How to decorate the couple\’s first home! 3 styles to identify and be inspired!

Once you\’ve decided on your basic tastes and how you\’re going to use each room in your new home, don\’t miss out on the 3 different styles of decor that we\’re going to present now. Identify yourself and be inspired!

The time has finally come to decorate the new home with your love. And now? You certainly don\’t even know where to start. So, we will give you some tips on the different styles of decoration, which you will love and be inspired by. Get to work For more information on a new mattress size, be sure to visit Sleep Firm!

The first step is to create a list of the things you like most. This may be obvious. But when you see it all on paper, the project will become clearer and easier on your mind, so you can really know what style suits the couple. Write items like colors, textures, prints and favorite fabrics, for example. Stripes, flowers, linen or velvet, there is a world of options and combinations that you can use and abuse. Hobbies also define a couple\’s personality a lot and can help when choosing a style. Do you like the beach? Mountain? Travel? And having friends over and making dinner? Go to the cinema? Need to place a bedside toilet because of the pregnancy? Stay at home reading a good book? Eat-in the kitchen or in the living room? Knowing your personal tastes and routines is essential for both of you to really feel at home in your new home.

Once you have decided on your basic tastes and how you will use each room in the new home, the next step will be the decoration. So, here we present 3 different styles of decoration, so you can identify with any of them and get inspired!


Rugs and ikats or kilims prints, combined with wood, metal or straw are some of the main characteristics of this style. All objects and fabrics, almost always, are made in very strong and vivid colors: red, yellow, blue, green, pink… But there are also many more basic and easy to combine tones such as brown, ocher, beige, olive green or orange. In addition to the decoration details, this style can also be present in the furniture, whether original or not, from countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Japan, Mexico or Peru, for example. The idea of ​​this trend is to bring the cultural reference of the place to your home, through decorative elements. And, generally, most traveling couples are the most passionate about this type of ornamentation.

Shabby chic

A style that emerged in the large country houses of the English and French upper-middle class. Shabby chic conveys romance and delicacy, thanks to the presence of white color and, above all, floral prints, which usually appear on upholstery, wallpapers, bedding, among others. If you want to have this style in your home, with classic and old decor, but with more modern touches, get vintage furniture and decorative objects in white or pastel colors. They must be classic or restored, to give that impression of old. Iron, wood and worn-out paintings are widely used in this type of decoration.


In an eclectic decor, you will find a cocktail of styles, where objects from different eras are combined in a creative and innovative way. For example, mix classic furniture with more modern ones or use colors and materials of all types. This style of decoration is a trend used in the most elegant and contemporary homes. To put the eclectic ornamentation into practice in your home, bet on light and neutral colors (it may even be white) on the walls and focus on mixing diverse shades and shapes in all decorative details, such as the color of the sofa or armchairs, lamps, paintings, and ornaments. But be careful not to overdo it and create a totally over the environment!


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