Movies to be watched on a bachelor\’s night.

With the advancement of generations and increasing generation gap we now commonly witness that the trends and style of marriages have considerably changed. Earlier marriage was treated as a ceremony of rituals and now it is treated as moments of pomp and show. Being much affected by the English culture bachelor\’s night or hens party has now taken an important place just like a ritual in everyone\’s marriage. The term marriage is a signal for every boy that it\’s high time to raise up a family and take up the responsibility which is standing in front of his way. Wedlock is a ceremony that totally amends the life of the couple. Though the responsibility of the family is over both the heads but for a guy it is his duty.

Bachelor\’s night is the night that makes him feel that it is his last freedom night along with his peer friends. It is a kind of bid to their bachelor days. It is a night where the boy is being teased and his legs are being pulled by his own friends but that is for the sake of fun and enjoyment.

Bachelor\’s night is organized by the groom for his friend circle in order to give a farewell to the most enthusiastic and wonderful days of his life in the company of his fellow mates. As it is a party kept by the groom it becomes important for him to arrange it well so that everyone present can have fun. Well, it is generally seen that girls make more arrangements for their hen\’s party because of the comfort level but when it comes to boys they are good enough with bottles of alcohol and bowls of Maggi remembering their good old college days. Bachelor\’s night may be kept just a night before the marriage or three or four days before marriage. Bachelor\’s night can involve a number of do\’s but sometimes sitting at comfy sofa sets with glasses of beer and pizzas and watching movies that relate to college days could make up a cherishing bachelor night.

Though copying the trend of English people the youngsters are much after the English movies and tracks but we forget to notice that are bollywood actors and actress are no way less. Our bollywood has set up a great collection of all types of genres of movies according to the occasion.

So some of the movies that could be seen when hanging around with friends at a bachelor night are as follows-

  1. ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA- if not planned for a trip to different location for bachelor\’s than this movie has set your goals right where you can travel to places free of cost and by sitting at home.This is a movie which depicts the bond of friends going round the world and enjoying themselves and thus revealing the true spirit of happiness and joy.
  2. 3 IDIOTS-Raju, Farhan and Rancho left no boundaries to show case the hardships that kids have to face when a title is being put over them that my son will be an engineer or a doctor and so on which gradually reduces morale of the child of becoming an artist or a photographer.This movie says that it is not about marks but it is about the knowledge you gain which gives you higher opportunities. It is a movie full of entertainment depicting the college life and the support which friends give to each other while staying in hostel. This movie indicates the true meaning of friendship . This movie is indeed worth watching.
  3. PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA-In this generation everyone has its own love story and so this is a perfect entertainment package movie which shows the difficulties that a boy faces in handling his lady love. This movie becomes more thrilling and entertaining by the dialogue given by one of the actors that sets up a benchmark  of speaking in a flow for so long. This is a movie full of laughter,cute moments and funny dialogue that will give pain to your stomach.This movie is actually a perfect example of today\’s relationships and situations that couples go through everyday life and also how girls should be looked after by care.
  4. JANE TU YA JANE NA- This is such a movie that shows that you should not forget your friends when you get your partner by your side. This movie is actually a tribute to friendship goals where two friends knowing that they love each other keep continuing the friendship because they have a fear of losing their friendship. Friends have always been a major part of everyone\’s life and so they should never be left behind no matter what the circumstances or conditions are because they are those who keep the child in you remain alive till our last days.

So keeping the spirits high of having full entertainment and fun at bachelor\’s night going up by watching these movies which give you sense of friendship,relationship will make your night memorable and your bachelor\’s party more cherishing and will definitely give a good end to your bachelor life.


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