8 Things That Make You Less Attractive, According To Science

Except for those that are blessed with the genetic lottery, people lose their curb appeal as the days roll by. The rapid transformation of some people from bad to worse in their inter-personal relationship is a cause for worry and this was the reason why scientific studies were undertaken to unravel the mystery behind the factors that make people less attractive. The following 8 of such scientific findings: 

1 Bad temper

Everybody naturally desires to be around people that will give them joy and gladness as well as laughter. When you are with such people, you greater meaning to life. But those with a bad temper will end up driving away from the good people that are supposed to be around them thereby affecting their look and appearance.If you’re nervous just because of college assignments, contact write my essay to get rid of these problems.

2 When You Smell Bad

People are sensitive to bad odor. When you fail to do the proper cleanup of your body (especially brushing your teeth to avoid mouth odor); you are most likely to drive people away from your side because they are going to be repelled by the foul odor that is coming from you. If you do not smell like anything, in particular, your sex appeal will diminish. Where you can smell good; your level of attractiveness will improve.

3 Laziness

Another factor according to scientific findings that make people lose their appeal and popularity among their fellow human being is laziness. Nobody wants to associate with laziness and the lazy people will not want to even step out of their shell. They are people without drive and ideas; when those around them discover these areas of weaknesses, the tendency is that they will move away from any association with such a category of people.

4 Bad Posture

People easily fall for those that maintain an upright shape that will be the cynosure of all eyes. But where someone has a bad posture, it will end up sending the wrong signal to others and the chances of such people attracting the attention of people to their side will be slim. Carrying on with a bad posture is an indication of l do not care attitude and people will not care to be associated with those in that category.

5 Stress

Another factor that will not make you attractive is stress. The happenings around us bring a lot of stress on the body which should be managed with caution. Stress when not properly managed affects the color of the skin and makes people age faster than the case ought to have been in the first place. When people are stressed, scientific findings are in support of the fact that adrenaline and cortisol are produced whose effects make the skin to become dry.

6 Smiling

When you smile, it will be easy to disarm people and get them to your side. People that wear a long face do not look attractive according to scientific research though you might argue that this logic is not strong enough but it represents the reality on the ground. When you appear naturally serious all the time; you are not going to attract people to your side.

7 Water

Water is life and when you refuse to drink enough water in a day; you are going to attract less attention to your side. The healthy natural skin that people will fall in love with can be gotten through the water. It is scientifically established that water unclogs the pores, helps with skin allergies, and flushes out toxins out of the body.

8 Sleep

When you fail to get an adequate amount of sleep in a day, you are going to wake up with bloodshot eyes. People look at people with sleep disorders as less healthy; attractive and more tired. When you have a good night\’s sleep, you are going to wake up the following day more attractive. 

Final Take

For those that are serious about maintaining an excellent curb appeal that will make them the cynosure of all eyes 24/7; the above recommendations form the core of what they will need to remain ever green in the eyes of people.


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