Complete Beginners Guide To Having Anal Sex

All of us have needs that need to be fulfilled. It is simple biology. Having sex is something that unites two people together. You don\’t have to be in a serious relationship to have sex, but it is more meaningful and intimate that way. Having intercourse definitely has its own benefits. For starters, it increases the dopamine levels in your body and makes you feel more relaxed.

Sexual frustration is a real thing. You will definitely be prone to mood swings and stress. Having intercourse can make all of that go away, and that\’s why people love to do it. You can experiment with different techniques, poses, and even toys. Couples do a lot of things to spice things up between them and keep the relationship fresh and fun.

You already know by now that there are many sexual positions you can try in bed. Anal sex, for example, is something that a lot of couples try, but it is still considered as something controversial. However, that doesn\’t mean that you can\’t try it and figure out whether you like it or not. In fact, this type of intercourse has a lot of advantages. Click on the link to find out more

If you and your partner or spouse are up for it, then you need to follow specific steps on how to achieve what you both want. Here are some of those steps:

Set the mood


Setting the mood is one of the most important things when it comes to having any type of intercourse. It will help you and your partner to feel more comfortable with each other and more willing to indulge in sex. You can light scented candles to achieve that romantic ambient. Also, lots of people love dim lights to achieve that sense of mysteriousness.

If you don\’t already know this by now, what have you been doing your whole life? Setting the mood can intensify the experience and leave your significant other wanting more. It also shows that you care enough to make it special, and not just to get it over with. People appreciate things like that.

Never forget foreplay


If you want to make sure that you and your partner end up having a great time, then you should always consider foreplay before you take any other action. Anal penetration might be problematic if you solemnly focus on penetration. The muscle around the anus needs to be stimulated and relaxed in order for penetration to be successful. 

It is not the best feeling in the world having to penetrate something that isn\’t prepared for that. Therefore, take your time and figure out what works best for your partner. Some people are afraid of having anal sex because they fear that something might go wrong. Foreplay can help you relax and make the whole experience pleasant. In a way, it prepares the body for the major act. You just have to trust the process. 

Movies or pornographic videos do not show the real picture of how anal intercourse should look like. You need to do what feels best for you and your partner without worrying about how it looks.

Use a lubricant

A lubricant is a product that makes things more slippery. Many couples use it before or during intercourse. When it comes to anal penetration, this product can become very practical as well. The vagina can naturally get wetter and wetter mostly through stimulation. The anus, on the other hand, can\’t do that. That\’s why a lubricant comes in handy in situations like these. It does the job for you.

By applying it over the surface, you can begin massaging the area for more relaxation. The more comfortable your partner gets, the easier it will be to start penetrating, but in slow motion. The important thing when it comes to anal sex is not to rush the moment. Everything will turn alright as long as you remain respectful and patient.

Try some toys

Sex toys are quite trendy throughout the world, and many people use them to achieve maximum pleasure and satisfaction. If you and your partner are discussing anal intercourse, then you should also try your luck with an appropriate toy. The toy is used for muscle relaxation and broadening the area. If you haven\’t tried this before, then you will be surprised at how good it feels.

This will only work if you and your partner have agreed on the same thing. This type of intercourse is popular throughout the world, but not everyone is comfortable with doing it. As mentioned, if you are on the same page with your partner or spouse on the matter, then you need to do things right.

Luckily a lot of websites sell sex toys that will be perfect for this type of situation. All you need to do is go through some of them and place your order. You\’ll be trying something different and exciting that will definitely spice things up in the bedroom. You can read here for more helpful details about the topic. 

Communication is important

Anytime you have intercourse, it is essential that you communicate with your partner. Movies have definitely romanticized the entire thing by making actors function harmonically the very first time of the intercourse. This isn\’t the case. It is important to express what you want and how you want it. Your partner is not able to read minds. But if something feels good, you can actually show it through body language.

By being honest, you\’ll know what works for you and for your partner. Therefore, communication doesn\’t ruin the moment, in fact, it can make it 10 times better. You just have to be confident enough to express yourself, as well as listen to what your partner is telling you. Even if the first time is not as pleasant as you thought it would be, this doesn\’t mean that the situation won\’t improve. Just be patient with the process.


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