How to Judge a Girl in Arranged Marriage

How much a Bollywood/Hollywood  romantic movie has inspired us, how many times we had thought of having a love marriage … the fact remains same that nearly 80% marriages in India are ‘ARRANGED MARRIAGES’.

It is to be understood that good looks, prosperous career, family fame etc are not the prime qualities that cannot make a perfect wife so look for qualities which gives you self satisfaction and contentment.

We all have to accept this fact and should be very careful while choosing the right girl for us. Here are some tips on how to judge a girl in arranged marriage.

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When you meet the girl for the first time, don’t start asking direct questions or some stereottpe ones like “what do you expect from your life partner”, etc. In fact let her feel comfortable with you so that she can open up with ease. For that you have to start off with some interesting and easy questions like asking her name or who is her favorite hero, etc.Girls love to discuss on such topics. You may be marrying this girl,so she needs be her own self while talking to you. Further when you both start feeling comfortable with each other you may move on to serious stereotype questions. Remember she wil only answer truly when she trusts you.

You can sometimes act funny to lighten her pressure abd make her smile by cracking some jokes or by telling some real life funny incodents.

MOST IMPORTANTLY.. be your own self! Being fake may drastically affect of aIl the beauty of an arranged marriage, this can be your first and last chance of meeting her so you have to leave your true impression on her. Do not hesitate woth what you are , just be confident.

Things you should remember:-

Try not to praise yourself. You may look like a hero but don’t forget it is your behaviour and thoughts that actually matter as 15 years from now your beauty will vanish. Some girls don’t like boys who showcase themselves. If she is impressed with you then will definitely get in touch with you.

Honesty is highly needed in an arranged marriage. You can not talk about everything in a single meeting so try to express those in the subsequent meetings.

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Wear usual clothes so that you get your natural look. No need to wear formal clothes.

The same thing applies to both of you, do not judge her by looks only as it will not remain same forever. Always find out her qualities and the way she is going to transform your life completely. You should check the way she carries herself , her dressing and off course her way of talking.

Don’t be very imaginative as you may not get everything you have dreamt off because this is reality and happens with all of us.

No one of us is perfect so when you see some flaws in the person then its perfectly normal. Look out for positive qualities like outline of her character, sense of humour, modesty , etiquettes, non miser attitude abd politeness.

You can also judge her by getting her views on family values, professional approach and religious views.

Also you can find out topics to discuss on chats and further dates before finalizing the decision so you have to look for topics which you both enjoyed conversing.

These are only some of the basic tips and rest depends on how sensibly and easily you can handle the situation and how potentially you judge the girl. Simply follow your instinct and don’t believe on what others say. Its the you two who have to travel along the whole life so always give it a second thought.

Good Luck!!!

Most attractive things girls look for in a guy

Early introductions might be made in minutes, however they foresee the course your connections take after. So on the off chance that you comprehend what precisely about you attracts the votes, you can idealize it.

“A considerable bit of the six components of a man are obvious, as far as tallness, weight and general physical appeal,”

1. Physical stature: Yep, you knew this effectively: measure matters. Tallness and weight are spot on top of the list of things ladies take note. “A substantial portion of the six features of a man are apparent, in terms of height, weight and overall physical attractiveness,” says Dr Patzer.

2. Appearances and engaging quality: Yes, magnificence is shallow, yet it will inspire ladies to investigate what lies underneath. Appeal includes what you were conceived with, yet your qualities alone can’t leave your odds. What truly checks is your your hair, clothes, preparing and essential cleanliness. In the event that you can’t try, ladies absolutely are not going to endeavor to take in more about you!

3. Smile: Once ladies are done evaluating your general form, ladies will take a gander at your smile. “The ability to smile, particularly within the first few minutes of meeting, sends a welcoming, non-hostile signal to women,” says Dr Patzer.

4. Humor: Another motivation to flaunt those silvery whites! Ladies like men who can be humorous. Far better, make the lady giggle.

