Ladies Sangeet Theme & Ideas

The Sangeet, or popularly called the ladies sangeet is the most awaited event in any wedding whether be it small scale or large scale wedding. It\’s a night for absolute fun and enjoyment where everybody joins in to celebrate the joy by means of music, dance & entertainment.

But it takes a lot of effort to make this evening as special as it can be – it takes selection of a good and entertaining theme , selection of songs according to the theme, hours of dance practices and coordination of steps. All these when combine beautifully result into a great event.but most of all is the selection of great songs that is bound to entertain your guests. Even the trends in songs and dance styles have changed a lot but still the basic idea behind this night is to entertain the guests through electrifying songs with desi beats. This is a show where you can include dance by people of all age groups because everyone would love to express their joy with their lovely performances.

Offcourse, its a show for all therefore the Bride and Groom can have some ideas of their own to play. Below is a complete reference to the tips as  But surely the bride would love to bring out a few of your own ideas into play… well, here’s where we help!  Below are a few tips & sangeet night ideas from which you can take some inspiration!

Some Good Themes :-

The Story outline : Performing on songs to form the story of how the couple has met each other. This would serve as a descriptive theme along with some stunning performances entertaining the crowd. This could be a joint event of both the families involved or even it can be a one sided theme, depending upon the bonding of the families.Either way, everyone will have fun, which is the main purpose of a Sangeet. Since its a story form of dances you can chose songs from any era of bollywood which are best suited.

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A Slideshow : Both pictures and music are powerful enough to attract the audiences as they enhance the beauty of the performer. You can perform along with some pictures running as a slideshow in the background. This is an innovative way of presenting both the families and introducing them to the guests. All the guests can\’t keep their eyes off the stage.

A Desi Themed Song & Dance :  This type of theme deends on your cultures like Punjabi , Gujrati , marwadi and so on. All the songs are selected with some desi style perfomances like Giddha , garba, ghoomar etc. To make it even more appreciable by making it a fusion of culture and bollywood so that it wouldnot sound boring.

Ladke wale v/s ladki wale : If both the families wish to celebrate the event together then there can be a competitive sangeet between the Groom\’s family and the Bride\’s family. This is an interesting way to catch the audience\’s attention.

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The Bollywood Dance Songs : This is the simplest and most common way of doing ladies sangeet where everyone dances to their favorite beats of bollywood with extreme enthusiasm. This kind of sangeet involves maximum performances.

An Act or Professional Performance : There are multiple options available from trained classical dancers to bollywood stars. You can add such performances to the event to make it even more enjoyable and memorable.

These are some of the best themes now a days, you can chose any of them and make your event a great success.if you looking uniques ides for welcoming for the baraat ceremony check it.


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