12 Top & City\’s Most Captivating Atlanta Wedding Venues

Atlanta, a city where Southern charm blends seamlessly with modern sophistication, offers a picturesque backdrop for the most romantic day of your life. Known for its rich history, lush greenery, and vibrant culture, Atlanta is not just Georgia\’s capital but also a coveted wedding destination.

From the grandeur of historical mansions to the elegance of contemporary lofts, this city presents an array of venues that cater to every couple\’s dream.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the heart of Atlanta\’s wedding scene, exploring venues that are as unique and diverse as the love stories they celebrate.

12 Iconic Atlanta Wedding Venues

Discover Atlanta\’s Top 12 Iconic Wedding Venues, a blend of historical elegance, modern sophistication, and natural beauty. From the timeless allure of the Swan House and Callanwolde Fine Arts Center to the urban chic of St. Regis and Loews Atlanta Hotel, each venue offers a unique backdrop.

Explore tranquil gardens like the Atlanta Botanical Garden, artistic spaces like the High Museum of Art, and the mesmerizing Georgia Aquarium, ensuring every couple finds their perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration.

Historical Venues: Mansions And Plantations

In Atlanta, the allure of history is vividly alive in its majestic mansions and sprawling plantations, serving as enchanting venues for weddings. These historical treasures blend elegance and tradition, offering a timeless backdrop for your special day.

Imagine saying your vows under the ancient oaks of a grand mansion, each corner echoing stories of the past, or amidst the serene beauty of a plantation, a testament to Georgia\’s rich heritage.

These venues are not just locations but gateways to a bygone era, providing a picturesque and profound setting that weaves the charm of the Old South into the tapestry of your wedding narrative.

1. Swan House At The Atlanta History Center


The Swan House at the Atlanta History Center is an iconic and historic venue, perfect for hosting a memorable wedding ceremony. This Atlanta landmark, built in 1928, is renowned for its majestic cascading fountains and elegant lawns, offering a stunning backdrop for your special day.

While receptions are not allowed inside the mansion due to its status as a historic house museum, the Swan House Gardens are available for evening events, providing a picturesque outdoor setting. The lawns can accommodate a wide range of guests, making it versatile for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Type: Historic House Museum and Gardens
  • Address: Atlanta History Center, 130 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305
  • Phone: 404.814.4090
  • Guest Capacity: 50 to 750 guests
  • Catering: Not specified, external catering likely required
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies, social gatherings
  • Pricing: Not specified on the website, but external sources suggest a cost around $12,500 for hosting a wedding

For a detailed site tour or to book your event, contact the venue at PrivateEvents@atlantahistorycenter.com.

2. Callanwolde Fine Arts Center


The Callanwolde Fine Arts Center offers an elegant historic estate for a truly memorable wedding day. This venue features a 27,000-square-foot mansion surrounded by mature trees and beautiful gardens, creating a dreamlike setting.

The mansion itself showcases old-world craftsmanship with walnut floors, paneling, 12-foot ceilings, and a grand staircase.

The solid limestone archway leading into the great hall adds a touch of grandeur. The outdoor area includes terraces, a fountain, sprawling lawns, and formal gardens, making Callanwolde one of Atlanta’s most unique wedding settings.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Type: Historic Estate and Arts Center
  • Address: 980 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
  • Phone: (404) 872-5338
  • Guest Capacity: upto 200 guests
  • Catering: Not specified, external catering likely required
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: $5k – $7k (For 100 Guests)

3. Barrington Hall


Barrington Hall, a premier wedding venue in Atlanta, epitomizes the Greek Revival architecture and Southern elegance. Constructed in the 1840s, this historic mansion is a treasure trove of history, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that create a serene and picturesque setting for weddings.

