Mind-Blowing 7 second challenges ideas list 2018

A grueling day in a class penning down notes, 9-hour office shift, or a full day dedicated to cleaning and organizing the household – these are the reasons enough to call out a party. Spending a little time with your friends and family, sharing food, drinks and laughter is similar to hitting a refresh button in life. A perfect companion for a party is the famous seven-second challenge. These challenges are basically set of questions, dares, questions or games which every participant has to complete in just 7-seconds! As simple it may sound, these activities always turn out to hilarious and laughter filled time.

How to Play:

The game has only one rule – the time to complete a challenge/dare/question is only 7 seconds. Even a single second extra would eliminate the participant out. Two people can play it, but the more, the merrier! So it is a perfect for a casual fun party or a birthday party. If more than 3 people are going to play it, you might require few props like a bottle that you can spin on the floor or on the table, a bowl and few paper slips to write down the seven second challenges. If you can’t find a bottle, you can use a cushion or a soft toy. You can use it to pass among the participants with a music in the background. When the music stops, the person holding that parcel would have to pick up a slip from the bowl and do the challenge with in 7 seconds.

Let’s check them all out –

7-Second Challenge Ideas

This 7-second challenge ideas list will definitely set a tone for your party. You just need a timer on your smartphone or anyone can track the time easily. These ideas are not gendered specific – anyone can do it because we all want to have a good time and hearty laughs – don’t we?

  • Take a perfect selfie (No blurs)
  • Put eyeliner or Kajal on your eyes
  • Tie your hair in a perfect braiding
  • Touch 3 objects of 3 different colors.
  • Write down or spell your name backward
  • Do 9 skips.
  • Enact a movie name

7-second Challenge Dares

What fun is a party without any dare game? To start with, you can use the customary bottle, a pen on the floor or table to decide who is going to take up the air. All these seven-second challenges can be written down on different paper chits and then put them all in a bowl. Don’t forget to give these chits a shuffle every time.

  • Get Rs. 50 from someone (who is not in the game).
  • Call up your friend and make her laugh.
  • Put on a jacket and button it up
  • Eat a raw onion
  • Post the funniest pic of yours online
  • Apply nail paint on your foot
  • Break 8 eggs in to a bowl without spilling

7-second challenges Question

It is always fun to interrogate your friends when they have no idea what the question is gonna be about. The best part of the game – 7-second challenge questions to ask is, you don’t need a set up to play. You can have a fun time even at your work!

  • Name 3 movies you have never watched on the television
  • Mention 5 states and their capitals
  • Name 7 spices
  • Mention 7 food items that can be made with plain flour
  • Name 5 prime-time news anchors
  • Name 7 Bollywood villains and the movies they acted in
  • Mention 6 ways a batsman can be declared out

7-second Games

This set of 7-second games can be played with a group of kids as well. So, if it is a family get together with a bunch of nieces, nephews, and grandkids, or a birthday party – these fun-filled activities games will suck the boredom out! Let’s check out these seven-second games for kids

  1. Repeat a tongue twister 5 times
  2. Knot a tie around your friend’s neck
  3. Burst 7 balloons without using your hands
  4. Keep three ice cubes in your mouth, with lips tight shut
  5. Take at least 5 ice cubes out of a bowl filled with water, with your mouth.
  6. Name 7 things that you can not buy from a grocery shop
  7. Name 5 words that rhyme ‘fan’

The Fastest 7 second Games

The below 7-second challenge ideas list are best when played with faster reflexes, which again a prerequisite for playing the game on first place. The person who is going to speak out these challenges must do it faster instead of articulating it slowly. These ideas are fun for grown ups because these are super crazy! Check them out –

  • Describe your favorite food by just explaining its taste and looks. You can’t name it.
  • Take your jacket/shrug/socks off and wear it again by changing its inside out.
  • Name any three pokemons
  • Name the complete lead cast of any given movie
  • Pick and name any random word and define.
  • Take off one sock from your foot
  • Imitate any singer

Now after all these thrilling game ideas, we all agree that 7-second challenge is a perfect time filler and a dose of entertainment most of the parties and get-togethers miss somehow. But, there is more to it. According to psychological studies, the average human attention span has shrunk marginally. The seven-second challenge encourages the participants to act with quicker reflexes which helps them become quicker and more immediate.

Who would have thought that just a game can turn out to be a great booster for our brain?


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