How to Judge a Girl in Arranged Marriage

How much a Bollywood/Hollywood  romantic movie has inspired us, how many times we had thought of having a love marriage … the fact remains same that nearly 80% marriages in India are ‘ARRANGED MARRIAGES’.

It is to be understood that good looks, prosperous career, family fame etc are not the prime qualities that cannot make a perfect wife so look for qualities which gives you self satisfaction and contentment.

We all have to accept this fact and should be very careful while choosing the right girl for us. Here are some tips on how to judge a girl in arranged marriage.

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When you meet the girl for the first time, don\’t start asking direct questions or some stereottpe ones like “what do you expect from your life partner”, etc. In fact let her feel comfortable with you so that she can open up with ease. For that you have to start off with some interesting and easy questions like asking her name or who is her favorite hero, etc.Girls love to discuss on such topics. You may be marrying this girl,so she needs be her own self while talking to you. Further when you both start feeling comfortable with each other you may move on to serious stereotype questions. Remember she wil only answer truly when she trusts you.

You can sometimes act funny to lighten her pressure abd make her smile by cracking some jokes or by telling some real life funny incodents.

MOST IMPORTANTLY.. be your own self! Being fake may drastically affect of aIl the beauty of an arranged marriage, this can be your first and last chance of meeting her so you have to leave your true impression on her. Do not hesitate woth what you are , just be confident.

Things you should remember:-

Try not to praise yourself. You may look like a hero but don\’t forget it is your behaviour and thoughts that actually matter as 15 years from now your beauty will vanish. Some girls don\’t like boys who showcase themselves. If she is impressed with you then will definitely get in touch with you.

Honesty is highly needed in an arranged marriage. You can not talk about everything in a single meeting so try to express those in the subsequent meetings.

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Wear usual clothes so that you get your natural look. No need to wear formal clothes.

The same thing applies to both of you, do not judge her by looks only as it will not remain same forever. Always find out her qualities and the way she is going to transform your life completely. You should check the way she carries herself , her dressing and off course her way of talking.

Don\’t be very imaginative as you may not get everything you have dreamt off because this is reality and happens with all of us.

No one of us is perfect so when you see some flaws in the person then its perfectly normal. Look out for positive qualities like outline of her character, sense of humour, modesty , etiquettes, non miser attitude abd politeness.

You can also judge her by getting her views on family values, professional approach and religious views.

Also you can find out topics to discuss on chats and further dates before finalizing the decision so you have to look for topics which you both enjoyed conversing.

These are only some of the basic tips and rest depends on how sensibly and easily you can handle the situation and how potentially you judge the girl. Simply follow your instinct and don\’t believe on what others say. Its the you two who have to travel along the whole life so always give it a second thought.

Good Luck!!!


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