Unique & Best Ways To Prank Your Boyfriend Over Text [2024]

Are you looking for a playful and harmless way to add a bit of fun to your relationship? Pranking your boyfriend over text can be a delightful way to inject humor and surprise into your daily interactions. Whether it\’s April Fools\’ Day, his birthday, or just an ordinary day when you feel like stirring things up a bit, a well-executed text prank can leave both of you laughing and enjoying the lighter side of your relationship. In this guide, we\’ll explore creative and amusing ideas for text pranks that are sure to get a hilarious reaction from your boyfriend.

From harmless jokes to playful teases, these pranks are designed to be fun, not hurtful, ensuring that your texting shenanigans strengthen your bond rather than strain it. So, let\’s dive into the art of pranking your boyfriend over text, and prepare to share some laughs

So if you haven’t trolled him in a while try one of these 13 pranks of text to create some giggly memories with your boyfriend.
If you’re planning on what to do on the 1st day of April, here’s a guide on April fool pranks for your boyfriend.

Best 13 Ways to Prank Your Boyfriend over Text

Here are some fun and creative ways to prank your boyfriend over text, inspired by various ideas from a wikiHow article titled \”13 Easy Ways to April Fools\’ Prank Your Boyfriend Through Text\”:


1. The Long Typing Prank

Start typing a message and leave it at that. The anticipation of a long message will keep him on edge.

2. The Pet Adoption Announcement

Send a text like, \”I may or may not have bought a puppy\” or \”Get ready for some kitty cuddles when you get home!\”

3. Hair Color Change Shock

Pretend you\’ve drastically changed your hairstyle or color. Send a text like, \”I dyed my hair🤪 Promise you’ll be honest?\”

4. Fake Schedule Change

Text him about a significant event (like a speech or test) being rescheduled to today, causing a momentary panic.

5. The Big Mistake Confession

Send a text implying you\’ve made a huge mistake, like \”I can’t believe I just did that 🙃\” and then reveal something trivial.


6. Social Media Faux Pas

Pretend he made a social media blunder, like \”I can’t believe you just posted that.\”

7. Song Lyrics Confusion

Send him a series of song lyrics, line by line, to confuse him.

8. Fake News Alert

Create a silly, made-up news headline and send it to him, pretending it\’s real.

9. Upside-Down Texts

Use a text-flipping app to send messages upside down, adding to his confusion.

10. Cat Facts Subscription

Pretend he\’s been subscribed to hourly cat facts.

11. The \’Nude\’ Picture Trick

Build up anticipation as if you\’re sending a risqué photo, but instead send pictures of nude-colored lipsticks.

12. Impersonate His Mom

Text him pretending to be your mom, expressing disappointment, or asking awkward questions.

13. Surprise Parent Visit

Pretend your parents are about to visit him unexpectedly.

Here Are More Prank Messages:-


1. Text him “That it’s not working between both of you and going forward you two don’t know each other.”

2. You are in a market and just met your ex-boyfriend, he grabbed your hand and kissed you.” This might lead to breaking the bones of your ex but yes this will certainly bring you guys closer by making him a little more possessive.

3.You are on a trip to Goa with (his) best friend.” You can change the place according to your preference.

4. “You are in a hotel partying with friends, destroyed hotel property call him on an urgent basis”. Don’t forget to text him the hotel address. You can enjoy a meal with him while planning this.

5.You are pregnant for 2 months”. If you guys are planning to get married this might make him a little emotional but you can certainly enjoy it even if it is the case.

6. This text is from his best friend\’s number “I slept with your girlfriend, I feel guilty about it and I am feeling like an asshole.” This is certainly going to nail the situation so make sure he is not into his important work.

7. The softest blast “I am not fully honest with you”.

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