enjoys Listening to What You Have to Say – When your partner listens more than he speak and looks at you with such interest whenever you talk about things you’re passionate about, then he’s pretty much head over heels for you. Someone who brags about his greatness and talks about his achievements all the time is hardly the man for you. If you keep going with it, you’ll just be fostering his conceited nature.

5. He Includes You in Future Plans – When “I” becomes “We” and “Me” becomes “Us,” then you’re well on your way to the aisle. It’s hard to maintain a relationship online. It’s twice as hard to imagine yourself marrying and settling down with someone who lives miles away from you. If your partner is confident to take that leap and is even brave enough to plan things out with you, then you bet he’s serious. He’s tired of meaningless games just like you. He’s done beating around the bush. He wants you and you alone. He sees himself making a future with you.

If your man shows all these signs, you’re lucky. Not everyone gets to have that kind of person in their life.  


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