5. Confidence: Women find sure men appealing. As indicated by Dr Sameer Malhotra, head of psychiatry and psychotherapy office at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, inside the initial couple of minutes of meeting, ladies won’t just suss out your level of confidence, they will likewise decipher the vibes you give out and how you think. “Women notice how clear or decisive you are and whether you approach things positively.”

6. Conversation: Men have effectively given womankind the impression of being solid and noiseless. So ladies aren’t anticipating that you should have distraught talking aptitudes. All you must do hold her consideration. “We know (scientifically) that the more or longer that a woman gets to know a man, the more physically attractive he becomes in her mind,” says Dr Patzer.

Tinder Conversation Starters

Swiping right on alluring ladies is the simple part. Getting your matches to react to your Tinder openers is frequently a great deal more troublesome.

Keep in mind, hot ladies on Tinder are besieged with messages each day, so you need to show improvement over “Hello.” With a message that way, there’s no potential for her to associate inwardly.

Your Tinder friendly exchanges need to quickly make her vibe something. A positive passionate reaction makes a moment bond, so she will probably put time in answering to you. Once you’ve evoked this feeling, in the event that you additionally can make it simple for her to compose back by representing a fun, intriguing inquiry toward the finish of your message, you’re brilliant.

It’s a great opportunity to state farewell to the faltering, exhausting opening lines you’ve likely been sending recently, and attempt one of these 14 Tinder friendly exchanges that ladies adore!

Stick around for 3 basic tips that will help your reaction rate and figure out how to keep the discussion moving toward a date!

Get Her Attention With Animation

Not exclusively do GIFs emerge in her message line, they help your reaction rate also. Information investigation by Tinder uncovered that GIFs are 30% more inclined to get a reaction, and the discussions keep going twice as long.

hi bearThe right GIFs can likewise give your discussions a burst of silliness. Various reviews have indicated ladies are actually pulled in to amusing men.

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Finding a comical inclination attractive is truly hardwired into her mind. Why not utilize the compelling force of nature further bolstering your good fortune with regards to scoring hot Tinder dates?

Obviously, you can be likewise clever without utilizing GIFs, yet ensure your silliness is on point. Think tasteful, not locker room. Next up: two more friendly exchanges are certain to start grinning.


Kick Start A Craving

With regards to boosting your reaction rate, specifying sustenance is an ace move. As per Hinge, ladies are 40% more prone to react to messages that make them pine for something scrumptious.

Connect with Her Imagination

Travel is an amazing go-to point for kicking a discussion off on Tinder. For all intents and purposes all ladies cherish going by new places and seeing the sights, or if nothing else pondering going some place stunning. Who doesn’t have a travel container list?

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Travel isn’t the best way to empower her mind’s “glad place.” Give her profile a snappy skim and check whether anything hops out at you from her photographs or her bio. You could get some information about a leisure activity you share, her enthusiasm, or her pets, or even her name if it’s irregular sounding:

When you give her the chance to discuss herself, it fortifies joy focuses in her cerebrum.

Reacting to your friendly exchanges truly makes her vibe great – and the better she feels, the more agreeable she’ll be giving you her telephone number.


Age Isn’t Just A Number

There isn’t a supernatural message that each lady is ensured to react to on Tinder. For a certain something, age is an element with regards to foreseeing what sort of message will work best for a particular match.

A message that makes easygoing disapproved of cuties in their mid 20s snicker and react most likely wouldn’t work that well with relationship-disapproved of ladies in their mid 30s. These are altogether different gatherings of people.

The information crunchers over at Hinge found that ladies of various ages react better to messages in specific classes:

Remembering these classes could pay off in higher reaction rates generally. Truth be told, in the event that you really need to boost your outcomes, monitor each opening line you send and each reaction it gets. That way you can perceive what works for you and what doesn’t.

Yes, it’s somewhat monotonous, however the information you’ll receive consequently is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. This helpful reaction rate adding machine makes it as simple as it can be…

Have confidence In Second Chances

Your information will tell you which messages perform best when all is said in done, and those are the guardians. Remember, even the best friendly exchanges don’t work 100% of the time.

