Planning the Perfect Wedding

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect. Months and sometimes years of planning go into getting it right for it all to be over in just one day. This day is so special that the planning is worthwhile if everything runs smoothly and is as the bride and groom envisaged.

Start with the Basics

There are several things that will form the basis of your perfect day. Firstly, you need to decide on a budget, and how many people you want to attend. Don’t be pushed into inviting people you do not want there; it is your day, no one else’s.

When you know these facts, it is time to set a date and start looking at venues for both the ceremony and the reception. Choose the most popular dates and the venue will cost you more. If it is possible to have your wedding any day other than a Saturday, you can save a fortune on the venue.

If you or a relative have grounds that are large enough, why not opt to have your day there? Hire a marquee in case the weather is not too good. There are wedding chair rentals, wedding table rentals, and wedding lighting rentals. This could all work out less than hiring a physical building.


Food can be a problem. If you have more than a few guests you are likely to have vegetarians, vegans, and people with food allergies among them. You need to know this so that you can cater for all situations and often the best time to ask is when you send out the invitations.

Throughout the day, your guests will need snacks and drinks and having a few tables dotted about with several choices of food is the easy way to deal with this. You could ask guests to contribute to these. Not financially, of course, but let them know if they want to make a food contribution, it will be credited to them. So many people enjoy cooking and like to show off their culinary skills that you will fill the tables and have replacements as they empty without a problem.


It is becoming more popular to have a wedding with no children, but some parents will refuse to attend if that is the case. If you are happy for all your nieces, nephews, and friends’ children to be there, the secret is to have things for them to do. A children’s corner with books, paper, coloring pencils and some puzzles and toys such as Lego is a good start. If your budget runs to it and you have space, having a bounce house will keep them happy for hours.

A Quiet Space

Try to designate a quiet space away from any music and children. Not everyone wants to be on the go all the while and some will appreciate space where they can sit and have a few drinks and a chat.

Enjoy Your Day

After the months of planning, your special day has finally arrived. You may well feel a little nervous, but that will pass and then you should make the most of your day. Let other people deal with the smooth running of everything as you do not want to be stressed if something is not quite right. Remember, you will have your family and friends around you, and they will want it to be a perfect day for you too.


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