Known for its antebellum charm, Barrington Hall offers a unique blend of historical significance and Southern hospitality, making it an ideal choice for couples who desire a wedding with a sense of timelessness and grandeur. The spacious outdoor grounds and the mansion\’s impeccably preserved architecture serve as a magnificent backdrop, perfect for both wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Couples choosing Barrington Hall will find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of refined elegance, where every corner tells a story, making their wedding not just an event, but a part of Atlanta\’s rich heritage.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Type: Historic Mansion
  • Address: 535 Barrington Dr, Roswell, GA 30075
  • Phone: 770-640-3855
  • Guest Capacity: upto 50 guests
  • Catering: Not specified, external catering likely required
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: Not specified

Modern Elegance: Hotels And Urban Spaces

In Atlanta, the modern and sophisticated wedding scene thrives in its hotels and urban spaces, offering contemporary chic with a blend of luxury and convenience. The city\’s hotels boast luxurious ballrooms and rooftop terraces with stunning skyline views, embodying modern elegance for a stylish and seamless celebration.

Meanwhile, urban lofts and studios provide a unique setting for those desiring a modern, artistic vibe for their special day. These venues, often characterized by exposed brick and open layouts, merge industrial charm with contemporary style, making them perfect for weddings that step away from tradition and embrace the urban sophistication of Atlanta.

4. The St. Regis Atlanta


The St. Regis Atlanta, located in the affluent Buckhead area, is a luxurious 4-star hotel offering an unrivaled experience for weddings. Known for its AAA Five Diamond rating, the hotel boasts re-imagined guest rooms and suites with residential polish. The Maisonette adds contemporary meeting and event space to its impressive offerings.

The resort-style Pool Piazza and exquisite dining options enhance the experience. The St. Regis Atlanta is celebrated for its luxury, resort-style amenities, opulent accommodations, and anticipatory service, making it one of the most sought-after venues for a one-of-a-kind wedding. The indoor and outdoor wedding venues are befitting of Buckhead\’s status as one of the country\’s most affluent communities.

More Information:

  • Rating: AAA Five Diamond
  • Type: Luxury Hotel
  • Address: Eighty-Eight West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 30305
  • Phone: +1 404-563-7900
  • Guest Capacity: 700 to 1200 
  • Catering: Available on-site
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: Not specified 

5. Loews Atlanta Hotel


Loews Atlanta Hotel in Midtown Atlanta is a stylish and sophisticated venue for weddings, where Southern hospitality meets modern elegance. The hotel features the Mercer Ballroom overlooking Piedmont Park and a 14th-floor Terrace with breathtaking Midtown views, providing a variety of settings for your celebration.

Loews Atlanta is equipped to host Southeast Asian weddings, offering customized catering to fit all needs. The venue\’s multiple ballroom spaces feature floor-to-ceiling windows and can accommodate over 500 guests, making it ideal for both intimate and grand weddings.

The hotel\’s luxurious accommodations include 414 rooms and 44 suites, ensuring a comfortable stay for you and your guests.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Type: Hotel
  • Address: 1065 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30309
  • Phone: 404-745-5000
  • Guest Capacity: 500+ guests
  • Catering: Customizable, including options for Southeast Asian weddings
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: $229 per night 

6. Terminus 330


Terminus 330 is a captivating wedding venue in Atlanta, ready to bring your dream ceremony and reception to life. Known for its flexibility and first-class service, this venue offers exclusive customization to match your vision. The warm backdrop of 110+ year exposed brick and hardwood floors provides a unique and charming setting.

Terminus 330 can accommodate various group sizes, budgets, and styles, ensuring your wedding day is as unique as your love story. The venue is conveniently located within walking distance of many of Atlanta’s famous landmarks, making it an ideal spot for hosting out-of-town guests.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Type: Event Venue
  • Address: 330 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA
  • Phone: 678-956-7957
  • Guest Capacity:
    • Ceremony: 200
    • Seated Dinner: 160
    • Cocktail Dinner: 200
    • Cocktail Hour: 160
    • Rooftop: 80
  • Catering: Customizable options available
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: Custom packages available; contact for details

Natural Beauty: Gardens And Parks

In Atlanta, the tranquil and romantic settings of garden weddings showcase nature\’s own decor, with vibrant blooms in spring and rich hues in fall, offering a breathtaking and intimate atmosphere.

