The Complete Guide To Designing Elegant Wedding Invitations

Everyone perceives elegance in a different way. What may be elegant and dainty for one, maybe too boring for another? But, in a broader way, elegance personifies classy, minimalistic, and beautiful. So, if you are seeking some information on how to design elegant wedding invitations, then you must read further below.

Tips to Design an Elegant Wedding Invitation

  • Pick The Right Colour Tone

When you want to design an elegant card that is also the latest and trending, a good tip is to choose a colour tone that is the trending colour of the year. For example, lilac is the trending and hottest shade of 2022. So, a good idea would be to choose lilac as your main card colour and then use other matching shades for the font and design.

Adding a dash of dark purple along with lilac may be too bold for some. But, it just adds that bit of drama that you need to make your card stand out. Perhaps a dark purple insert of your bachelorette invite in the middle of your wedding card will do the trick. You can also choose a dark purple font on a lilac background. You can also go in for a dark purple or violet envelope. This way, you can choose the shades of the same family to design an elegant card.

If your theme is pastels and you have chosen lilac as the main colour theme, then mix it with whites or pastel pinks to create an elegant card.

  • Go Minimalistic

Remember not to have too lengthy content in your wedding card. None of the guests would like to read stories on an invite. Keep the wording simple and meaningful. Perhaps, you can add a quote somewhere in the middle to add more meaning to your wording. Do not add a lot of design, as it takes away the emphasis from the words.

Minimalistic can also have varying degrees depending upon your budget and number of events. If you have three to four events in your wedding function, you will need to add an insert for each event. But the inserts can be quite simple, matching the colour and just stating the time, theme, and date of the event.

  • Choose The Wordings Well

Put a lot of emphasis on the wording. You can take inspiration from minted wedding cards where designers from across the globe share their ideas. You can also take inspiration from other cards on the internet. Some elegant wedding cards only mention the names of the bride and groom who are to be bound in a sacred marital bond forever.

An elegant wedding card skips unnecessary wordings and only mentions the date, time, theme, dress code, RSVP, etc. in bold. A wedding card’s most important symbol is the ampersand which is included in between the bride and groom’s names. This is often the main attraction of the wordings. There are different calligraphy fonts and designs of ampersands that you can find online.

  • Add A Photo Keepsake

If you want to let the guests know who the bride and groom are, you can include a photo. A photo card is one that has a beautiful picture of the bride and groom. The picture is in dull or muted tones. The wordings are written on the picture.

This becomes a photo keepsake for the guests as well as for the couple. This photo can be always cherished as a beautiful reminder of the wedding. These photo keepsake cards look quite elegant when matched with a lovely colour theme and wordings.

  • High-Quality Paper

Finally, once you have decided on the image, design and wording of the wedding card, what remains is the paper. Nothing adds more elegance to a wedding card than the paper quality. Ensure that you use high-quality paper that feels elegant and rich to look at.

You can choose glossy or hand-paper if you want to go eco-friendly. But, it should look good and feel great when held in the hand.

These are some useful tips to keep in mind when designing elegant wedding invitations. If you want a professional company to design your invitation card, you can try Pietra paper design. They excel in all kinds of wedding invites including anniversary, birthday, and thank you cards.


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