Try not to quit on the off chance that she doesn’t react. There could be a huge number of reasons, and not every one of them need to do with you. Possibly her meeting began, or she’s making up for lost time with Walking Dead.

Whatever the reason, give her another opportunity by sending a subsequent message. Keep things cheerful, the exact opposite thing you need is to sound edgy for a reaction. That is not hot.

Here’s a case of a subsequent message that relates back to the discussion opener interestingly:

The second illustration works regardless of what your underlying message stated, which implies you can rapidly send it to any lady in your line who hasn’t reacted yet.

In the event that she doesn’t react to your second message, cut trap and proceed onward. The more unanswered messages you send the more grounded that whiff of edginess begins to smell.

There’s no deficiency of cuties on Tinder, so move your endeavors somewhere else.


First Meeting Questions & Conversation Tips in Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage can seem like a dreaded prospect and meeting the other person for the first time can be even more intimidating. What do you say to this person who is going to be your spouse? How do you start the conversation?


These are some basic questions that occur in every person’s mind when they go for a meeting with their future life partner. Needless to say, it can be frustrating to try and figure out what you have to do. In this situation my previous article will surely help you which is about what to ask in an Arrange Marriage First meeting.  Here we give you some tips and some valuable questions that you can ask your significant other. They will help you clear the air and will also help you to actually know the other person better.

For the Boy

There are a lot of things that guys should keep in mind, but these few things are an absolute no! Try and stay as far away from them as possible!

  1. Bragging

There is nothing quite as bad as a person that keeps on self-praising. Nobody really likes a person who goes on about himself endlessly. Your partner will likely end up thinking that you are too full of yourself which will surely be a negative on your part.

What you can do instead: Try a gentle approach and let her validate your accomplishments herself. Try complimenting her instead of yourself. It will work wonders!

  1. Judge

It’s never good to judge a person based on first impressions. You don’t know her state of mind or her habits or priorities.

What you can do instead: Give her some time to open up and show what she really is. She might be wearing something that’s odd for you, but she could be the perfect human inside!

  1. Dress to impress

Yes, we all like to show off our sense of fashion, but you are not supposed to go overboard. Dressing formally won’t impress the other person but is more likely to intimidate them. you can also learn few tips to impress a girl.

What you can do instead: Dress with style but try to keep it informal and cool. There are many ways that you can dress well and still look appropriate for the occasion.

  1. Hide things

It’s a big no! The girl will eventually find out about it, and it’s only going to be more of a problem to sort it out later.

What you can do instead: Be open to her and let her see what you really are. It’s going to be a lifelong partnership and for both of you to judge whether you are compatible with one another or not, it’s important that you know every aspect of the other person. You can also check our other post on what are the best question to ask a girl while chatting

For the Girl

  1. Being nosy

Nobody like you to interfere in their business and the guy won’t appreciate it either. Asking intrusive questions and invading into personal matters at such an early stage is really uncomfortable and will send of a negative vibe.

What you can do instead: Start slow with the hobbies. Learn about what they like to do in their leisure time. Try to understand their interests. Plus, don’t let the conversation be one-sided. If the other person is too shy to ask, volunteer your hobbies and interests yourself.

  1. Judging his payroll

It’s natural to assess the earnings of a person, but asking this bluntly will be very unethical and inappropriate. Don’t be too obsessed with what he earns, chances are he may be in a very good position, but still not have gotten the big break yet!

What you can do instead: Try to play around the idea of his career choice and future plans. Maybe he is planning to move countries. Ask about their goals casually. Let them try to pour it out instead of poking invasive questions at them. The point is not to make it like a job interview and take things lightly. While chatting you also need to know how to accept or responding to a compliment

What Both of you Can Do!

We all know what the traditional questions in every arranged marriage meeting are. However, before that, comes the part where you make the other person comfortable. Remember that the other person is likely to be just as nervous as you are. Those blushes and failed attempts at starting a conversation are all because you are just as intimidating to them at the time, as they are to you. A good conversation starter can be a compliment. You don’t have to be cheesy, but appreciating the little things about their house for instance, or how considerate it was for their parents to set up a meeting, can get you off to a flying start.

