Themes for entertaining Ladies sangeet night.

No wedding is complete without a full package of dances and songs and so keeping this in mind the sangeet night is the most awaiting moment for not only the couple and there families but to all the other relatives and guests who are gonna attend this joyous function. Sangeet night is the night full of fun where the whole space is covered with the simplest means of music, dance and entertainment. This evening can be made splendid only when the function goes in a proper sequence according to time.


The success of the function depends upon the grace of dance performance, selection of songs and most important the coordination of steps. The right selection of songs is also a great deed as it bounds the guest to not to take of their eyes from the set stage. Though this function is very old and common in every wedding season but organizing it in a different and enthusiastic manner depends upon the host of the function. Sangeet night always leave the guest with a sigh of \’AWW\’ and \’AWESOMENESS\’ where they do not stop appreciating the performers. This function has become so auspicious and trendy as well that now in order to make it grand professional dance trainers and anchors are being hired to conduct the whole event.

Some ideas or themes to make this function a wow factor and a moment of immense and electrifying performances are as follows:-

  • Dancing story- The story of the bride as well as groom from their childhood days to their present day could be elaborated through various dance performances in the form of a story from the family members of the couple for this any kind or track could be selected which suits best for the different time periods. The various songs that could be taken up are-
  1. FOR BIRTH- \’yashodha ka nandlala\’, \’choti si pyari si nanhi si\’
  2. FOR KIDS AGE- \’hum to hai andhi\’,\’lakdi ki kathi\’
  3. FOR TEEN AGE- \’disco deeewane\’,\’dil hai chota sa\’
  4. FOR COLLEGE LIFE- \’bachana ae haseeno\’,\’mai tero hero\’
  5. FOR LOVE/ ARRANGED MARRIAGE- \’kya yahi pyaar hai\’,\’enna sonna\’
  6. FOR RASMEIN- \’mehndi lagake rakhna\’.
  7. CENTER OF ATTRACTION BY COUPLE- \’tujh mein rab dikhta hai\’,\’jag ghoomeya\’.
  • Appearance through pictures-It is both through dance and pictures that the guests enjoy to their fullest so it would be great if the sangeet goes on both with the dance and the pictures related to it. The pictures go on asa representation in the background and song along with the dance on the stage.

Different songs related to pictures could be like-

  1. FOR BIRTH- \’mere ghar aayi ek nanhi kali\’
  2. FOR KIDS AGE- \’hum to hai andhi\’
  3. FOR TEENAGE- \’locha-e-ulfat\’
  4. FOR FIRST MEET OF THE COUPLE- \’ dekha hai tumko aaj pehli baar\’.
  • Two states dance theme-It can often happen or be a coincidence that the bride and groom belong from the different states. So keeping a desi theme of the tradition of two states could be an entertaining way as it will definitely involve the emotions and love of two different regions and it will also be a creative way of celebration

1- Gujrati- \’nimbuda nimbuda\’

2- Punjabi-\’ punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi hain\’

  • Awards night theme-When everyone has danced on different  songs indicating a special moment than the night can be enclosed by an awarding ceremony night from the\’drama queen\’ to \’chota kalakar\’ to \’professional dancer\’.
  • Cherry on cake by awaited dancers- A professional dance troupe or gang of singers is something that is always appreciated by the relatives as well as the couple as it brings more stars to the night and will assure your guests to have a blast.
  • Old is gold theme- old is memorable and gold is precious and so this theme is special in its own way where the dance performance takes place in form of old songs-Old melodious singers- old songs always bring back various memories and are such  which relate in oldies and buddies both.Some songs are- \’pyar hua ikrar hua\’.\’tere chehre se nazar ni uthti\’.
  • World of seven vows- Another epic theme could be of world of seven vows which the couple is gonna take in coming time and every dance performance could be arranged according to each vow.

If you find your guests applauding on your dance without forcing them to do so than you have won the task and the hearts of people because it is when they loved you and your arrangements so it is time to pat your back yourselves for the good work done.


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