Do\’s at girl\’s night out before marriage.

It is very common to hear a bachelor\’s party or cocktail party but why it becomes awkward to hear of a hen\’s party. Yeah! a hen\’s party is another term for a girl\’s night out before marriage which could be much more exciting and pure than that of a bachelor\’s night out. Why should men always have a farewell to their bachelor days and not to a girl to her peaceful days. Hahaha! indeed girls can have fun too.

Do\’s at girl\’s night out before marriage

Hen\’s party is kept by the bride for her friend circle in order to bid goodbye to the most memorable journey of her life of being single along with her buddies. As it is a party thrown by the bride so it becomes essential for the bride to organize it well as it could be a last hurrah to her peer friends.

So planning up a hen\’s party accordingly can involve various funny and crazy ideas that could be interesting enough for the bride as well as her companions. \”create a marriage video with \”this\” easy to use wedding video maker\”

Though there are various organizers for it to organizing it on a personal level gives immense pleasure.

So do\’s for the girl\’s night out are-

  • Pyjama theme:- Nowadays, in these hot summers pyjamas are very trendy and so to enjoy the night at ease going for pyjama theme as a dress code is very crazy as different and fumble colours bring happiness all around.
  • Hush!scare wtih ghost:- Another theme round the corner is that one of a ghostess dress. Why not dress up like a ghost or witch or a mummy and scare each other by funny games that brings out the good old days when kids use to play dark room games.
  • Camp fire sets fire on stage:-girls could be moody and sometimes courageous enough to travel alone with friends to risky camps and this task could be a great deal as setting up of fire,tents,and making food can be very challenging as well as unique as this day won\’t come again.
  • Plan for a trip:- If you are ready to spend without thinking much than going for a trip to wonderful locations could be much exciting. Tors and trips with friends is always a dream come true. So plan your locations and pack your bags for a roller coaster ride.
  • Cocktail parties:- In present era girls are no more less than boys than why can\’t girls arrange for a cocktail party.Cocktail parties involving drinks, dances, drinking games and many other activities that girls would like to indulge in.
  • Laugh aloud and get carefree:- Well it is said that marriage could be a destroying activity so why not laugh aloud and cry out all the worries. A bride is always going on with various things before her marriage night which she feels comfortable in sharing with her mates. So why not give up a chance to bride to open her up herself to her lady loves and express all her feelings.
  • Revisit your girlhood:-  going back to your girlhood days is always a fantastic choice so arrange for a slumber party and make it lovable by cooking homemade pizzas or pastas tossed with lemon juice or fruit beers.
  • Watching friends:- What could be better than watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with your childhood friends. This feeling before your marriage cannot be described in words as it is an epic moment. It could be made better by eating popcorns and drinking cold drinks.
  • Making memories:- It is not about how long your friendship is it is about how stronger your friendship is so clicking pictures in different poses and capturing the moments to be viewed in later walks of life is an interesting work to be done at girls night out.
  • Ladies gossip:- A girl is never short of words and specially when friends meet it is like cherry on cake so girls talk on each and every topic they find exciting it could be boys, movies,crushes or good school days.

Marriage is the relation that brings a drastic change in life of a women. It brings handful of responsibilities in her hand which she has to handle all alone. She not only has to raise up the garden of her love but also has to tie the beads of the family all together in all circumstances. So having a hen\’s party before marriage is the best option to make her realize how carefree and independent she is at present and how responsible she is now expected to be in her future course of time.

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