Small things like the tone of your voice and how often you smile matter a lot! This is an important thing that many would-be-couples forget. Yes, you are arranged to be married, but that doesn’t mean you have to convert a pleasant dinner into an interview, or even worse, an inquisition. Be gentle, strike up a conversation rather than just fling questions upon them. They don’t say that smile is the shortest distance between two people for nothing. Creating a relaxed atmosphere is the best way to actually know the other person.

There are a ton of questions that you can ask the other person when you are meeting for an arranged marriage. However, you need to set the mood for it to work. Following these tips and questions will help you create a comfortable conversation that will allow you both to know more about one another. So, give these tips a try. They are sure to help you survive and ace that first meeting!

What To Ask In An Arrange Marriage First Meeting [How to Talk]

Being nervous before an arranged marriage meeting is quite normal. As its a point where your life may change completely. Its always better to go prepared. This article basically emphasizes on different aspects of arrange marriage which you need to know beforehand.


List of steps you should follow in First Arranged Date

  1. Give a thought about your expectations – decide on your part the kind of wife you want. Several questions may come to your mind like you want housewife or a working one? Do you want a family oriented and homely wife? Do you want a wife having similar interests as you or the one with opposite preferences?
  2. Refer to the biodata- read the biodata of your potential wife atleast two or three times before meeting. This will give you a perfect picture of her personality, educational qualifications and family background. It also gives you an idea of what questions to ask like What are your hobbies? Tip – Try searching for him/her on Facebook, or on Twitter. It will give you more details about his lifestyle and likings.
  1. Respect for family- respecting the family members is very important. This may vary from family to family. Like in Hindus we take blessings from elders by touching their feet.
  2. Keep nervousness apart and smile – both of you are nervous so make her comfortable and calm by smiling.
  3. Ask simple questions first – you should ask simple questions first like asking her name and then proceeding for some serious questions. This will make her relaxed and she will be able to answer the questions more calmly.
  4. Seeking her opinion on arranged marriage – Ask her if she is interested in doing an arranged marriage or a love marriage. This happens with most girls that they have family pressure to meet a guy. Make her feel comfortable so that she can open up and tell the truth.

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  5. Ask her preferences – ask her whether she prefers to be a housewufe or a working woman or she is able to manage in both the roles.
  6. Also ask her whether she likes a joint family or a nuclear family.
  7. You can also discuss her religious faiths if it matters in the marriage.
  8. Discuss about each others hobbies like the interesting ones and the irritating ones too. Many girls say that they don’t like smokers.
  9. Ask the girl about her whether she is flexible enough to change in the years to come like compromising herself for the family, switching easily between the roles of a housewife or a businesswoman.
  10. Clearing her about the type of clothing your family prefers – girls ask freely how free the family is in terms if clothes. Being honest will help you a lot. So tell her thoroughly about what to wear at home , at social functions and outings.

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  11. Discussing your income – girls often go to asking how much do you earn. Answer her truly about your income whether it is a fixed amount or profit percentage.Tell her whether its a business or a job.
  12. Never ask her about past affairs or relationships as a lot of girls have a past and they repent for their mistakes so don’t investigate the past details.
  13. Be clear while explaining the duties you expect from her like those related to your grandparents or parents who need special care if they are having some health issues.
  14. Don’t make the conversation on sided. Learn to listen first and speak where required.
  15. Don’t give your agreement in the first meeting instead you should go for two or three good meetings before disclosing the final decision.A lot of girls hide the truth in the first meeting and may open up in the subsequent meetings.
  16. Discuss with family about your views about her and your family’s views before finalizing the marriage.
  17. Request your families for proper privacy so that you two are comfortable while talking to each other.

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These are some important points that should not be neglected. Hope this article will prove useful for all eligible bachelors.

Good Luck!!!

