Writing a perfect wedding speech

How to write a wedding speech is a question asked by many people. This is because a good speech is the key to any kind of celebration. There are several ways on how to write a speech, but there is only one sure way on how to do it right – be sincere in whatever you are planning to say. Because if you are not, you will end up saying some dull and basic stuff no one will be interested in. Here are a few tips from Write My Speech experts on writing a speech that will surely wow your guests.

Collect information

Start by collecting the whole material together. It is quite natural for us to be nervous when we have to face our guests. The best and the most helpful way to get rid of these feelings is by gathering the material needed for your wedding speech before you actually go to the church or reception site. In other words, write down all the things you need to write your wedding speech. This is better if you start making the speech on paper before actually presenting it to your audience.

Focus on the message

When you have all the materials needed for your speech ready, the next step of writing a speech is to focus on what you want to say. You should write down the basic thoughts that you would like to share when you are delivering a wedding speech. Focus on the message you want to convey with the people who are listening to you. By the time you are done with the writing part, you will be fully aware of the content of your speech.


After a while of practicing on paper, you will feel more confident enough to deliver your wedding speech. Practice makes perfect. You can take someone along with you who is knowledgeable with speech writing. Have them guide you through the whole process. This is helpful especially if you are not confident about your wedding speech. 

Take it a look from aside

A great tip in learning how to write a wedding speech is to ask someone else to read your speech out loud to you. Reading your prepared speech out loud will help you get over stage jitters. This will also show the audience who you are and what kind of person you really are. If they like your speech, they will be more than willing to listen to you.

Enjoy it!

A wedding speech does not only include what you will say but also the way you say it. The use of humor should be integrated to create a good mood. It should be short and to the point. Do not be so nervous that you fail to have fun. Be open and enjoy giving your speech.


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