Top 12 Wedding Venues In Varanasi (Updated 2024)

If you\’re considering getting married this year or perhaps next year and are contemplating a destination wedding but haven\’t decided on a location yet, we recommend Varanasi. This city offers everything you need for your special day. With the wedding season in full swing, it\’s the perfect time to explore the wonderful wedding venues in Varanasi. It\’s always better to start planning late than never at all.

Our suggestion is to consider Varanasi, a place where everything you need for your wedding is readily available. Given that the wedding season is currently underway, now is the ideal time to discover the fantastic wedding venues in Varanasi. Remember, it\’s never too late to begin planning.

Types Of Wedding Venues In Varanasi

Type of VenueDescriptionExamples in Varanasi
Beachfront VenuesIdeal for romantic weddings, these venues offer stunning views and a serene atmosphere by the water.Note: Varanasi is not known for beachfront venues as it is not located near the coast. However, riverside venues along the Ganges might offer a somewhat similar ambiance.
Luxury Villas and EstatesThese venues provide an exclusive and luxurious setting, often with personalized services and privacy.– Taj Nadesar Palace: A luxurious estate with royal ambiance and exclusive services.<br>- Brijrama Palace: A heritage palace that combines luxury with traditional charm.
Traditional Hotels and Banquet HallsPerfect for classic and conventional weddings, these venues offer a blend of traditional décor and modern facilities.– Radisson Hotel: A well-known hotel with elegant banquet halls.<br>- Hotel Ganges Grand: Offers traditional hospitality with modern amenities.

1. Aamantran Banquet Hall – Gupta Inn

Aamantran Banquet Hall, part of the Gupta Inn, is a distinguished venue located in the heart of Varanasi. Known for its blend of traditional hospitality and modern amenities, this banquet hall offers an ideal setting for various events, especially weddings.

The venue combines the charm of a classic banquet hall with the convenience and luxury of a contemporary inn, making it a sought-after location for couples looking to celebrate their special day in style. 

With its strategic location in Chaukaghat, Varanasi, Aamantran Banquet Hall – Gupta Inn is not only easily accessible but also provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. The hall\’s elegant interiors, coupled with top-notch services, ensure a memorable and seamless event experience for hosts and guests alike.

More Information:-
  • Rating: 5.
  • 📱Phone: +91 94333 46360 
  • Location: Vaishnav Nagar Colony, Gokul Nagar, DLW Colony, Chitaipur, Varanasi 🔍
  • 💰 Price: ₹20,000-₹5,00,000
  • Types: Banquet Halls, Hotels
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹950 per plate, Non-veg – ₹1,250 per plate
  • Capacity: 150-200 pax
  • Rooms: 22

2. Hotel Hindusthan International


  • Hotel Hindusthan International in Varanasi stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the vibrant cultural tapestry of the city. This esteemed establishment, renowned for its exquisite blend of traditional elegance and contemporary amenities, offers a premier destination for weddings and other significant events.
  • Nestled in the heart of Varanasi, the hotel provides an accessible yet opulent setting, ideal for those seeking a blend of convenience and grandeur. 
  • The banquet hall within the hotel is particularly celebrated for its lavish decor and state-of-the-art facilities, making it a preferred choice for couples aspiring for a wedding that combines luxury with the rich cultural heritage of Varanasi.
  • With its commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail, Hotel Hindusthan International ensures every event is both memorable and seamlessly executed.
More Information:-
  • Rating: 3.5
  • 📱Phone: +0542 711 0711
  • Location: C-21/3 Maldahiya Rd, near Maldahiya Crossing, Maldahiya, Varanasi🔍
    💰Price: $60 per night 
  • Type: Banquet Halls
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹1,600 per plate, Non-veg – ₹1,700 per plate
  • Capacity: 100-225 pax
  • Rooms: 100

3. Muskan Lagan Mandap


As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don\’t have specific information about \”Muskan Lagan Mandap\” in Varanasi.

It\’s advised to check their official website, contact them directly, or look for reviews on online platforms for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the venue\’s services, facilities, and event hosting capabilities.

More Information:-
  • Rating: 4.5
  • 📱Phone: +9415997583
  • Location: Awleshpur, Chunar Rd, Newada, Varanasi, Kandwa, Uttar Pradesh 221106 🔍
  • Types: Lawns/Farmhouses, Kalyana Mandapam
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹500 per plate, Non-veg – ₹700 per plate
  • Capacity: 1100-1600 pax
  • Setting: Outdoor

4. Radisson Hotel Varanasi


Radisson Hotel Varanasi epitomizes modern luxury and comfort in the ancient and culturally rich city of Varanasi. Situated in the bustling area of Chaukaghat, this 4-star hotel is a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and top-notch hospitality, making it an ideal choice for hosting weddings and other upscale events.

