How to Accept/Responding a Compliment to a compliment

Everyone wants appraisal at every point of time for something or the other for which they think they are best in but to accept a compliment with grace is a challenge for many of us. Most of us are eager to get some compliments from our partner, friends, family and colleagues but we are unaware of the fact that how to actually respond to it. Whatever response we give will really make a difference.

Only a few of us can actually accept a compliment. Some of us are really afraid of getting compliments as we don’t know how to react to it and generally what we do is just ignoring or not reacting to it at all.

We all have learnt how to give compliments to others but only a few of us can receive it with confidence. Here’s a descriptive guide to handle everything with confidence.

First of all there are some reasons why we can’t accept a compliment:-

  1. We wish to be humble with others as we worry more about how our words are being perceived by others as we fear to be deemed as arrogant. For such a reason we often react simply by rejecting or ignoring the compliment which downplays our achievements and we seem to be more humble and modest.
  2. Some of us are self – deprecating and bully ourselves. This comes from the ideas of being unrealistic and put lot of pressures to meet our expectations to meet the ideals. Every one of us is not 100% perfect as it is unattainable. We will still keep on doing things in better ways to achieve perfection. As a result we believe that we are not good enough to deserve the compliment and hence we reject it.
  3. We are unable to handle the pressure as taking a compliment is pretty easy but it is difficult to meet people’s expectations which comes along as everyday is not a good day, sometimes we cannot show our good version which can definitely change the observer’s perception and can be disappointing.
  4. We do not trust completely on others as we doubt their seriousness and sincerity while receiving a compliment. In such a case we try to deny the compliment as we do not know the complimenter’s true opinion.
  5. We believe in criticism – this is a real fact that a person knows all his flaws. He may accept them in front of friends but if somebody gives us a compliment on such facts then we are highly disappointed because it feels like as if we are wrong about ourselves which is difficult to admit.

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Why should we accept a compliment? The answer to such question is difficult but not impossible. Here are some inevitable facts to answer it. Just forget about all fears and try to accept a compliment in a healthy way.

  1. Whenever we reject a compliment due any of our aforesaid fears, then it will make us appear hostile and obnoxious instead of portraying us as modest and humble. You appear more humble by accepting the compliment. Say for example if someone compliments us by saying – “you look pretty in orange colour” and you respond by saying “I don’t like wearing orange” then it portrays you as being arrogant instead we should have taken the compliment with respect and grace.
  1. It needs great courage to compliment someone; people go out of their way to make you feel good, so this should be taken with a positive attitude as it is a nice gesture to compliment someone. You should also take that courage into account and give some positive reply in response to the compliment as it will make the other person happy. You are notably ruining someone’s efforts by deciding not to accept the compliment causing them to get embarrassed and also disrespecting their ability to make judgements.
  2. Even if you think that the compliment is not sincere then also you should accept it in a positive manner. If the purpose of the complimenter is to make you feel small or lower your confidence then also try not to feel unconfident in front of such bluffs as if it doesn’t matters to you. Even if you believe the compliment to be insincere, you are still better off accepting it. But by giving them a negative response may look like calling them a bluff and denying them their personal satisfaction. So be bold and courageous while handling such people.
  3. Whenever we fail in life, we put ourselves into hard times, so why is it so that whenever we achieve something, we never celebrate. We can start this simply by accepting compliments as rewards to our achievements which is a positive attitude to boost confidence and self-esteem. After all, sense of pride and confidence will lead to success.
  4. Our happiness somehow relies on how our relationships are and how successful we are in communicating with the society. Therefore, people seek attention to you if you are confident enough having a positive attitude. Therefore, rejecting a compliment or giving a negative response will give an opposite effect. So, accept compliments with a friendly and positive outlook which will lead to positive outcomes.

Here I am listing certain important concepts of how to actually respond to compliments. Reading the above statements you must have gained confidence on how to have a positive approach.

  1. Expressing Gratitude by saying Thank You – the simplest and most appropriate way of responding to a compliment is by saying “Thank you”. Expressing thanks will always portray you as a down to Earth, gracious, courteous and non egoistic person. You should look confident maintaining eye contact to show how genuine your gestures are. Don’t forget to put a smile on your face.
  2. When you accept a compliment, make sure you acknowledge other people involved and give due credit. Also share the compliment with those involved in making a successful endeavour.
  3. Appreciate the complimenter with an expression of gratitude. You can do so just by adding some adjectives for that person like- “it’s so kind of you”,”It makes me feel great that you noticed“, etc. I have been trying so hard on that!” The complimenter will feel like hitting the right spot.
  4. Don’t be silent while responding to the compliment; you can start a nice conversation with the complimenter. You can start off with describing your achievements and accomplishments.
  5. Do not reply with a compliment in return of a compliment, this may present you as fake. However, repay the kindness by delivering a sincere compliment the next time whenever you meet the person and notice something genuine.

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Next time when you receive a compliment, give a thought before rejecting or ignoring it. There are more advantages for accepting it! You‘ll be surprised how easy it is to take it with confidence and positive approach.

Hope this article will really change the way you react to a compliment.


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