Cutest ways to Announce your Engagement on Social Media

Social media is an instant network platform that allows you to reach all your friends and family at once. So, when something major happens or about to happen, something like let us say getting engaged, you have to look for the cutest, most creative way to post this exciting news with everyone. You don\’t just change your relationship status on Facebook, or just tweeting about it.

So, whether it is getting creative with a prop, caption, or looking for the perfect way to take the photo, you will need to find a fun way to share your engagement with the world. There are various ways to announce your engagement on social media inventively. Check below for lovely engagement announcement ideas:

Hold A Sign

Whether you have a chalkboard or a markerboard, want to print something out, or buy a pre-made sign board online, this is one of the top ways to give out the notice of your engagement. Let your artistic juices run free and look for a clever way to write down the news. Hold the sign, snap a picture, and post it.

Get Creative with A Prop

Using proper recognition takes a little more creative energy, but is completely worth all those \”likes\” you will rack up on Instagram and Facebook. Have a first engagement announcement by snapping a picture with a cute and witty mug or even Scrabble pieces. With this idea, you can take your engagement announcement to the next level.

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Post A Ring Selfie with Him

The perfect way to post a ring selfie and make it personalized is to throw your fiancé in the background. Take a focused pic of your engagement ring and have your lover jumping, smiling, or probably holding a thumb up in the background. This way the ring will be clear and in focus, and your fiancé will be visible, but slightly blurry.  This is a unique and charming flare that will make your ring selfie much more adorable.

Snap a tableau with toys

Using a photographed arrangement of toys or action figures to send the message is a new take on engagement announcements that demonstrate the loving couple engaged in a kiss or toasting with Starbucks cups that display “Mr.” and “Mrs.” How you choose to convey the message to the people is a question of personal style. Childhood toys can be used that have to mean for both of you.

Come Up with A Witty Caption

Simplicity at its finest. Take a mental picture of you and your fiancé with the engagement ring visible and write a funny caption, maybe something like \”see something new?\” We love this simple engagement announcement that is fashionable and gets the exciting news out there. If you just want to post the news right away, this engagement announcement idea is quick, easy, and will permit you to post almost instantly.

Announce It On A T-Shirt

This idea takes a little bit of time but is totally worth it. There are so many shirts online that can be ordered and have friendly and funny text that speaks for itself. Or probably maybe he got you this shirt when he proposed because he knew this would be right up your alley. So, take a quick picture wearing the shirt and post away.

Hope these method help you to announce, if you have another rocking way please share with us in comment. The Author of above article is fabrizio politi .


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