Latest Ideas on Bridal Room Decoration

I am sure every one of you must have thought about this day of your life since you were a teenager.  After all it is the most memorable day of your life when you start a new journey of your life with your partner. After the party is over, the guest has left with fond memories in their heart whereas on the other side the two love birds get hitched together for life officially.

The guest may call it just a night but for the newlyweds, it is something that they were always looking forward to, after all, it’s their first night together as partners. Not only the couple but the family too wants to welcome newlywed love birds with amazing surprises on their first night. So are you among those family members who are looking for some amazing wedding night decoration ideas to make the first night special and memorable for the couple? Then don’t worry at all because we have got all for you. Scroll down to get some amazing ideas to welcome your bride to her new room:

  • Champagne and Fruits on the wedding couple’s Bed: After a whole long tiring day, the couple must be looking for some refreshment on their bed. This is the best way to provide refreshment to them as it looks classy and both newlyweds get a chance to celebrate among them. You can leave a bottle of Champagne, two long-stemmed glasses, and a platter of fruits and chocolates. Also, don’t forget to decorate the room with rose petals to give that romantic feel.
  • The Graceful Swans: This idea is very common now-a-days. Swans are considered the most beautiful birds and not only that, swans are sacred to the Greed Goddess of Love and beauty, Venus. The two swans can be shaped out from a towel and are placed in the middle of the bed surrounded by the petals of roses. This idea will bring passion in the new couple. 
  • Romantic Bath for the two: After a long day, anybody out of the both partners is hardly in a romantic mood. But to wash off their tiredness, you can plan for a romantic bath for the two. This is not much difficult as all you have to do is draw up a warm bubble bath, spread some candles and flowers all around the bathtub and also don’t forget to place a bottle of wine as well. This will please both the partners and they will not forget to say thanks to you in the morning.
  • Cute Flower and Candle Carpet: This is one of the most beautiful wedding bedroom decorations with flowers and candles. This is perhaps an awesome way to welcome your bride and make her feel like a princess or not less than any celebrity. This will bring in the feeling of royalty as the soft petals of roses will touch their soles. The candles that are to be placed on the path of roses will bring an amazing lightening feeling and both of the partners could not resist the Charm of each other in such a romantic situation. 
  • Barn Lights and Pillows: This idea is not particular for rooms only but something that can be just done on the terrace two between the beautiful lightening of stars. The soft and cozy pillows placed on the bed will soon make the lovers to chat and much more. The barn lights make the whole scenario different with its beautiful lightening. 
  • Bridal Room decoration with flowers and candles: It sounds a bit old but never out of trend idea to decorate a room for the newlyweds. You can always show your creativity with these flowers and candles. You can arrange the flowers and candles on the bed or floor in the shape of a heart to show and spread some love towards your beloved partner. Wedding bed decoration with flower images is given below, refer to them if you want to create some beautiful room for the newlyweds. 
  • European Wedding room Decoration, Canopy with Exotic Orchids: This is Different idea from all of the above. If you want to decorate the room by this, then all you need is a perfect white fabric to drape around the bed and a bunch of orchids to add up energy and awesomeness to the room. This idea will surely bring relaxation to the tired eyes of the newlyweds after the whole long day. 
  • Traditional way to decorate room with Sultry candles: Not everyone is blessed with the art of creativity but don’t worry we have another ideas for you that will look equally beautiful and amazing. The few candles that are lit up in the room will provide glow in the whole room. If the couple loves hookah, then you can add hookah, exotic lanterns and glasses with these candles. The passion inside the couple will sure burn as bright as these sultry candles will be burning in the room. 
  • Colorfully set Wedding night decoration: If your bride loves colors then this can do the best for you to welcome her to her new place. This will surely bring colors to the happily married couple, after all that is all needed to start a new journey with your partner. Try to spread different colored flowers in the room and use colorful bed sheets to add some more colors to the room. 
  • Moroccan Style wedding room decoration: This idea is perfect to enjoy in the summers on the terrace under the beautiful stars. You can bring the exotic colors and sensuous morocco into the night by covering the floor bed with the embroidered cushions and pillows. Add some lanterns around the floor bed to make it more romantic. Moreover, you can add fruits and rose petals to make their night even more delicious. 
  • Heart Balloons all over: Another very simple and interesting idea that you can go for is to decorate the room with the heart shaped balloons. Show you creativity to arrange these balloons in the room. Heart shaped balloons are the symbol of love, and this will surely bring some romance among the couple. Get some ideas to arrange these balloons by the pictures below: 
Latest Ideas on Bridal Room Decoration

Wedding Tables And Chairs Decoration: In our wedding venue, tables and chairs occupy a large area. Therefore, the decoration of tables and chairs will have a great influence on the overall style of the wedding. In the decoration of tables and chairs, tablecloths, flowers, dried pampas grass bunch, garland, seating chart table numbers, candleholders, natural teak serving stand, vase, watercolor place cards, picture frame, and etc are indispensable factors. We can decide what kind of decoration to buy according to the style of the wedding to make our wedding venue look more beautiful.

So these were the bridal room decoration ideas we had for you so that you can welcome the newlyweds in the most beautiful way you can. Also we have got something interesting for you to do. Scroll down to check what you can do to make the newlywed’s night even more memorable.

Are you among those BFFs that always wait for their BFFs to get married so that they can pull the legs of the couple and make them laugh their ass off? Then we always have many options for you to choose which prank you can do on the newlyweds, so that they gets annoyed, embarrassed and laugh at the same time. 


  1. Are you the one who is still obsessed with the movie “Hum apke hai kaun” and that “pappad” under the mattress scene? Then you can definitely try this one out with a little bit modification. Instead of pappad you can make the use of Whoopi cushions to produce unwanting noise during the night. But make sure to place these Whoopi cushions on the side where you BFF sleep.  This will irritate the couple the whole night. Also you can add some interesting note with the Whoopi cushion like “you only did this to make sure that their now spouse loves them no matter what”.
Latest Ideas on Bridal Room Decoration
  1. If you really want to irritate your best friend during his/her wedding night, then you can place alarm clocks at every possible place inside the room such as under the mattress, under the bed, inside the washroom, inside the cupboards, etc. This is the easiest and irritating prank you can do with the newlywed to spoil their first night.
  1. You can gift the newlywed with a hamper of goodies such as massage oils, condoms, handcuffs, etc. Also, write up a note sending them a small camera that “we are watching”. It can be petrifying for some time but later then it will turn into a super funny moment. This is perhaps going to be the best wedding gift hamper for the newlyweds to enjoy their night with laughter.
  1. Another interesting prank that we have for you is that you can disturb the couple during the night by delivering them their most favorite food. If your BFF is a foodie then he is surely going to love it but up to some extent. Ask the delivery boy to deliver food every single hour to interrupt them in between. You can also send some interesting messages to the newlyweds with the food like “you will need the food to fuel up the calories you are burning”. You can also scare the couple by writing that the “gang is here to meet to up in the middle of the night”. 

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