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To impress a girl is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world, unless you look like Brad Pitt. But yes, this is also true that it’s not always about good looks. Wooing a woman is an art. It is a game of charm, intelligence and loyalty. How do some men effortlessly sweep women off their feet? Besides the usual ‘dress well’, listen to her, make her curious rules there are few psychological fundas to impress the girl.

So here are few of those Casanova and James Bond\’s skill to impress a girl:

  1. Play the part of a Casanova throughout the conversation and just once in a while make an overly soppy and sweet gesture. This will make her feel you as adorable. She will be infatuated with your carefree, flirtatious attitude but she will fall for you when she sees a sensitive little heart behind all that rakishness. It will make her want to explore you.

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  1. Taunt her, tease her, and challenge her. Give her something to get back to you, in jest. This will tell her that she doesn’t have you on the hook yet, and she sees a challenge – which all women off course love.
  1. If you understand personality traits well, take some time to understand the woman you are interested in. Observe her, the way she speaks, the things she likes, the things that make her upset, her biggest fear, the things she has probably not even revealed to her friends. And then bingo, tell her that you know about her weakness and understand her. You are suddenly in the friendzone and this will obviously give you a place in her heart.
  1. Make it clear to her you want to be with her but for some reason, it is not meant to be. Show her that you are fighting against all odds and destiny to be with her. As it is always said, women love good challenge.

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  1. Act shy. Women love this type. Now don’t complicate it much, you should not act like socially awkward person. Show her that you are totally in control of yourself and hold the ability to speak your mind in a social situation. In short, when other girls flirt with you in party, act embarrassed.
  1. Act Goofy. Appreciate her if she says something intelligent. Give her the reigns sometimes.
  1. Touch her gently. Of course, don’t graze your hand against her, if you genuinely want her to like you. Don’t go overboard there is a thin line between a harmless sensual touch and an uncomfortable touch that shouts pervert.
  1. When you meet her for the first time, choose an experience that is overwhelming like watching horror movie, visit to an amusement park or even going to a sports club. This will help you make memories with her. This will make her overwhelming and heart – racing experience with you and she is definitely going to love to relive those moments again with you. Obviously a way to confirm second date with her.

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  1. Exhibit your skills in the most subtle way. Girls like boys with skills. Arrange for your date in such a way that allows your skill to be revealed.
  1. Create mystery. Intrigue her. Don’t be too talkative about your personal life initially. Hide a certain part to reveal it accidently to her.

So guys, try these amazing tricks to patofy your girl. Do reply back with the feedback.

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