First Night Pranks: Friends Pulled On Bride &Groom (2024)

Get inside the\”Wedding bedroom \”. As you most likely are aware first night after marriage bolt is imperative and valuable. So pranksters know it extremely well that, it\’s the ideal place to arrange and get anything from prepare. So they are involved in the room every time before the couples come. And decline to leave unless their requests are cleared. their requests are as a rule for liquor and cash.

Weddings are a time of joy, enjoyment, and, of course, a little bit of mischief. While the ceremony itself is often steeped in tradition and beauty, the post-wedding celebrations can sometimes take a more humorous turn, particularly when it comes to the newlyweds\’ first night. Friends of the bride and groom often seize this opportunity to pull off some memorable pranks. Here are some classic and hilarious pranks that friends have pulled on the bride and groom, making their first night memorable for all the right reasons.

1. Room Full of🎈Balloons

Imagine opening the door to your honeymoon suite and finding it filled with hundreds of balloons! Navigating through this sea of balloons to find the bed becomes a hilarious challenge for the couple.

2. Bed Shortage Shenanigans

Some friends take it upon themselves to play with the bed settings. They might remove the bed entirely, leaving the couple bewildered, or replace the queen-sized bed with a tiny single bed, making for a cramped but comical sleeping arrangement.

3. ⏰Alarm Clock Avalanche

Setting multiple alarm clocks to go off at intervals throughout the night is a classic. The couple spends their first night not in romantic bliss but in a groggy, half-awake state, searching for the next beeping device.

4. Doorway Obstacles

Taping the doorway or creating an obstacle course is another popular prank. The couple must navigate through a maze of string, cups of water, or even a small barricade to enter their room.

5. A Spooky Surprise👻

For those who enjoy a good scare, friends might hide in the room before the couple arrives and jump out at the right moment. Alternatively, placing creepy dolls or a mannequin under the sheets can also lead to some startled reactions.

6. Food Fiasco

Replacing room amenities with silly items is another way to add humor. Imagine finding the champagne replaced with soda or the chocolate strawberries swapped with onions!

7. Love📝Notes Everywhere

A sweeter prank involves plastering the room with sticky notes, each bearing a funny or romantic message. It turns the room into a colorful and heartwarming maze of words.

8. Costume Comedy

Leaving behind only ridiculous costumes for the couple to wear can lead to some hilarious photos and a good laugh. Think superhero capes or silly pajamas!

A few tricks inside the room:

  • Itching powder sprinkled on the wedding bedroom.
  • Set a midnight Alarm and hide someplace in the wedding bedroom.
  • Keep Disturb lady on the telephone until he turns it off
  • Keep sending random messages to disturb you.
  •  Bug by irritating ringtones and break undesirable jokes.
  • Snow splash (Attributes)
  • Liquor blended drinks to clueless couples and tossed them into the room on the first night.
  • Hide roasted papad or cornflakes under the bed sheet. When they sleep, it will make a lovely noise.

Remove door and window locks: Deliberately evacuate locks of \”First night rooms\” entryways and windows. So they couldn\’t bolt the entryway and window.


While these pranks are all good fun, it\’s important to know the couple\’s sense of humor and boundaries. The goal is to add to the joy of the occasion, not to cause stress. With the right approach, these playful pranks can become a cherished and laughter-filled part of the couple\’s wedding story.

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