Teej Celebration Ideas

Teej Celebration Ideas

The holy union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is the occasion on which the Teej is celebrated. The fest occurs on the monsoon season and celebrated on every month\’s third day after the full moon comes. The day of Teej is the most special day for all married as well as engaged women.

This festival is celebrated to live long with their husband without any struggle or hurdle in their life. It is celebrated in a grand manner as the women keep fasting for their husband\’s long life and for their happy married life to long last. There are multiple Teej celebration ideas using which you can use have a great enjoyment of the festival and can have a beautiful function as well.

The Teej is celebrated on the third day after the new moon, every month in the monsoon season. And majorly it is necessary to decorate the surroundings and sometimes it becomes so hard to think of good ways to decorate . There are creative and beautiful Teej decoration ideas which will make your work easy.

Teej party decoration ideas

  • Flowered swing
    You being a women is a flower and must look too good and special on the day of Teej so you will have to decorate a swing in your home with full of fresh flowers surrounded in the strings of the swing and not just the swing you will also have to get ready with the fresh flowers in your hair.
  • Customized Sweets
    Obviously, you would be making sweets may it be cookies or jalebis or gulab jamun, make it in such shapes and decorate it using the colorful creams which are used in cakes as this will give a good look for the sweets and make it look good on the occasion.
Teej Celebration Ideas
  • Floral outfit
    There are many designed lehengas but to look best on Teej is by wearing a floral designed lehenga which has many floral decorations over and mainly not just floral designed lehenga but also a footwear which is a crop-shoe with the ethnic design over it. This would be the best decoration you can do for yourself in the Teej decoration.
  • Wall hangings and lighting
    Now, you will be perfect for the Teej celebration but what about your house. There are three simple hacks to follow to direct it quickly and look graceful as you look.*First and foremost you will have to watch videos of how to create wind chimes but you will have to make the same using flowers instead of some other hangings.

    *Secondly, you will now make a few long garlands and hang them all around where ever you find an empty space and mainly in the entrance such as door or gate.* Last, you will have to do this for the main attraction of the occasion. Make a beautiful rangoli with flowers mainly in the center of the house or the place where you will be holding the Teej party. And surround it by oil lamps to make it look more graceful. If it is house make sure to that you decorate from staircase to the corner of each room to a corridor with lamp and definitely to hang garlands near it.

Games for Teej Function

  • Just having a decorative home and a decorated you is not enough to light up the Teej eve. And the games have to be conducted to make it more celebratory. Few Games for Teej Function has been listed below.
  • Bindi circles
    It’s an easy and short time game which needs no stand-up exercise.
    Well, in this game you will have to give a sheet in which circles are made and a packet of the bindi and the person who will play can\’t go to the next circle until and unless he finishes the previous circle. And time limit of a minute must be given in which the person has to stick the bindis on the circle in the order from interior circle to the exterior.
    The one who puts maximum bindi abiding by the rule of the game is the winner.
  • Queen of cosmetics
    Nowadays every lady married or not has most of the cosmetics item in her purse may it be lipstick, brush or so on.
    So in the game, there must be one person as the host who will have to list out cosmetics one by one and the lady who doesn’t have that item in her purse will be out of the game.
    The one who is left out finally will be the winner.
  • Bangle rangoli
    The females must be provided a time of five minutes and a few dozens of bangles using which they will have to make an innovative rangoli design.
    The one who makes the best rangoli with the given bangles will be the winner.Some people celebrate Teej in their house and people in that area may join together and celebrate in one house . So now how to celebrate Teej at home will be a big question but you can follow the same ideas to celebrate it at home in a more simple way without stuff such as games and so on. You can have a good decorative prayer hall as you are celebrating at home.

May it is held in the house or open place, you can celebrate it in an awesome way by producing yourself in a beautiful way and treat yourself like a princess.


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