What To Ask In An Arrange Marriage First Meeting [How to Talk]

Being nervous before an arranged marriage meeting is quite normal. As its a point where your life may change completely. Its always better to go prepared. This article basically emphasizes on different aspects of arrange marriage which you need to know beforehand.

List of steps you should follow in First Arranged Date

  1. Give a thought about your expectations – decide on your part the kind of wife you want. Several questions may come to your mind like you want housewife or a working one? Do you want a family oriented and homely wife? Do you want a wife having similar interests as you or the one with opposite preferences?
  2. Refer to the biodata- read the biodata of your potential wife atleast two or three times before meeting. This will give you a perfect picture of her personality, educational qualifications and family background. It also gives you an idea of what questions to ask like What are your hobbies? Tip – Try searching for him/her on Facebook, or on Twitter. It will give you more details about his lifestyle and likings.
  1. Respect for family- respecting the family members is very important. This may vary from family to family. Like in Hindus we take blessings from elders by touching their feet.
  2. Keep nervousness apart and smile – both of you are nervous so make her comfortable and calm by smiling.
  3. Ask simple questions first – you should ask simple questions first like asking her name and then proceeding for some serious questions. This will make her relaxed and she will be able to answer the questions more calmly.
  4. Seeking her opinion on arranged marriage – Ask her if she is interested in doing an arranged marriage or a love marriage. This happens with most girls that they have family pressure to meet a guy. Make her feel comfortable so that she can open up and tell the truth.Read More : What are the best questions to ask a girl while chatting?
  5. Ask her preferences – ask her whether she prefers to be a housewufe or a working woman or she is able to manage in both the roles.
  6. Also ask her whether she likes a joint family or a nuclear family.
  7. You can also discuss her religious faiths if it matters in the marriage.
  8. Discuss about each others hobbies like the interesting ones and the irritating ones too. Many girls say that they don\’t like smokers.
  9. Ask the girl about her whether she is flexible enough to change in the years to come like compromising herself for the family, switching easily between the roles of a housewife or a businesswoman.
  10. Clearing her about the type of clothing your family prefers – girls ask freely how free the family is in terms if clothes. Being honest will help you a lot. So tell her thoroughly about what to wear at home , at social functions and outings.Read More : How to Start Conversation on Tinder
  11. Discussing your income – girls often go to asking how much do you earn. Answer her truly about your income whether it is a fixed amount or profit percentage.Tell her whether its a business or a job.
  12. Never ask her about past affairs or relationships as a lot of girls have a past and they repent for their mistakes so don\’t investigate the past details.
  13. Be clear while explaining the duties you expect from her like those related to your grandparents or parents who need special care if they are having some health issues.
  14. Don\’t make the conversation on sided. Learn to listen first and speak where required.
  15. Don\’t give your agreement in the first meeting instead you should go for two or three good meetings before disclosing the final decision.A lot of girls hide the truth in the first meeting and may open up in the subsequent meetings.
  16. Discuss with family about your views about her and your family\’s views before finalizing the marriage.
  17. Request your families for proper privacy so that you two are comfortable while talking to each other.

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These are some important points that should not be neglected. Hope this article will prove useful for all eligible bachelors.

Good Luck!!!


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