The hotel is renowned for its sophisticated banquet halls and exceptional services, catering to those who seek a luxurious and seamless event experience. 

  • With its modern architecture and chic interiors, Radisson Hotel Varanasi provides a stunning backdrop for both intimate and grand celebrations. The venue\’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect, from its gourmet catering options to its well-appointed accommodation facilities.
  • For couples and families looking to celebrate their special occasions in a setting that combines modern amenities with impeccable service, Radisson Hotel Varanasi stands as a premier choice in the heart of this historic city.
More Information:-
  • Rating: 4.2
  • 📱Phone: +91 542 250 1515
  • Location: RH Tower, Varanasi cantonment, Varanasi🔍
  • 💰 Price: $72 Per Night
  • Types: 4 Star & Above Hotels, Banquet Halls
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹1,500 per plate, Non-veg – ₹1,800 per plate
  • Capacity: 120-250 pax
  • Rooms: 88

5. Hotel Satkar


Hotel Satkar in Varanasi is a notable venue that combines the warmth of traditional hospitality with modern amenities, making it a favored choice for various events, particularly weddings. Located in the heart of Varanasi, this hotel is known for its welcoming ambiance and attentive service, ensuring a memorable experience for guests and hosts alike.

The banquet halls at Hotel Satkar are elegantly designed, providing a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort, suitable for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. 

The hotel\’s commitment to providing exceptional culinary experiences, along with its versatile event spaces, makes it an ideal setting for those seeking a blend of convenience, comfort, and elegance in Varanasi. Whether it\’s a traditional wedding ceremony, a reception, or any other celebratory event, Hotel Satkar offers a hospitable and stylish environment that caters to the diverse needs of its guests.

More Information:-
  • Rating: 4.7
  • 📱Phone: +097947 06060
  • Location: Tax, Daffi Toll Plaza, Nh 2 Hiway, Vishwa Sundari Bypass Rd, near BHU, Dafi, Uttar Pradesh 🔍
  • 💰Price: 23$ to 28$ per night
  • Types: Banquet Halls, Hotels
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹500 per plate, Non-veg – ₹900 per plate
  • Capacity: 400-500 pax
  • Rooms: 25

6. Hotel Ozas Grand


Hotel Ozas Grand in Varanasi is a notable destination for those seeking a blend of grandeur and comfort in their event venue. Situated in the Bhagwanpur area, this hotel is a popular choice for weddings and other significant celebrations.

Known for its elegant banquet halls and comprehensive hospitality services, Hotel Ozas Grand caters to a range of event requirements, from intimate gatherings to larger, more lavish affairs. 

The hotel\’s interior is designed to offer a luxurious atmosphere, while the staff\’s commitment to service ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for guests. With its convenient location, versatile event spaces, and a reputation for excellent catering, Hotel Ozas Grandstands is a preferred choice for those looking to host memorable events in the heart of Varanasi.

More Information:-
  • Rating: 3.9
  • 📱Phone: 91 80049 32880
  • Location: Samne Ghat Rd, Narottam Nagar Colony, Nagwa Lanka, Varanasi🔍
  • 💰 Price: $32 and up to $74 per night
  • Types: Banquet Halls, Hotels
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹900 per plate, Non-veg – ₹1,050 per plate
  • Capacity: 90-150 pax
  • Rooms: 24

7. Sanzha Chulha


Sanzha Chulha in Varanasi stands out as a unique and charming venue, ideal for hosting a variety of events, including intimate weddings and social gatherings. This venue is celebrated for its distinctive blend of traditional aesthetics and modern facilities, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of Varanasi\’s rich cultural heritage.

Located in a convenient area of the city, Sanzha Chulha is known for its exceptional culinary offerings, specializing in a range of delicious cuisines that add a special touch to any celebration. 

The venue\’s combination of elegant banquet halls and picturesque outdoor spaces makes it versatile for different event styles and sizes. Sanzha Chulha\’s commitment to personalized service and attention to detail ensures that each event is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of its clients, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a memorable and authentic Varanasi experience.

More Information:-
  • Rating: 4.1
  • 📱Phone: +91 72330 09913
  • Location: Airport Road, near BHEL, Tarna, Shivpur, Varanasi 🔍
  • 💰 Price: 60$ per night
  • Types: Banquet Halls, Lawns/Farmhouses
  • Pricing: On Request
  • Capacity: 100-1000 pax
  • Setting: Indoor

8. Hotel De Paris


Hotel de Paris in Monaco stands as a pinnacle of luxury and elegance, making it an exquisite choice for wedding celebrations. The hotel\’s crowning jewel for such events is the Salle Empire, a space steeped in history and grandeur. This majestic hall is adorned with towering frescos, ceilings gilded in gold leaf, opulent chandeliers, and marble columns, creating an ambiance of royal splendor.

