Significance of Haldi Ceremony in Indian Wedding

It is because of god\’s grace and the destiny that favours that wedding unites two beautiful souls. Unites for a better future,unites to solve the problems all together, unites to give each other company. Marriage not only brings together two people but also two families that promise to keep a never-ending relationship. Wedlock is a socially or ritually recognized union between spouses. Marriage is a great celebration especially in India. Indian traditional weddings are always incomplete if some rituals are left behind. These rituals are related to the old stories and beliefs that differ from region to region and caste to caste. Every ritual has its own importance and aura and one such ritual is a HALDI CEREMONY.

The haldi ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual that is followed in almost all parts of the country and in almost all weddings. It is a ritual that takes place in both the families that is on bride as well as groom\’s side at their homes. This beautiful ceremony gets its name from the usage if turmeric . We very well know that it is a spice which is used in kitchen in order to reflect the beauty and colour of the food prepared. Similarly in order to enhance the beauty of the couple a haldi paste is being prepared for them which is applied over them by the family members and the relatives. Haldi paste not only involves turmeric but also sandalwood powder and rose water to form a smooth and fragrant mixture.


  1. To protect them from evils- It is usually seen that the couple is not allowed to step outside once haldi ceremony ends it is because haldi is said to protect the bride and the groom from any bad curse which may effect their life before the big day.
  2. It is for blessings-It is not only about applying haldi but also about the hidden blessings which the relatives bestow over the couple so that they can have a healthy life ahead.
  3. Purifies the body-Haldi purifies and cleanses the body. It helps to get rid of dead cells and detoxifies the skin.
  4. Alleviate nervousness-This is an additional significance of haldi. It drives away pre-wedding jitters. Curcumin is an antioxidant in turmeric and this works as a natural remedy for the headaches. It relieves all the anxiety on a wedding day and increases immunity.


  • The wedding place can be decorated with flowers. Marigold flowers streamers look beautiful on haldi ceremony.
  • The stage can be decorated with yellow and red curtains floral patterns to accentuate the exact charm of haldi ceremony.
  • The outdoors can be decorated with simple marigold flower streamers with decorative swing. This kind of decoration will surely make haldi ceremony more celebrating and attractive.
  • The stage can also be decorated in traditional manner with vivacious multi coloured patterns velvet stuff cover. This creates an inspiring stage for those couples who are interested in royal wedding ceremonies. This kind of decoration will make the wedding atmosphere exciting and full of entertainment.
  • In order to make the guest understand that they are going to attend a unique and standard wedding ceremony the hallway can be decorated with multi colored and fancy canopies along with floral decoration. This bright colored decoration idea will add an entertaining charm to haldi function.

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Haldi is among the most cherished ceremonies in the indian culture. A lot of teasing goes on around the ceremony along with the build up anticipation of the wedding day. Some of the songs which bring excitement and fun to the ceremony are-

  1. ISKI USKI- It is a light song which will cheer everyone up at the event.
  2. RADHA- It is a light and funny song which tells us about the story of the bride that is about her habits,lifestyle etc.
  3. LONDON THUMAKDA- This is an evergreen song which can be enjoyed with family and friends.
  4. KUDIYA DE VICH- This song can be played at both the bride\’s and the groom\’s side during haldi function. The lyrics of this song compliments the haldi day rituals perfectly.

Every ceremony is a welcome note for the guests so its the duty of the host to make it auspicious for all those who are going to attend this occasion by keeping in the mind the needs and aspirations of the guest. So few tips that could be followed to plan up a haldi ceremony in a better way are as follows-

  1. Plan on the attire you wanna go with- Attire has always been a major part for the bride as well as the groom. But it takes much for the bride to decide that what dress should suit the occasion kept and so according to this occasion the bride can go along with evergreen sarees which may be printed or embroidered or with salwar suit or a simple lehnga. She can also adore herself with jewelleries like kamarbandh ,lots of bangles,head chain,statement necklace etc.
  2. Decoration is the success- Wedding is always accompanied with decorations and not only wedding but also the pre-wedding rituals requires a floor set by the beautiful colours which bring sense of calm and beauty in the environment. So haldi ceremony area could be made lavish with the use of beautiful rangolis, flowers and lights which brights up the atmosphere to a great zenith and happiness.
  3. Food is the ultimate source of impression- Well it is universal fact that the way to someone\’s heart goe to the way to the way of food so if you want your guests to be much impressed by you set your menu accordingly which makes their tongue watery and melts their heart as well.

Once you have been successful in satisfying your guests with the help of food comes the task of making them happy when they are leaving for their homes and so for this you can give them a token of love in the form of flowers or bangles or something which makes their day a well ended one


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