Top 10 Ways To Entertain Your Guests During Mehandi Ceremony

Mehndi ceremony are slowly,but without a doubt turning into the most FUN parts of an Indian wedding. Also, regardless of whether you are having a little, curious social gathering at home or an out and out occasion in itself these little exercises can guarantee your visitors are engaged separated from just getting squiggly lines drawn staring them in the face.


Mehendi ki Raat to hai!! For the most part around the Mehndi work Indian weddings have a tendency to have the mandva muhrat, haldi and sangeet capacities. These fun exercises can be joined any capacity to make it more intuitive and fun!

  • Hide the bride to be! Well for ten minutes… and make your friends discover where she is with an arrangement of pieces of information. It\’s charming, it\’s fun and you can arrange a decent passageway once your companions discover you. Consider it like a fortune hand with you as the prize
  • Dance Performance: The best thought for hauling out an awesome sangeet ceremony is to arrange a gathering move execution for which a move choreographer can be procured. You can likewise go for western salsa, cha-cha, or other hip-bounce move styles to include more varieties. Extraordinary exhibitions can be performed by dear friends of bride and prepare to pay tribute to the new couple as a complimentary blessing.
  • Drama or Play: A little production can be readied, instituted by friends and relatives describing how lady of the hour and prepare met.


  • Antakshari: Bring your tunes gyaan into usage! This is one diversion which is ever green and since always families and companions social affairs play it with fun and masti. So get singing the melody beginning from the last letter of past tune.
  • Sach ka Saamna: It\’s an ideal opportunity to substantiate yourself in the court of affection! Bride and prep are solicited a specific set from inquiries regarding their future wife and husband. The person who answers better and knows more is the conspicuous champ!
  • Rewind the memories: This is all the better you can do at supper time. Set up a projector and run a slideshow of the considerable number of photos and recordings appropriate from adolescence till this exceptional day.
  • Music and Singing: Indian wedding without wedding melodies and Dance gathering is recently inconceivable. Procure a DJ or have great music framework or here and there even a plain Dhol is adequate to include that exceptional touch. Singing customary or society melodies alongside the senior women in the family is likewise an exceptional method for celebrating.


  • Karaoke: Trust me that nothing is more enjoyable to do in a social gathering than having a karaoke framework. It allows everybody to perform and have a better than average and fun time together. So on the off chance that you don\’t have one till now, you better get one soon!
  • The Shoe Game: This clever diversion is an awesome route for visitors to become more acquainted with you better as you figure out the amount you truly think about each other. Put two seats consecutive on the move floor. Remove both of your shoes, then exchange a shoe with your new life partner so you\’re holding one of each. At that point, have an assigned individual get some information about you two and your relationship. After every question, hold up the shoe of the individual you think has the best response to the question.
  • Stand Up, Sit Down: This diversion truly gets your wedding visitors on their feet. Request that everybody stand up at their tables. At that point, read out different articulations, as \”If the day of the month in which you were conceived is a prime number, take a seat. On the off chance that you needed to ask what a prime number is, take a seat\” or \”Ifyou can roll your tongue, take a seat.\” You can likewise bring individuals once more into the amusement — \”On the off chance that you know how to make a pie hull sans preparation, remain move down.\” The last individual left standing wins a prize.








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