Its three arched windows offer a breathtaking view of the iconic Casino Square, adding to the venue\’s allure. Recognized as a historic monument for over a century, the Salle Empire has been the setting for some of the world\’s most lavish parties, including enchanting weddings. 

The recently renovated Hotel de Paris offers luxurious accommodations with 209 rooms and 95 suites, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for wedding guests. Its central location in Monaco, surrounded by a variety of other hotels, provides unparalleled convenience and adds to the allure of hosting a wedding at this prestigious venue.

Hotel de Paris, with its blend of historical significance and modern luxury, is an ideal location for couples seeking a wedding venue that promises both opulence and unforgettable experiences.

More Information:-
  • Rating: 4.3
  • 📱Phone: +91 88811 11729
  • 💰 Price: $59 per night
  • Location: 15, The Mall Rd, Cantonment, Varanasi 🔍
  • Types: 4 Star & Above Hotels, Banquet Halls
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹1,400 per plate, Non-veg – ₹2,000 per plate
  • Capacity: 200-10000 pax
  • Rooms: 30

9. Tree Of Life Resort & Spa, Varanasi


The Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Varanasi is a luxurious sanctuary that offers an exquisite blend of tranquility and elegance. Nestled away from the bustling city life, this resort is a haven for those seeking a serene and opulent setting for their special events, particularly weddings. Known for its lush landscapes and sophisticated architecture, the resort provides a picturesque backdrop for both intimate and grand celebrations. 

The Tree of Life Resort & Spa stands out for its exceptional spa services, gourmet dining options, and bespoke event planning, ensuring a uniquely personalized experience. The venue\’s spacious lawns and elegant banquet facilities are perfectly suited for hosting a variety of events, from traditional wedding ceremonies to chic receptions.

For couples and families looking for a blend of luxury, peace, and natural beauty in Varanasi, the Tree of Life Resort & Spa offers an idyllic setting that promises to make any occasion memorable and magical.

More Information:-
  • Rating: 4.2
  • 📱Phone: +91 90152 42000
  • Location: Kazi Serai, Sehmalpur, Uttar Pradesh 221105🔍
  • 💰 Price: $81 per night 
  • Types: Lawns/Farmhouses, Hotels
  • Pricing: Veg – ₹1,600 per plate, Non-veg – ₹1,800 per plate
  • Capacity: 120-200 pax
  • Rooms: 18

10. Khushi Palace And Banquet Hall

Khushi Palace and Banquet Hall in Varanasi is a popular venue for weddings and other significant events. This venue is known for its spacious and elegantly designed banquet hall, which combines traditional charm with modern sophistication.

Conveniently located, Khushi Palace is easily accessible for both local and out-of-town guests. The hall can accommodate a large number of guests, making it suitable for grand weddings and large social gatherings.

The venue is renowned for its excellent catering services and offers a wide variety of menu options, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all guests. The professional staff at Khushi Palace is committed to providing top-notch service and pays close attention to every detail, ensuring every event is memorable.

With its beautiful interiors and welcoming ambiance, Khushi Palace and Banquet Hall is a top choice for those looking for a majestic setting for their special day in Varanasi.

More Information:- 
  • Rating: 4.4
  • 📱Phone: 8048894503
  • Location: Lane Number 3, Om Nagar Colony, Ramduttpur, Paharia, Varanasi🔍
  • Category: It\’s a hotel that combines modern amenities with a touch of cultural heritage.
  • Type: Primarily a hotel with banquet facilities
  • Guest Capacity: 150 to 1000 guests
  • Pricing: Price per plate ₹800
  • Rooms: 32 luxurious, fully air-conditioned rooms 

11. Hotel SGT Plaza


Hotel SGT Plaza, located in the serene area of Sarnath, Varanasi, is a distinguished venue for weddings, celebrated for its exceptional service and hospitality. This venue is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized wedding events, with a banquet hall that can accommodate up to 200 guests.

The hotel boasts 32 well-furnished, air-conditioned rooms, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests. It also offers a range of facilities and services, including a bridal dressing room, ample parking space, an in-house restaurant, valet parking, and in-house DJ services. 

Additionally, Hotel SGT Plaza provides both catering and decoration services in-house, with a variety of cuisine options such as North Indian/Mughlai, Chinese/Thai/Oriental, and South Indian. The pricing for catering starts at ₹900 per plate, and the venue rental excluding catering is set at ₹40,000 per day.

The hotel\’s commitment to quality service has earned it positive reviews and recommendations from those who have hosted their wedding events there, making it an excellent choice for a memorable wedding in Varanasi.