Similarly, park venues provide an ideal backdrop for those dreaming of an outdoor wedding, where lush greenery and open spaces create a relaxed and refreshing ambiance.

These natural settings are perfect for day-to-evening celebrations, allowing the beauty of nature to play a central role in your special day.

7. Atlanta Botanical Garden


The Atlanta Botanical Garden offers a serene and picturesque setting for weddings, surrounded by nature\’s splendor. Known for its vibrant floral displays and lush landscapes, the garden provides a romantic backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions.

With various outdoor spaces, each offering its unique charm, the garden is ideal for couples seeking a natural and tranquil atmosphere for their special day.

The beauty of the gardens and the tranquil environment make it a sought-after venue for those wishing to celebrate their love amidst stunning natural scenery.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Type: Botanical Garden
  • Address: 1345 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30309
  • Phone: 404-876-5859
  • Guest Capacity: Varies by event space within the garden
  • Catering: Not specified, external catering may be required
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions

8. Piedmont Park


Piedmont Park in Atlanta offers three exquisite venues for weddings, each with its unique charm and beauty. Magnolia Hall, a premier event facility, features Mission-style lantern chandeliers, exposed rafters, oak paneling, and polished concrete floors, creating a warm and unforgettable ambiance.

It seats up to 150 guests for buffet and station-style dinners and up to 200 for cocktail-style receptions. Dockside provides a secluded setting with Lake Clara Meer as a backdrop, accommodating up to 250 people, mainly outdoors.

Greystone, with its original granite walls, offers a fairy tale setting with 32′ wood-beamed ceilings and polished concrete floors, seating up to 200 guests for buffet and station style dinners and up to 300 for cocktail style receptions.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.8/5 
  • Type: Park and Event Venues
  • Address: 1320 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306-3440
  • Phone: +1 404-875-7275
  • Guest Capacity: Varies by venue; up to 300
  • Catering: Not specified, external catering likely required
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: $1,600–4,000 for an 8-hour reservation (it varies acc to the hall)

9. Cator Woolford Gardens


Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta is a hidden gem, offering a serene and picturesque setting for weddings. Nestled in the historic Druid Hills neighborhood, these gardens provide a secluded and intimate atmosphere, surrounded by 40 acres of forested land.

The venue is known for its Italian-style columns, elegant staircases, and beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a perfect backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions.

Ideal for couples seeking a tranquil garden setting, Cator Woolford Gardens combines natural beauty with refined elegance, making it a sought-after location for those wishing to celebrate their love in a peaceful and enchanting environment.

More Information:

  • Rating: Not specified
  • Type: Garden Venue
  • Address: 1815 S. Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
  • Phone: Not specified
  • Guest Capacity: Not specified, suitable for both intimate and large weddings
  • Catering: Not specified, external catering may be required
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: Not specified on the website

Unique Choices: Museums And Unconventional Spaces

In Atlanta, Unique Choices: Museums and Unconventional Spaces offer distinctive wedding venues, blending culture and elegance. From the artistic ambiance of museums like the High Museum of Art, to the industrial chic of reimagined warehouses, these venues provide unique backdrops.

Rooftop venues offer breathtaking city views, while historic theaters add a touch of dramatic flair. The Atlanta Botanical Garden uniquely combines natural beauty with artistic installations, offering more than just a traditional garden setting.

10. The High Museum Of Art


The High Museum of Art in Atlanta stands as a premier venue for weddings, offering a blend of world-class art and modern architecture. The Museum’s Richard Meier building, with its dramatic, light-filled Robinson Atrium, provides an elegant space for special occasions.

The fan-shaped glass ceiling, granite floors, and a four-story ramp leading to the permanent collection galleries add to its allure. The Weiland Pavilion Grand Lobby, designed by Renzo Piano, features hardwood floors, eighteen-foot coffered ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering grand views of the campus and piazza, surrounded by Midtown Atlanta.