Ladki Patane ke Tips

To impress a girl is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world, unless you look like Brad Pitt. But yes, this is also true that it’s not always about good looks. Wooing a woman is an art. It is a game of charm, intelligence and loyalty. How do some men effortlessly sweep women off their feet? Besides the usual ‘dress well’, listen to her, make her curious rules there are few psychological fundas to impress the girl.

ladki-patane ke tips-totke-tricks-tarike-best-propose-impress
Ladki patane ke tips

So here are few of those Casanova and James Bond’s skill to impress a girl:

  1. Play the part of a Casanova throughout the conversation and just once in a while make an overly soppy and sweet gesture. This will make her feel you as adorable. She will be infatuated with your carefree, flirtatious attitude but she will fall for you when she sees a sensitive little heart behind all that rakishness. It will make her want to explore you.

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  1. Taunt her, tease her, and challenge her. Give her something to get back to you, in jest. This will tell her that she doesn’t have you on the hook yet, and she sees a challenge – which all women off course love.
  1. If you understand personality traits well, take some time to understand the woman you are interested in. Observe her, the way she speaks, the things she likes, the things that make her upset, her biggest fear, the things she has probably not even revealed to her friends. And then bingo, tell her that you know about her weakness and understand her. You are suddenly in the friendzone and this will obviously give you a place in her heart.
  1. Make it clear to her you want to be with her but for some reason, it is not meant to be. Show her that you are fighting against all odds and destiny to be with her. As it is always said, women love good challenge.

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  1. Act shy. Women love this type. Now don’t complicate it much, you should not act like socially awkward person. Show her that you are totally in control of yourself and hold the ability to speak your mind in a social situation. In short, when other girls flirt with you in party, act embarrassed.
  1. Act Goofy. Appreciate her if she says something intelligent. Give her the reigns sometimes.
  1. Touch her gently. Of course, don’t graze your hand against her, if you genuinely want her to like you. Don’t go overboard there is a thin line between a harmless sensual touch and an uncomfortable touch that shouts pervert.
  1. When you meet her for the first time, choose an experience that is overwhelming like watching horror movie, visit to an amusement park or even going to a sports club. This will help you make memories with her. This will make her overwhelming and heart – racing experience with you and she is definitely going to love to relive those moments again with you. Obviously a way to confirm second date with her.

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  1. Exhibit your skills in the most subtle way. Girls like boys with skills. Arrange for your date in such a way that allows your skill to be revealed.
  1. Create mystery. Intrigue her. Don’t be too talkative about your personal life initially. Hide a certain part to reveal it accidently to her.

So guys, try these amazing tricks to patofy your girl. Do reply back with the feedback.

Thank us later!!….. 



How to Impress a Girl – Ladki Patane ke Tarike/Tips/Totke

Now a days people are indulging them into rigorous searching on topics like “Ladki pataane ke Tarike “ and many more like that. It sounds funny to hear such topics but its a fact.  You might not be able to impress girls unless you have a perfect approach, personality and body language. The traditional dating tricks have now become outdated with the advancing scenario. Therefore all guys have to do something new and unique to impress college girls. Mostly this happens with college boys and girls as they have the perfect age of getting therefore all old tricks of the dating book would not help you much in order to attract college girls. Continue reading to learn some of the effective ways to attract and impress college girls.

Here we are sharing Ladki patane ke tarike love tips for all young guys below :

  1. Whenever the girl you like leaves for school/college or work, try to walk along and talk to her. Do this for seven days and ignore from the 8th day onwards, in a day or two she will definitely come to you asking the reason for ignoring. This directs her attention towards you.
  2. The best way to impress a girl is to simply make her feel jealous of her best friend in every way you can like praising her so that she will definitely be jealous of her friend. This will go in your favor.
  3. Try to solve a girls problem whether it be of any kind by getting completely involved in it so that you can find space in her heart.

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  4. Keep some latest romantic ringtone as your ringtone, whenever your phone rings she will definitely get attracted towards you by listening to the song.
  5. Whenever you pass by her home try to watch her as this will show your interest in her.
  6. Never show off your bad habits in front of girls like smoking, drinking etc. as girls prefer boys with good habits.
  7. If she prefers reading books or novels of some special type then you can try gifting her the books of her choice and she will definitely get impressed easily.
  8. If girls are moving in a group and the one you like is also there, then keep on staring her until she smiles and gets attracted towards you.
  9. Girls are very sensitive and emotional, they fall highly for guys who give them emotional support.
  10. Girls are more foodaholic than boys so never let them go without offering some food they like. You can always ask for some snacks or coffee.
  11. Never share your problems with her. Always seek her attention by listening to her problems.
  12. If you get know that she visits some temple then follow her right there and she will be impressed with your efforts.

