What to Write in a Baby Shower Card?

A baby shower is a joyous, family-oriented ceremony. Sharing this joy with family, friends, and colleagues would be a great idea. Yet, an impressive invitation card is a must to ask your loved ones to join this event. This is a unique kind of celebration to congratulate the expecting mom and welcome the baby. Your invitation card should reflect the theme of the event as well.

If you wish to send the invitation cards through email or social media posts to the proposed invitees, it would be apt to use an online video maker by InVideo. It has gained a reputation as the most reliable online platform for making alluring videos. You can select a ready-to-use template relevant to the occasion and edit it to include your text.

Another option is to invite your relatives, friends, and colleagues in person. Now, you need an attractive invitation card to express your joy and request the loved ones to join the celebration with some personalized message on it. Here, you may fall short of words. You are expected to create an unforgettable emotional bond with the recipient. 

Here are a few suggestions and recommendations that would help you to create an eye-catching and touching invitation card to encourage the relatives and friends on baby shower:

Grab Attention of The Invitee Through Your Initial Address

The way you address your close allies creates the first positive impression. If you need to be formal, use simple words like \’Dear Angela\’. In case if the person shares a close personal relationship, you can be a bit frank and address the person as \’Sweetest uncle/aunt to be\’.

It would be wise to use nicknames addressing the invitee as \’Sweetest Best Buddy\’. The address helps you to bring a smile on the recipient\’s face and inspire him/her to be a part of the celebration.

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card?

Invite Them with an Emotional Twist

Your fewer sentences on the personalized invitation card for a baby shower should make the invitees feel excited about the event. Take a look at these examples:

  • The delicious angel or the cutest prince is on the way… Join us to welcome the baby!
  • Our excitement to welcome the new member of our family is going to reach the peak. Gather to help us celebrate!
  • The latest addition to our family is about to be launched. Join the celebrations!

Ideal Messages for Your Colleague To Invite For Your Baby Shower:

If you are inviting your colleagues to your baby shower celebration, take it as an opportunity to strengthen your ties with them. You can create a professional-looking card using fantastic templates in the invitation maker category on InVideo. Here are a few fabulous messages:

  • I am excited to witness the launch of my new venture soon! Join us to create excitement.
  • Do you know, we are onto our best project so far? We expect you to be a part of the celebration.
  • Eagerly awaiting the new arrival at home. We would admire your support and best wishes by participating in the joyous celebration.

Make Your Baby Shower Invitation Card A Bit Funny

Humour can create a comfortable environment and further strengthens the bond. So, you can try to convey it through your baby shower invitation card. Here are a few examples:

  • I wish I could spend some time with my friends remembering those party nights. I hope the baby will be the only reason for my sleepless nights. Come, help me celebrate!
  • I need your favor. Can you please take care of my baby (coming soon) while I take a nap? Let\’s plan it on my baby shower!
  • Eager to send the snaps of my baby. Yet, I need your suggestions for the photoshoot. Help us celebrate along with your prayers.

Baby Shower Invitation Card for Grandparents

Inviting the grandma and grandpa of the expected baby would be a great experience. Here are a few invitation messages to request them to join the event:

  • Awaiting the moment when you would sing \’Twinkle Twinkle Little Star\’ for our cute baby!
  • Let the love and adventure begin! We need you to join the celebration for your heartiest blessings!
  • Please be there to shower your love and wisdom for the grandchild. The baby shower would be incomplete without you.

Details You Must Include on Baby Shower Invitation Card

Apart from the messages to convey your emotions, some details should never be missed out. Let the invitees know about the date, timing, and venue of the baby shower. It would help them plan their journey accordingly. Again, the design of your baby shower invitation should let them know the theme of the event as well. 

The Final Words

To invite your loved ones to a baby shower ceremony, get the best ideas to express your emotions, and put them on the invitation card you send. InVideo helps you with technology-driven and user-friendly solutions. Make the baby shower invitation cards to the point, relevant, and fun-filled following the ideas given in this article.

So, give wings to your creativity and create memorable baby shower invitations that bring great joy to the invitees and encourage them to be there.


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