April Fool Pranks for Boyfriend

April 1 or April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day is a day when people indulge in fooling people around them with their jokes and pranks in many countries around the world. The simplest jokes may even turn out to be super laughter. Every year people plan out new pranks for their friends, siblings and partners.you can also read our article Flirty texting games to play with your crush

Here is a list of some hilarious pranks for your partner. Mind it , they are going to work really well.

1. You can try putting poppers under the toilet seat which are available in cute boxes and look like white firecrackers. I bet you can’t even imagine that cute explosion the moment he sits on the toilet seat.

2. You can even go for a food-related joked at midnight when he is not expecting this. You can have some chocolate covered cotton balls or anything funny like thaat.

3. Mind it this one will definitely blow away his mind…how about putting his car for sale for just a day and that too at a very low price so that he will get more and more calls and get confused about the scenario. Put His Car Up For Sale.

4. For some harmless and simple laughter…simply put Googley eyes on his lunch.

5. This is something really funny, try making some changes to his phone like change the ringtone to something weird, which would really look obnoxious during work. You can put random alarms or some alert messages to irritate him the whole day.

6. Try putting some sticky message on his bum when you see him off for office. The message can be “Hit me” , “I love my bum” or other cute funny messages so that everyone who sees it will definitely laugh over and don’t forget to laugh every time you see that sticky note.

7. You ca n bring some special bedtime outfits for him and ask him to wear them before going to bed. It can some pyjamas with cartoon prints or something with holes in it or something ridiculous which will make both of you laugh in the years to come.

8. This will prove wonderful, try replacing some commonly used words with the Microsoft Autocorrect feature with something silly like replacing “the” with “April Fools”.

9. An amazing prank, if you own a second key to your spouses vehicle then simply find it on hi s workplace and try parking it somewhere else or even switching with yours.

10. Switching his drawer : Turn your husbands/boyfriends drawers around so that he is unable to get his things what he is looking for in the morning.

Try out these funny ideas to fool your partner on the April Fools day 2017 and these ideas will definitely make your day funny and full of laughter.You can read our previous post on Flirty, Naughty Texting Games to Have Fun All Night Long. So Enjoy !!



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