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  13. Whenever you meet her, always carry a chocolate of her own choice and she will love your gesture.
  14. Always feel confident while talking to a girl.
  15. Never feel shy in front of girls instead be frank as girls don’t like shy boys.
  16. Talk to girls in a romantic mood and make her realise that you are loving the whole conversation.
  17. Always show your intelligence in front of her as girls prefer intelligent boys.
  18. If you know her Email id then keep on mailing her about her whereabouts so that she will keep you in her thoughts the whole day.
  19. If she gifts you something then keep on praising her gift so that she will think that you are caring enough.
  20. First try to get into friendship with her and then start off with expressing love. You have to be patient as its a delicate and long process.

Hope these tips will help you impress your girlfriends or future girlfriends. Good Luck!

Flirty, Naughty Texting Games to Have Fun All Night Long

Sexy, Naughty Texting Games to Have Fun All Night Long

Texting is one of the most interesting ways of spending time and it can be really fun too. One of the best ways of enjoying some time at night can involve texting. Yes, you may not know it, but texting isn’t just limited to talking and chatting. There are a lot of games that you can play with your significant other, your friend or simply anyone else too. You don’t need to have anything for these games, simply text up your friend and enjoy a whole night of sexy and naughty games that are sure to tantalize your senses. So, without further ado, here are 5 sexy and naughty texting games that are sure to keep you busy all night long!

Best 5 Flirty Games you can play with your Love !!

  • Sexy Storytime

This game is just what it says it is. Imagine a world of togetherness by taking turns to create a story about what you would do if you were together at that specific moment. Turn things up a notch by taking turns in telling parts of the story. You start off with a sexy start and then stop on the verge of something really exciting to let the other person construct from there on. It is sure to lead to endless fun and naughty times where you might even get to know the fantasies and desires of the other. Flavor your dull nights with this sexy game and never be bored again.

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  • Kill-bang-marry

This is very interesting game to spice things up. It can also be a fun way to get to know more about the other person. You start by naming three celebrities and then the other person has to choose which one they will kill, bang or marry. It can get really interesting. You can even start introducing names from real life, people you both know and even yourself. It’s sure to create loads of drama and calls for endless naughty texting throughout the night. You can also use this to find out what the other person likes and try to introduce those qualities in yourself.

  • Guess what I am wearing
  • This old but gold naughty game can spark up a whirl wheel of imagination. Where guessing the real answer is pretty cool, you can always spice it up by imagining a sexier attire and making the other person guess. Text him when you have some sexy clothes on and make your way through a tantalizing and fun filled night. Another interesting way to add even more spice is to sizzle things up by imaging clothes on the other person. Dress your texting partner in hot, imaginative clothes and wade into a night of fun and naughty texts that are sure to bring you closer.
  • Never have I ever

This is a very popular game that you can turn feisty in a second. Play it with your friend and roam the depths of forbidden lands to find out what the other person has done or not. You can ask about skinny dipping, kisses, first loves, anything your naughty mind can conjure up and still get away with it. Try creating a story out of it, or lead your friend down a naughty path of forbidden pleasures, it’s a great way to find out more about a person and an even better way to judge their desires. Spice up your nights with this naughty game and enjoy your nights to the fullest.

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  • Text strip poker

This is a similar version of the strip poker game, but while texting. Start off by telling each other how many clothes you have on, making it fair. You can then start asking questions about your relationship, about when you met, your personal information or any other thing related to you guys. At every wrong answer, the person will have to remove one article of clothing and take a picture. We would advise you against sexting pictures, especially if the relationship is new. The thought of removing clothes is enough to create sexual tension. Imagining each other as the clothes go, one by one can be really sexy and can act as a turn on for both of you. It’s the perfect game or long nights when you need something naughty to cheer you up. Try it out, you will love it for sure.

