The question games for couples that keep the spark alive

If your relationship is a one that is perfect then it will never be stagnant. It will find ways to flow and be better day by day. But it is seen that most couples have the spark faded off after some years of being in a relationship. Is your position such that you have to call your friends to spend an evening as you feel bored with your love? If your situation is such then you can try these question games for couples. They will bring excitement into your life and help you to have the spark alive.

Truth or Dare

This is obviously the best question game that couples can play. This game is played by asking the question “Truth or Dare”? As you ask the question your partner has to narrate or enact a situation which speaks about the truth or which is dared. The game will bring in life into your relationship and you can spend an enjoyable time with your partner. It will also allow you to know your partner better.

Two Truth & One Lie

This is a unique question game that you can play with your partner. In this game you have to tell two truths and one lie about yourself to your partner and ask which one is the lie. Your partner has to identify which the lie is about you. This game will help you to have an enjoyable time and you will not be able to understand that dinner time has arrived. It will also help you to know how much your partner knows about you.

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True and false

This is another game which can be a very great conversation that can be initiated between you and your partner. You have to tell your partner of an event or incident in your life and ask whether it is true or false. Your partner has to identify whether that is true or false as related to your life.

Are You an X or a Y?

This is another question based game that can be played by couples. You need to ask your partner “Are you an X or a Y”, where X and Y can be animals, flowers or anything that you can think about. You partner will have to answer with a choice that he or she wants to be with you. The answers must be with reasons. This is another game that is often played and you will be able to have romanticism by selecting the options in such manner.

What can fit in A X that starts with Y?

This is another cute game that couples can play. The question should be “What can fit in a shoe box and starts with C”. The game can continue till one of you is unable to find such a word. The game can be played for a long period of time and will not make you call your friends to have an enjoyable evening.

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20 questions

This is also a question based game that can be played by couples. Over here one has to think of something and the other player who is obviously your partner has to guess that by asking 20 questions. The game can help you to bring back the romanticism that you are lacking after having the relationship for certain years.

The main purpose of these games is to have fun with your partner and have the opportunity to spend an enjoyable time together. If you wish you can stop the game at any time and discuss pertaining things that came up during the game.

So, select of from the question games for couples and have an enjoyable time.


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