The cutest manner in which you can announce your engagement on Social Media

Did it just happen that your better half just accepted your proposal with a strong “YES”? If this is the case then you must announce that over the Social Media. Do you know The Cutest Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media? If you are in the dark then just continue reading and you will know the ways. The announcement must be special as because it gives your life a turn to the direction you want it to be. Below we discuss some of the ways that you can approach to have the cutest announcement. You can also read our earlier part on Cutest ways to Announce your Engagement on Social Media .

Tell the story of your journey from the time of first meeting to the YES

The best and the cutest form of announcing your engagement is to tell the story of your journey. The journey that you both took from the time you first meet to the day when everything turned YES. Capture photos and include that into the post so that it becomes lively and all can appreciate your way of expression. The pictures that you can add are like those of your better half proposing with a bunch of flowers with the engagement ring in the forefront. If is it is such that you do not have such photos you can tell your story using captions which will make your post to be one which is the cutest and appreciated.

Play with your words to make the announcement

Just saying straight that “I got engaged” does not make it that cutest. Play with your words and make the announcement. Like if you got engaged on Independence Day, then you can phrase your announcement as “Raising flag was not the only thing done today but also the ring that I wear” and it must be accompanied with the picture of your engagement ring. Another way is to add captions like “We are steady as a ROCK” with the picture of the ring of engagement.

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Enact the event another time

It is for sure that when the proposal came and the answer was yes, then you were so excited that you forgot to click a shoot. When everything settled down and you had the romantic candle lit dinner and the engagement ring, enact the moment of the proposal once more. The backdrop should be such that it has the best romanticism that you can think of. Make that picture to be your announcement for engagement.

Make a film about the event of your being engaged

Try making a film or a short video about the event. It must have everything starting from pathos, excitement, songs and obviously the climax with a happy ending. The film should be shot by one who knows a bit and photography so that it can capture the enacted play with professionalism. This will be the perfect and the cutest manner that you can announce your engagement. You will be astonished by the likes, share and comments that you start getting just after you post your post.

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Think out of the box

You must have noticed that whoever announces an engagement the picture of the ring is a must. It is not that you also have to follow that you can definitely think out of the box. You can just post a picture of your hand with the engagement ring on it holding a coffee cup saying “Does this show that I am engaged”. It will make the announcement and at the same time give you the opportunity to show the ring of engagement of yours.


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