More Information:-
  • ⭐Rating: 4.5
  • 📱Phone: +91 7317002936, +91 7317002940
  • Location: SA-14/98-S-8, Ganj, Sarnath (Near Buddha Temple), Varanasi-221007, Uttar Pradesh
  • 💰 Price:  $27 per night 
  • Category: It\’s a hotel that combines modern amenities with a touch of cultural heritage.
  • Type: Primarily a hotel with banquet facilities
  • Guest Capacity: 200 Guest.
  • Rooms: 32 luxurious, fully air-conditioned rooms 

12. Hotel Alka In Varanasi


Hotel Alka in Varanasi is a notable riverside resort offering a picturesque view of the Ganges. It is strategically located between two significant ghats, Manikarnika and Dashwamedh, both just 100 meters away, making it an ideal spot for those looking to experience the essence of Varanasi.

The hotel is known for its clean and well-maintained rooms that meet guests\’ expectations for a budget-friendly yet decent stay. With its heritage view, Hotel Alka provides a unique experience, blending the spiritual ambiance of Varanasi with comfortable accommodations. 

The hotel also operates a 24-hour front desk, ensuring guests are welcomed at all hours. Its proximity to the River Ganga and major city attractions, along with its commitment to service, makes Hotel Alka a popular choice for travelers seeking an authentic Varanasi experience.

More Information:
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 
  • 📱Phone: +91 76190 09995
  • Location: Meer Ghat D 3/23 Dashashwamedh, Varanasi 221001, India 🔍
  • 💰 Price: $17 to $33 per night 
  • Category: 3-star hotel
  • Type: Riverside Hotel
  • Guest Capacity: 800 Guest 
  • Rooms: 36 rooms

13. Hotel Ganges Grand


Hotel Ganges Grand in Varanasi is a visually appealing and elegantly designed venue that combines traditional charm with modern luxury. As you step into the hotel, you\’re greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance, characterized by tasteful decor that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Varanasi.

The interiors of the hotel are a blend of contemporary style and classic elegance. The rooms are thoughtfully designed with attention to detail, offering a comfortable and serene environment. Large windows in many of the rooms provide guests with panoramic views of the bustling city or the tranquil Ganges, allowing them to soak in the unique atmosphere of Varanasi.

The hotel\’s exterior is equally impressive, with a striking facade that stands out in the urban landscape. The architecture is a modern interpretation of traditional Indian styles, creating a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

  • Rating: 3-star
  • Location: Hotel Ganges Grand, Godowlia Crossing, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Phone: +91-72358-09898.
  • Category: offering a blend of luxury and comfort.
  • Capacity: The exact capacity for events like weddings is not specified, but the hotel offers banquet facilities suitable for various events and gatherings.
  • Rooms: Room types include Executive City View Room, Cottage, Superior Room, and Executive Room.
  • Price: Room rates per night are as follows:
    • Executive City View Room: Single – ₹7500
    • Cottage: Single – ₹8500
    • Superior Room: Single – ₹5500
    • Executive Room: Single – ₹6500

14. Taj Nadesar Palace


Taj Nadesar Palace in Varanasi is a venue that exudes an aura of regal elegance and historical grandeur. Nestled amidst lush gardens, this palace is a sanctuary of tranquility in the vibrant city of Varanasi. The architecture of the palace is a splendid blend of colonial and Indian design, reflecting the rich history and heritage of the region.

As you approach the palace, you are greeted by its majestic facade, which sets the tone for an experience of luxury and opulence. The palace\’s exterior, with its stately columns and intricate detailing, is a testament to its royal past. The grounds of the palace are a visual delight, featuring manicured lawns, blooming flowers, and serene water bodies, creating a picturesque and peaceful environment.

Inside, the Taj Nadesar Palace is a showcase of refined elegance and sophisticated decor. The interiors are adorned with antique furniture, original artworks, and rich fabrics, all contributing to the sense of being in a royal residence. Each room and suite in the palace is uniquely designed, offering a blend of traditional charm and modern comfort, with views that overlook the beautiful gardens or the golf course.

More Information:
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Location: Nadesar Palace grounds, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, 221002, India.
  • Phone: +91 542-6660002.
  • Category: This is a 5-star hotel, offering luxurious accommodations and services.
  • Capacity: The exact capacity for events is not specified, but the palace is known for hosting lavish and exclusive events.
  • Rooms: The hotel offers various room types, including Palace Rooms, Historical Suites, and Royal Suites. The rooms are designed with princely-inspired décor and traditional Banarsi upholstery.
  • Price: ₹57,999 per night
  • Check-out Time: The check-out time is 12:00 Noon.


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