This venue is perfect for couples seeking a unique and artistic setting for their wedding.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Type: Museum
  • Address: 1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States
  • Phone: 404-733-5249
  • Guest Capacity: upto 300
  • Catering: Exceptional dining options available
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: $10,700 – $14,450 approx

11. The Fox Theatre


The Fox Theatre, a historic and iconic venue in Atlanta, offers a majestic setting for weddings. Known for its opulent interiors and rich history, the theatre provides a unique and dramatic backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions. With its elaborate architecture and luxurious decor, it creates an unforgettable atmosphere for a grand wedding.

The Fox Theatre is renowned for its stunning visual and acoustic excellence, making it a favorite among couples seeking a venue with character and elegance.

More Information:

  • Rating: Not specified
  • Type: Historic Theatre
  • Address: 660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • Phone: 855-285-8499
  • Guest Capacity: Varies depending on the space used within the theatre
  • Catering: Not specified, external catering likely required
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: $600–1,100/event

12. The Georgia Aquarium


The Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta, GA, offers a unique and mesmerizing wedding venue, creating a splash among guests. With its stunning combination of marine life and versatile event spaces, the Aquarium sets the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

Couples who choose the Georgia Aquarium for their wedding will enjoy the backdrop of living gallery walls and the expertise of Wolfgang Puck Catering to reflect their love and personality. Whether planning an intimate vow exchange or a large celebration, the dedicated event professionals at the Aquarium collaborate to create an unparalleled wedding experience.

The venue\’s aquatic viewing windows provide a captivating backdrop for guests, and the partnership with Wolfgang Puck ensures a personalized menu of delicious dishes.

More Information:

  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Type: Aquarium
  • Address: 225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, United States
  • Phone: +1 404-581-4000
  • Guest Capacity: Accommodates intimate to large celebrations
  • Catering: Wolfgang Puck Catering available
  • Suitable For: Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Pricing: $4,000 – $25,000

Venue Selection Tips: Matching Your Style

  • Reflect Your Personality: Choose a venue that mirrors both of your personalities. Whether it\’s a cozy garden, a sleek modern space, or a historic mansion, ensure the venue resonates with your personal style.
  • Consider Your Theme: Align the venue with your wedding theme. Rustic, elegant, bohemian, or classic – the venue should complement and enhance your chosen theme.
  • Guest Comfort: Think about the comfort and accessibility for your guests. Consider factors like parking, accommodation options nearby, and the venue\’s capacity to comfortably host your guest list.
  • Photography Opportunities: Look for venues with picturesque spots or unique features that can serve as stunning backdrops for your wedding photos.
  • Flexibility and Services: Check the flexibility of the venue in terms of catering options, decoration policies, and availability of essential services like lighting and sound systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Should I Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Atlanta?

Ans: Consider the venue\’s capacity, accessibility, alignment with your wedding style, and catering options. Early booking is recommended for popular locations.

Q2. Can I Host Both My Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue in Atlanta?

Ans: Many Atlanta venues accommodate both ceremonies and receptions, offering convenience and simplified logistics. Confirm availability and transition plans with the venue.

Q3. How Far in Advance Should I Book a Wedding Venue in Atlanta?

Ans: Book your Atlanta wedding venue 12-18 months in advance, especially for peak seasons, to secure your preferred date.

Q4. Are Outdoor Wedding Venues in Atlanta Suitable Year-Round?

Ans: Outdoor venues are suitable most of the year, particularly in spring and fall. Have a weather contingency plan for summer heat or unpredictable winter conditions.


In conclusion, Atlanta offers a diverse array of wedding venues, each with its unique charm, catering to a variety of styles and preferences. From historic mansions and modern hotels to lush gardens and unique cultural spaces, the city\’s venues provide the perfect backdrop for every couple\’s dream wedding.

Early planning, considering guest comfort, and aligning with your wedding theme are key to selecting the ideal venue for your special day in Atlanta.

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