How will be life after 3rd wave of COVID 19?

It was the beginning of 2020 when the world was introduced to a virus named Coronavirus or COVID-19. Since then, nothing is normal, the virus from initially being called flu initially became deadly and fatalcausing 5 million people to lose their lives worldwide. Since World War II COVID-19 was the major event accounting for such a large number of deaths. The virus was unanticipated for every one of us, even the scientists.


 Even the developed nations who had well-equipped health infrastructure looked hopeless. Common man’s life was struck hard leading to mass unemployment and confinement. Empty roads, no cars running, people locked in their homes and all such things were only seen in movies but after COVID-19 it became the reality of the world. 

First Wave

Nations imposed total lockdown shutting down all the factories, businesses, schools, colleges and offices. This left millions of people with no jobs or a reduction in salaries, making it harder for them to run their families.Those who were involved in desk jobs were fortunate enough as their job was secured but the workforce was shifted to homes. This trend continues even today as experts are of the view that ‘Work From Home’ must stay even after the pandemic. 

The hospitality, tourism and entertainment sector were the worst affected. Countries closed their airspace for further notice and banned the arrival of foreign flights.Education too was shifted to the digital medium with extensive use of electronic gadgets.The personal life of people was destroyed, the tension of EMIs, loans and expenses lead to an increase in suicides. Depression and mental health emerged as the second most thing of concern. In such situations even when the partner is together, sexual pleasure was difficult to attain. This increased the sales of pills like Cenforce 100 or Vidalista 20 mg

You could say the world was witnessing a new phenomenon and all of them at the same time. Scientists all around the world were working 24*7 to invent vaccines as soon as possible. The efforts of these scientists, medical and sanitation workers areapplaudable. A year passed and 2020 arrived the daily cases began dropping. Nations slowly lifted their restrictions allowing public events under strict protocols. The public too thought of going back to work and other activities. But the happiness was short-lived because almost at the same time from February to May the daily cases shot up again. This was termed the second wave of COVID-19. 

2nd Wave

This time it was more deadly than ever, more than a million cases were recorded daily. Scientists said that the virus has mutated which has increased its ability to spread. Not even masks and sanitisers were sufficient, people wore multiple masks and sometimes PPE kits. It was the replica of what happened during the first wave. Jobs lost, factories shut, flights shut, offices and schools closed etc. But this time as leaders of the nations gained some experience from the earlier wave, therefore, the total lockdown was prevented. This move proved to be a more stable and suitable one. Scientists were almost on the way to releasing vaccines. Reports of vaccines going on trial were always on the news. This gave hope to the people that this time it will be the end.

Today we are in the post-second wave stage. Vaccines have been distributed to most parts of the world. India has already vaccinated more than 1 billion doses. The return to normalcy has begun with schools and colleges opening. Manufacturing has begun like earlier days; the economies of countries have gained strength from the pandemic levels. India’s GDP grew by more than 20% in the recent quarter. This gives us the hope to make an apparent conclusion that we have won COVID-19. But scientists and doctors partially confirm the statement with several conditions. Medical experts are of the view that the virus cannot be eliminated immediately, instead, we must learn to live with it and consider it the new normal. 

3rd Wave

The virus is mutating and will continue to mutate in the future. Recently the delta variant of COVID-19 was detected in England and some European countries. Scientists are of the view that there could be a third wave too. But wait, do not get depressed because scientists have proposed that the existing vaccines are enough to tackle any new mutations and survive the 3rd wave. They claim the 3rd wave to be the least deadly. More cases will be recorded due to enhanced ability to contract but deaths will be very much less. World leaders also seem to be following the same stance if looked at their policies. 

Countries are giving priority to vaccination programmes to ensure the safety of their citizens.In the 3rd Wave, you must expect not to lose your job and the education of your child might continue in schools and colleges. But to ensure that 3rd wave does not lead to the havoc it is the duty of every human to get vaccinated as soon as possible or use Kamagra Oral Jelly at Powpills.


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