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All these naughty games can be your savior on any night that you wish. Tantalize the other person with this array of sexy games to spice up your nights. It acts as a great change from the regular talks and will certainly entertain both of you. We are mesmerized by the mere thought of these games. Played right, with the right ambiance and tone, they can lead to much more than a game. So, what are you waiting for? Try these tonight to spice up your nights and even the days!


Flirty Texting Games to Play with Your Crush Part 1

Flirty Texting Games to Play with Your Crush

Having a crush on someone and not being able to tell can be really frustrating. You can chat for hours and still not be able to convey your message. However, that shouldn’t stop you deform playing a flirty game with your crush once in a while. It’s a great way to set the mood and might even get the other person interested in you. Plus, it’s a great way to know more about your crush so that you can actually approach him or her better. You don’t need to be troubled about what to talk about when can read what are the best question you ask girl while chatting. Just introduce these fun and flirty games and add a spicy flavor to your everyday talks. Here are 5 interesting flirty games that are a must try.


5 Interesting Flirt Texting Games you can play with Your Crush

The confessions game

If you are looking for an interesting way to get things started, the confessions game is a good place to start. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is take turns while picking a topic. Each of you will then confess something related to the topic. Start it off easy and then as time passes start getting a bit more adventurous. Steer the conversation towards romance and lust. This is sure to make things more comfortable for you too and will definitely act as stepping stones for the relation to get stronger. With the right moves, you can introduce just the right level of flirt to even convey your message across. That is a pretty amazing feat if you ask us!

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Truth or dare

This is back to the basics. Turn your average truth or dare into something very interesting. It all depends on how you steer it. You can come with some sexy dares or some really flirty questions to ask your crush. Once it’s their turn you can place text question or task, and if done right it will definitely make for an interesting game. It’s also likely to trigger the same flirty feeling in the other person so that they play the game according to the same tempo. This will really set the game in motion and will make for some fun, flirty time with your crush.

Role playing over the phone

This is a very safe yet flirty texting game that you can include in your regular texts to your crush. It’s bound to add flavor to your conversations and will certainly help you create a stronger bond. In that time when you are frantically searching for something to say, strike up this interesting game that involves telling a story. However, that’s not it, you and your crush will need to add the story to build it up. If played right it can mean an endless flirty time with the person you adore. The rule is to add a story with every text, so you get to build the story equally. Remember not to include your names, though. If played right this can even lead to you telling them that you like them. A win-win situation after all!

Lyric loving

Music is the perfect refuge for love. Strike up a conversation with your love with this interesting game. Start playing guess the lyrics. Start by writing some specific lyrics and then asking the other person to guess the song. You can easily take the game towards more serious matters by including songs and lyrics that have more love oriented meanings and even deeper into some sexy lyrics. The great thing is that it won’t give you away, but it will certainly take you closer to your crush, getting rid of all the formalities in between. Try it out, it’s sure to act as a great conversation booster.

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20 questions

Wish to know more about your crush. This is a great way to start. Simply round up 20 questions. They could be romantic, flirty, general knowledge or any other thing. You don’t have to be precise, just be tactful with what you ask. Make it into a favorite game like ‘your favorite song’, ‘favorite game’ and so on. Once you settle into the game you can spice things up with questions like ‘sexual fantasy’ and heat things up. Playing on the safe ground you can get to know a lot about your crush and even mention that you like them. A great flirty but safe way to get cozy with your crush.

All these games are interesting ways to spice up your texts with your crush. You wouldn’t want to be too expressive which is why these texting games are just flirty enough to get the point across. If you play them right, you might even score big! Even if you fail to do that, these texting games add a really interesting flavor to your normal talks. So, whenever you are running out of things to say, just change to one of these fun and flirty games. The conversation will surely last forever! So, try these fun games with your crush, you might be surprised at how well they work!



What are the best questions to ask a girl while chatting?

When you’re conversing with a young lady, you don’t need it to resemble a session of 20 inquiries. So remember this and don’t shoot of more as you come up short on thoughts to discuss. If you haven’t started talking to a girl then read How to start conversation on Tinder?  The accompanying inquiries are awesome friendly exchanges, however it’s dependent upon you to expand on these and extend the discussion around what’s being said. Undivided attention is the most ideal way that you can do this, and individuals cherish conversing with somebody who is really inspired by what they need to state. Look at this course and figure out how to wind up somebody who individuals adore conversing with.

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Our rundown of fascinating discussion inquiries, will have you more than prepared to converse with any young lady. They are intended to achieve a more elevated amount of closeness with a lady, so if it’s your first time talking with her maybe mean to keep the discussion somewhat lighter. Yet, when you’re truly attempting to associate, regardless of whether you’re out on the town or going for a long stroll on the shoreline, here’s the best things to ask a young lady to discover somewhat more about her, and make them talk:

  • What’s the coolest outfit you’ve had for Halloween?
  • What was the last pleasant thing you accomplished for your mum?
  • Which VIP might you most want to become more acquainted with?
  • In the event that you administered the world, what might you change?
  • Who was your first pulverize?
  • What was your most loved film as a child?
  • Depict your most loved place to go on vacations?
  • What might you do on an impeccable day?
  • What’s the cheesiest melody you know off by heart?
  • In the event that you could have been a tyke wonder, what might have been your expertise?
  • What’s the one thing you’d be truly frustrated on the off chance that you never got an opportunity to isn’t that right?
  • What was the last book you truly adored?
  • What’s the exact opposite thing you lamented purchasing?
  • Enlighten me concerning your most strange particular vexation?
  • What anecdotal character do you really like?
  • What might your folks be amazed to find out about you?
  • What’s the one thing you’ll never do again?
  • What’s the most cumbersome to clarify thing you’ve ever been found doing?
  • What music do you like tuning in to the most?
  • Portray your battling style: plastered ace or furious monkey?
On the off chance that you can make her chuckle amid the majority of this you’ll get extra focuses, yet it can be difficult to do successfully, particularly in case you’re feeling somewhat apprehensive. You need to show you have a drawing in comical inclination, without appearing to be mushy or edgy. On the off chance that a circumstance comes up that you can break a joke about unquestionably do it, maybe something has simply happened directly before you and you have something amusing to state. This is significantly more fascinating than rehashing a joke from the web. Stay away from messy jokes, and in the event that she doesn’t get it simply proceed onward with the discussion. Somebody with affableness is appealing, however somebody with an awful comical inclination is a total kill. On the off chance that you don’t have anything to state that works, it’s best to adhere to an ordinary discussion.Smiling couple having tea outdoors

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On the off chance that you can make her chuckle amid the majority of this you’ll get extra focuses, yet it can be difficult to do successfully, particularly in case you’re feeling somewhat apprehensive. You need to show you have a drawing in comical inclination, without appearing to be mushy or edgy. On the off chance that a circumstance comes up that you can break a joke about unquestionably do it, maybe something has simply happened directly before you and you have something amusing to state. This is significantly more fascinating than rehashing a joke from the web. Stay away from messy jokes, and in the event that she doesn’t get it simply proceed onward with the discussion. Somebody with affableness is appealing, however somebody with an awful comical inclination is a total kill. On the off chance that you don’t have anything to state that works, it’s best to adhere to an ordinary discussion.

At long last you have to close the discussion and abandon her needing more. Locate an elegant approach to exit, before it gets excessively drawn out among you, and she’ll be glad to address you again next time. On the off chance that you feel there’s an association and you approach her out for another date, look at all of the considerable thoughts in this post for something fun and somewhat extraordinary to do. One of the most ideal ways you can awe a lady is flaunting your cooking aptitudes, so make certain to perceive that it is so natural to cook for a date in this course.

Addressing young ladies is simple, particularly on the off chance that you know the correct things to ask. Begin with our fascinating discussion themes, and see what else you can think of to make your correspondence with ladies a genuine achievement!